White Pages

The Kayton Square White Pages (as of Round 2):

Featured Residents:

Abbley / Karlington Family – 53 Julia Place – Kayton Square


Carmen Karlington: {Age- 29} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Romance/Pleasure} {LTW- Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers} {Personality- Leo} {Job- Owner, Rojo Caliente Salon}

Gretchen Abbley: {Age- 29} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Knowledge/Popularity} {LTW- Become Mad Scientist} {Personality- Virgo} {Job- Nurse, Mercy Hospital}

Amador Karlington: {Age- 1 month} {Life Stage- baby}

Lance Karlington: {Age- 1 month} {Life Stage- baby}

Round 1

Bendett / Mamuyac Family – 6 Maple Park Townhomes – Maple City

Tracey Mamuyac: {Age- 28} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Romance/Popularity} {LTW- Graduate 3 children from college} {Personality- Libra} {Job- Field Agent, SCIA}

Zack Bendett: {Age- 29}{Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Romance/Pleasure} {LTW- Become Hall of Famer} {Personality- Libra} {Job- Coach}

Keziah Bendett: {Age- 1} {Life Stage- Toddler}{Aspiration- Grow Up} {Personality- Libra}

Chung Family – 5A Martin Lofts – Maple City

Dawn Gothier: {Age- 26} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Popularity/Romance} {LTW- Own 5 Top Level Businesses} {Personality- Libra} {Job- Freelance D.J.}

Don Chung: {Age- 27} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Knowledge/Family} {LTW- Become Mayor} {Personality- Sagittarius} {Job- Unemployed}

Delarosa Family – 15 Lake Meadow Circle – Charleston

Florence Delarosa: {Age- 32} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Knowledge/Family} {LTW- Marry Off 6 Children} {Personality- Aquarius} {Job- Owner, Delarosa Flowers}

Ben Ryan: {Age- 31} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Romance/Family} {LTW- Become Celebrity Chef} {Personality- Gemini} {Job- Architect’s Apprentice}

Round 1

Engebretsen Family – 440 Engebretsen Alley – Kayton Square

Engebretsen Family – 2B Trinity Park Lofts – Maple City

Flora Engebretsen: {Age– 22} {Life Stage– Young Adult}

Gothier Family – 40 Greaves Ave – Maple City

Becca Gothier (nee Engebretsen): {Life Stage– Elder} {Age– 72} {Aspiration– Pleasure/ Fortune} {LTW- Become Ecological Guru (fufilled)} {Personality- Virgo} {Job- Ecological Guru; Owner, Becca Gothier Pottery and More}

Bruce Gothier: {Life Stage– Elder} {Age– 72} {Aspiration- Romance/Fortune} {LTW- Become Professional Party Guest} {Personality- Taurus} {Job– Supporting Player}

Harris Family – 438 Engebretsen Alley – Kayton Square

Remy Harris: {Life Stage- Adult} {Age- 30} {Aspiration- Family/Knowledge} {LTW- Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens} {Personality- Cancer} {Job- Freelance house cleaning services}

Lauren Brie Harris (nee Linkletter): {Life Stage- Adult} {Age- 29} {Aspiration- Knowledge/Family} {LTW- Max out all 7 skills} {Personality– Aquarius} {Job– Interpretive Dancer, Shuhardt Theater}

Theresa Harris: {Age- 1 month} {Life Stage- baby}

Round 1

Heggler Family – 3A Martin Lofts – Maple City

Jenna Heggler: {Life Stage- Adult} {Age- 31} {Aspiration- Popularity/Fortune} {LTW- Become the Law} {Personality- Aquarius} {Job- Barista, Cooler Cups Coffee House}

Round 1

Linkletter Family – 2003 St. Sulpice – Kayton Square

MacDonough Family – 668 Good Road – Kayton Square

Round 1

Ramirez Family – Resident of the Kayton Jail – Maple City

Checo Ramirez: {Age- 44} {Life Stage- Adult} {Aspiration- Fortune/Romance} {LTW- Become Business Tycoon} {Personality- Aquarius} {Job- Owner, Ramirez’s Fine Furniture [currently closed]}

Roseland / Ryan Family – 1 Beach Street – Kayton Square

Round 1

Todd Family – 434 Engebretsen Alley – Kayton Square

Shannon Todd: {Life Stage- Adult} {Age- 32} {Aspiration- Fortune/Popularity} {LTW- Earn $100,000} {Personality- Capricorn} {Job- Superstar, Athletics Career}

Sandy Todd: {Life Stage- Adult} {Age- 29} {Aspiration- Fortune/Romance} {LTW- Become City Planner} {Personality- Taurus} {Job- President, Business Career, Stephens Building, Maple City}

Hermione Todd: {Life Stage- Teenager} {Age- 13} {Personality- Popularity/Fortune} {LTW- Become Professional Party Guest} {Personality- Taurus} {Job- student, Maple City Jr./Sr. High School}

Annabelle Todd: {Life Stage- Toddler} {Age- 3} {Aspiration- Grow Up} {Personality- Taurus}

Round 1

Weiss Family – 60 Gulf Avenue – Harlequin Village

Jeff Weiss: {Life Stage- Adult} {Age- 24} {Aspiration- Knowledge/Romance} {LTW: Become Business Tycoon} {Personality- Capricorn} {Job- Supervisor, Journalist Career, Stephens Building, Maple City}

Notable Residents:

Myrtle Fargate – Lanlord of Tayton Triplex Apartments and mother of Blake MacDonough.

Herbert Goodie – Captain of Police and head of the Ramirez murder case.

Yve Carver – Nurse and pediatric student at Mercy Hospital; helps deliver babies.

Lydia Worth – Head assemblywoman of Kayton Congress and boss of Penny Roseland.

Former State Residents:

Samantha Bradshaw – left in December, Round 1.


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