State Tour

The state of Kayton consists of four towns: Maple City, Kayton Square, Charleston, and Harlequin Village.

Maple City is the oldest of the bunch, and boasts an unprecidented amount of opportunites for amusement, housing, dining, employment, and much more.

(pictured: a cross shot of the city, contained Eglise Saint Marie (download here) , Kayton Hall, the infamous P.U.R.E., and Martin Tower apartments.)

Maple City is an ideal place to purchase real estate, and there are, in fact, more than fifteen buildings available for rent. There are, however,  no houses, only apartments.

(another wide shot, this time showing Mercy Hospital (download here) and the Maple City Casino. (download here)  as well as the “East Side Strip,” nicknamed by the residents for its rich collection of shops, apartments, and venues.)

(A shot of the gorgeous lower west side; picturing the beautiful Rodesky – Lavinia Hotel, (available here) Cheyenne Tower, and Kramer Estates Townhouses. Also shown are some old favorites, such as Maple Springs Pool and Spa or Rodney’s Famous Fifties Diner.)

(The celebrated “East Side Strip”, containing the Shuhardt Theatre (here) , Porizkova Modeling Agency, Parisian Apartments (here) , Ravensworth Runway, several clubs, the Chic Boutique, All About Style Salon, Banks Estates, and Bouleau Boulevard (here) .)

(The upper half of the city center, or “Bella Square”, as some prefer to call it. It contains “Stake it, You Can!” Gym and several apartment complexes as well as Hans’ Trap Door Co. and Deja Vu Modern Art Museum. The yellow building to the left is Maple City Public School.)

(Last, but not least, is the city center, with the Governor’s Mansion and Kayton Hall in the middle. Directly behind that is the imposing Martin Tower lofts. And just beyond that are the Maple City Parks.)

Although quite large, bustling, and crowded, Maple City is nonetheless a beautiful, entertaining, and exciting place to be.

* * * * * *

Kayton Square is the pride of the state of Kayton. Though largely residential, it also contains an impressive business and shopping center.

(above: a full shot of the entire town.)

(The same shot as above, just zoomed in more.)

Despite the high taxes and property prices, Kayton Square is very populated. Most families come for the large and newly constructed homes, (perfect to raise a family) including the freshly completed Kayton Square Memorial School.

(Furthermore, the sprawling commercial center of Kayton Square offers nearly every benefit that a city could offer, without the pollution and crowding. (Left to right: Kayton Precinct, KS Stop ‘N’ Save, The Shops at Kayton Square {a two lot mall complex} Saunterstein Dance Studio, and Monreale Bakery.)

(l to r: Cooler Cups Coffee House, Hallelujah Baptist Church (get it here) , Forrester Country Club, Kayton Park Public Pool, Clearview Cinemas (download here) , and Kiddie Care Castle.)

(The first subdivision is Amanda Circle, where the richest residents reside. The houses here are the most expensive and luxurious. In addition, the houses themselves have much more yardspace. Current habitents include the Todd, Harris, Engebretsen, and Heggler families.)

(This street, named “Bensen Way”, is the middle class section of Kayton Square.)

(Pictured: Julia Place, the working class neighborhood. Properties here are charming and quaint, and every lot is 2X2 or 3X2.) The Karlington and MacDonough families live here.)

(The newly renovated Kayton Square parks department: {l to r} Maple Park Pavilion, Maple Park Place, Maple Park Pond, and Maple Park East.) They are all updated versions of the four Belladonna Cove Parks, and if I do say so myself, are wonderful! There is plenty to do: see a music concert, take your grandchildren the the playground, dine out at the bistro or cafe,  catch a quick game of soccer, go fishing or swimming, and ice or roller skate, depending on the season!)

(Hallelujah Baptist Church, and Kayton Square Memorial School. All the school in Kayton boast superior academics and teachers, but none offer the facilities that KSMS does. The building is fully equipped with a state of the art cafeteria, four classrooms, as well as an art room, library, nurses office, auditorium, and science lab.)

(pictured: Sunrise Cove, where much sought after real estate along the gulf sits. The adorable beach houses and residents only park make up a lovely place to live. The Roseland family has found a home here.)

* * * * * * *

Charleston sits to the west of Kayton Square, and is also along the gulf line. Despite the fact that it is the smallest town in the state, it makes up for it with the rolling hills, inexpensive properties, and popular shopping district.

(Charleston is a fairly remodeled Bluewater (I don’t think I’m fooling anybody, lol!) and is full equipped with everything the townspeople need and want.  Only the Delarosa family lives here currently, but a recent census shows that the population is due to expand any day now.)

(Charleston Chapel, and Charleston Prepatory School.)

(The central avenue shops, where people travel to from all around the state to purchase items only available here.)

* * * * * * *

The fourth neighborhood, Harlequin Village, is the small town with a big heart.

The hottest properties are the small homes along Katrina Way, with a perfect gulf side view.

The moderately prices houses to the north of the “shore shacks” are also in high demand. This part of the neighborhood has been picked to be the best place to raise a family.

Harlequin Village can boast something else: it has a small collection of manor houses, all of which are the largest in the state of Kayton, and can only be found out here in the country side.

The commercial corner of HV may be simple, but it is all the townspeople really need.

(pictured: H&M Clothing, a small roadside diner, the farmer’s market, Couper Kitchen, and the community sports center.)

* * * * * * *

The State of Kayton welcomes you warmly!


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3 Responses to “State Tour”

  1. Tanja

    This looks amazing, I wish I was able to do something like that!
    Right now I’m redoing Upper SimsVille, but there still is a lot of work, and it would never look like this!

  2. billybop428

    Tanja, thanks! From what I’ve seen of your neighborhood, your houses are pretty good! I’m sure it’ll look better than mine. It took me about a year to finish this, and about half of it is downloaded / already in game maxis stuff.

    I’ve finished the fourth neighborhood, Harlequin Village, and should add that very soon, actually.

  3. Sarah

    Wow, your towns look great! I’m impressed by how complete they are. I’ve been working on Providence for almost a year, and my neighborhoods are still pretty sparse.

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