Round 2

Welcome to Round 2! (Round 1 index can be found here)


Mini (birthdays)

Mini (Jeff)

Roseland (Penny)


Mini (Carmen/Gretchen)

MacDonough, Part 1

MacDonough, Part 2


Mini (Harris / Karlington babies due)

Mini (Gretchen, Kennedy, Carmen)

Todd (Hermione)

Mini (MacDonough)    


Prom     {March 28th}

Graduation     {March 31st}

Mini (Jeff, Myrtle)     {April 4th}


Engebretsen, Part 1 (Emily)

Engebretsen, Part 2 (Emily)

Engebretsen, Part 3 (Candice)





KSU Fall (Gabe)

Weiss (Jeff)

Mini (???)

Mini (Halloween)

Engebretsen (Flora)



Mini (mystery conclusion, part 1)

Mini (mystery conclusion, part 2)

RANDOM EVENTS FOR ROUND 2: (Random events are scenarios drawn at the beginning of every round. I’m using Lauras ROS file, with a few of my own added. It helps make the story richer and more surprising. I have decided to draw 1 for every 20 residents, so I am picking two this round. I’ll tell you what I drew, but you won’t find out who until their update!)

20. Change of heart: change your turn-ons to match the Sim you are most attracted to, whether that’s your spouse or not…  (This should be interesting…)

35. Crazy Talk! One day running on free will! (This should be even more interesting! OMG!)


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