*This story was started after many residents had already moved to Kayton Square, so naturally many of the characters had pasts. Here are just a few!

**Please note that this page is still a work in progress, and many more characters are to be added.

Carmen Karlington
Carmen was born in El Paso, Texas to an oil ranch heir father named Carver Karlington and a Puerto Rican mother, Adelaida Diaz. As the youngest of three (as well as the only girl) Carmen was pampered and spoiled from birth. After graduating high school and refusing to attend college, Carmen spent two years partying before her parents finally had enough and kicked her out. She moved in with a boyfriend in Dallas for five more years until she was 25, but he too, tired of her antics. Needing a fresh start, Carmen bought (with money she borrowed from her oldest brother, Christopher) a one way ticket to Kayton Square, where she answered Gretchen Abbley’s flyer for a room to rent. She has not spoken to anyone in her family, save for her brother whom she borrowed money from, in nearly ten years.
Jeff Weiss
Jeff Weiss was born in the tiny town of Harlequin Village, in the state of Kayton. Nothing very exciting happened to him while living out in the middle of nowhere, so as Jeff grew older he discovered a love for finding where the action was – and he became a news reporter, studying at the local university because his family had always been financially strained. When he graduated, his parents retired to Florida (moving in with an aunt) and left Jeff their small home, where he lives today.
Ben Ryan and Penny (Ryan) Roseland

Ben and Penny were both adopted at birth (though they are two years apart) by Lyla and Gregory Ryan, both artists, and lived in a small apartment in Maple City (in which they still reside). Ben was always a charming and slick ladies’ man, while Penny was ambitious and driven, even from a young age. When college came Ben attended a large party university while Penny enrolled in law school. After graduating Penny settled in with her long-term boyfriend in a gulf side home in Kayton Square and allowed her penniless brother to move in. Today, Penny lives in the same home with her husband Cyd and daughter Reese while Ben has finally settled down and lives in Charleston with his fiance, Florence Delarosa while working for a construction company.

 Gretchen Abbley
Gretchen “Gretch” Abbley was often overlooked in her childhood. Her parents perished in an awful car crash when she was seven, and she spent the remaining eleven years at an orphanage in Minnesota. She immediately enrolled in med school following a full ride scholorship to college. After her inital four years, she was sent to nurse at Mercy Hospital and is to become an intern soon, with dreams of becoming the Chief of Staff. Always studious and respectful, Gretchen has spent nearly all of her life hiding behind books, and now she’s finally stepping out.

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