You Never Really Know

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January, Round 2 – mini update { featuring Jeff Weiss (25) and Myrtle Fargate (59) }

It had been two weeks.

Two very long weeks, during which New Years came and went, and everyone returned to their normal lives.

Everyone except… Jeff. As soon as the holiday season had ended, he went back to work.

But Samantha failed to show. And she wasn’t taking his phone calls. He didn’t mean to be so desperate – he really didn’t. This visit to her apartment was his last attempt, his final effort at reaching out, when he had (presumably) been so coldly snubbed.

He knocked loudly, calling her name. “Samantha! Where are you?”

And then, to his utter amazement, the door swung open.

“At last! I was beginning to get worried-” Jeff broke off when he looked up and saw, not Samantha, but an older red haired woman.

“Hello, sir. Come on, come in, I don’t want you waiting out there in the cold.” she ushered him over the doorway, and closed it carefully behind her. “I assume you’re looking for Samantha Bradshaw?”

“Yes! Thank goodness. My name is Jeff Weiss.” he stammered.

“Ah, yes. Samantha spoke very highly of you. I’m Myrtle Fargate. I own this building. And as to your previous question…” she threw up her hands. “Unfortunately, I was about to ask you the same thing. Samantha disappeared a couple of weeks ago. I woke up one morning to find her door wide open, and this whole place trashed. I… was shaken, to say the least.”

“What? Why haven’t you contacted anyone?” Jeff demanded.

“You have to understand, Mr. Weiss, that when Samantha first moved in here, she requested that her life remain private… and I didn’t think it would be right to cause a big fuss over nothing.”

“Over nothing? My god, she might have been abducted!”

“Hardly. When I went into the bedroom to inspect for further damage, I found that all of her belongings, as well as her luggage, and clothing, were gone. I’m fairly positive that Samantha has left town – for good.”

Jeff cut his hand across the air. “No. That’s not good enough for me. Sam can’t be gone… she didn’t say a single word to anyone!”

“Perhaps that was her decision, Mr. Weiss.” Myrtle said quietly. “Now look, I’ll show you the bedroom.” she led him across the hall. “See? Empty.”

Jeff let this visual was over him. A dull sense of dread was beginning to form in him. “It’s just that… I thought… I thought… she wouldn’t do something like this.”

“Well, you’d be surprised at what some people are willing to do, Mr. Weiss.” Myrtle said. “There are all sorts of people who are capable of strange things – things you would never expect they would ever do.”

“But I know Samantha. I know her! I’m gonna find out what happened!”

Myrtle narrowed her eyes. “With all due respect, there’s a lot about Samantha that you didn’t know. Why she left her hometown. Her family, for example. She told me her whole history… and it’s not something you want to get involved in.”

She paused, noticing how crestfallen Jeff looked. “I’m sorry. There’s nothing else any of us can do. But if she does contact you… be sure to let me know.”

“Okay.” Jeff thanked her, and then slowly made his way out of the apartment and home.

He thought he knew Samantha. He truly did. But as he took himself home, Jeff was forced to realize he never really knew her at all.

* * * *

That same evening, Myrtle received another knock on the door.

“Oh. It’s you.” she said dully.

“Yes, it’s me.” Fallon snapped, marching into her house. She flinched. “No need to hide your disdain. We have matters to discuss.”

“You promised you’d leave me alone! I did everything you asked! I talked to Samantha and found out her whole family history, which I told you! I warned her to stop meddling in the Ramirez murders! And I told you where she would be on Christmas day! And I’ve been covering you ever since she disappeared!”

“Yes, you held up your end of the bargain, Myrtle. And I will hold up mine. Your daughter and her family will not be touched.”

“Good! So help me…”

“Now that Samantha’s out of the way, I’m free to carry out my plans as soon as they’re ready. I just stopped by to make you’d never tell a soul about our little secret.”

“You’re not going to… hurt… someone, are you?” Myrtle asked fearfully.

Fallon smiled wickedly, the wheels in his crooked brain turning. “With some people, you never really know.”

* * * *

Now you weren’t expecting that one, did you? Sweet Myrtle in cahoots with Fallon? Never!

Well, it’s been like this for awhile. Samantha told Myrtle everything in Dead Wrong, Part 2. And Myrtle told Fallon that Samantha would be at the christmas party, and helped him break into the apartment. She’s been aiding him all along! That’s how he was able to follow Sam.

But Myrtle isn’t doing it to help him  – she’s not evil. She’s doing it to protect her family – her family who will be revealed very soon!

Thanks for reading! And if anything needs explaining, feel free to tell me! I would love to answer.


Silent Night

December, Round 1 – mini update (holiday) { featuring Samantha Bradshaw, (23) Jeff Weiss, (24) Blake Macdonough, (31) Kimberly Linkletter, (25) Tyler Linkletter, (25) Lauren Brie Harris, (28) Remy Harris, (29) and Jenna Heggler, (30) }

“Merry Christmas!” Jeff exclaimed, kissing Samantha on the cheek.

“You too.” she answered. “I’m so excited for the party!”

Samantha was taking Jeff as her date to Lauren Brie Harris’ annual Christmas party. All of her friends were coming, and naturally, Jeff was freaking out.

“Relax. I’m sure they’ll all love you. Well, at least some of them.” Samantha teased.

Jeff gulped and walked her to the door. “Nice place.” he remarked.

“I know! Look at these lights! It’s beautiful.”

“Merry Christmas!” Kimberly gushed, pulling open the door. “Come on in guys, my sister is in the kitchen!”

“Samantha!” cried Lauren Brie from across the room, waddling over to her friend.

“Stay put! You’re five months pregnant!” Samantha said sternly, hugging Lauren Brie. “Brie, this is Jeff.”

Jeff took her coat and brought it into the bedroom.

“Thanks for inviting me!” Samantha said. 

“No, thank you for coming!” Lauren Brie answered.

Samantha left her to check out the party.

She found Jenna Heggler on the couch with a mystery man. “Derek, meet Sam.” Jenna said. “This is our second date.” she whispered to Sam. “Keep an eye on us.”

Samantha agreed as she ran over to the bar, which she had just spotted across the room.

While she helped herself to some wine, Blake MacDonough and Tyler Linkletter were catching up.

“Wow! I haven’t seen you out in ages!” Tyler said.

“Trust me, I know.” Blake grumbled, taking a swig of eggnog. “I’ve been really busy with the kids. But I made him stay home tonight and watch them while I got my hair done and came here.”

“Huh.” Tyler nodded, unsure of what to say.

* * * *

The party started taking off as more and more eggnog was consumed, and before long the guests began to get a little frisky.

“Oooh, look at my sister.” Lauren Brie muttered to Samantha, shaking her head. “She was never the prim and proper one, I’ll tell you that.”

Samantha giggled, her spirits raised by the wine and excitement. She never thought she would like a blonde (much less a blonde who loved pink!) but Kimberly had definitely grown on Sam ever since she met her that day in the market.

And before you could say the word “hypocrite” Samantha looked over to find Lauren Brie under the mistletoe, furiously kissing her husband.

She watched them enviously. It wasn’t that Samantha wasn’t interested in kissing Jeff, she was just taking things slowly. Very slowly.

And it was clearly about so much more than kissing.

“People who live in glass houses…” Blake giggled, stumbling over to Samantha. “I overheard your conversation before, and Lauren Brie should learn to keep it in her pants before she starts criticizing others.”

Samantha was about to answer when the teetering Blake cut her off. “And there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.”


Blake leaned in close, so that her mouth was nearly touching Samantha’s ear. “I think you should go talk to Jeff. He’s been sitting in the corner talking to Jenna and her weirdo boyfriend for the past two hours. Go get him!”

“I will! I’ve been busy!”  Samantha retorted.

“I know you love him. Just look at your face. Now scoot!”

Samantha hid her face in embarrassment and went back to the bar.

As she poured herself yet another glass, she saw, through a slight fog, Blake wobble over to Jeff and point to Samantha.

Samantha rolled her eyes and took another swig.

“Hey, Sam.” Jeff appeared behind her.


“I got you a little something… it’s not much, but I thought you would like it.” He pulled out a small present. “Merry Christmas.”

Samantha was touched. “What is it?” she asked, untying the bow.

“Open it!” he laughed.

It was a small necklace, in the shape of a silver swallow. Samantha felt tears sting her eyes. “It’s beautiful.”

Jeff looked at the ground. “Just like you.”

And at that moment, Samantha gave up holding it all in. She leaned forward, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Sorry that took so long.” she said.

“It’s okay.” Jeff straightened his glasses. “It was worth it.”

Elsewhere, Jenna was slowly realizing that she was going to regret something in the morning.

And no one could tell where Remy and Lauren Brie had gone off too… hey, they’re newlyweds, people! Don’t judge!

Samantha was bursting with emotion, and she badly needed a breath of fresh air. “See you in a minute.” she told Jeff, touching his hand, and she headed for the door.

“Hey, is everything alright?” Blake slurred, stopping Samantha.

“I should be asking you that question.” she said. “But yes, I’m feeling good. Exceptionally great, as a matter of fact.”

Samantha didn’t even bother with her coat as she slowly descended the steps and marched down the pathway to the  side walk. The cool night air felt wonderful on her face.

She closed her eyes, letting the night wash over her.

Somewhere, a group of carolers were singing, and Samantha could hear bits and snatches of their song. The church bells were ringing, and the muffled laughter of the guests inside Lauren Brie’s party floated outside.

Samantha was just making a mental note to remember this feeling of warmth and happiness when a dilapidated car pulled up in front of the house.

Thinking it was one of the guests, Samantha walked into the street to greet them.

But she realized a minute too late who it really was.

“Happy Holidays.” Fallon said in his low, cold voice. “It’s nice to finally meet you – Samantha Bradshaw.”

Shock had momentarily taken over her body.

“I’d like to have a little word with you, if you wouldn’t mind.” Fallon snarled.

Samantha gawked.

“I know you’ve been researching me, digging into my background… meddling, some might call it. Don’t ask how I know, just listen.” he raised his hand. “So I did a little digging of my own – and found out quite a lot about you.”

Samantha had finally regained the ability to speak. “Get to the point.” she snapped.

“I am.” he said cooly. “Keep your mouth shut, Miss Bradshaw.”

Samantha smirked. “You said you know me, Fallon.” she said, her voice slowly raising. “But if you did, you would know I don’t just roll over like that.”

“You’re messing with something that’s none of your business. I simply asking you to forget what you know, abandon your investigation, and move on.”

“I’m just trying to do my job! You’re covering something up – something awful. I know it! And you expect me to just sit back and watch you? No, I’m sorry. I could never do that.”

“Ah, you are mistaking me, I’m afraid. I don’t think you realize that I’m not requesting – I’m ordering.”

“Or what? What are you gonna do to me?” Samantha scoffed.

Fallon narrowed his eyes. “Fine. I’ll play you’re game, missy. If you utter so much as one word…” he examined his fingernails. “Your parents are nice people, I presume?”

“I.. I guess.” Samantha faltered. “I havent’s spoken to them in a while.”

“And your little sister… what’s her name? Oh, yes. Bella.”

Samantha gasped. “Where are you going with this?”

Fallon narrowed his eyes. “If you say one word – one little peep – I will pay your family a little visit. All three of them: Autumn, Cody, and Bella. Trust me, you don’t want to know what I’m capable of.”

Samantha heard all this as if in a trance. She felt something; a terrible, bone crushingly heavy weight of terror wash over her.

And then she panicked. Without even a glance back, Samantha ran off into the night.

* * * *

She arrived back at her apartment, sweaty and out of breath. She burst into the bathroom, ran to the sink, and frantically, almost maniacal, began to scrub the makeup off her face. “No… no… no… no…” she whispered to herself, tracks of mascara sliding down her face.

She nearly scalped herself as she brushed her curls out, frantic to erase this illusion of comfort and happiness that came with her beautiful appearance.

Only when she was back in her leather jacket, her face clean and her hair hung limp and wet, did Samantha finally look around her bedroom.

It was a mess. The dresser drawers were hanging open, their contents jumbled, as if someone had haphazardly thrown them back in.

Horrified, Samantha raced to the kitchen, where she discovered the couch leaning on its side, the table knocked astray, and every cabinet door open.

“No…” she repeated. “Not my money!” Samantha flew to the last cabinet, where she had hidden all of her money, everything she had earned during her stay in Kayton and brought with her.

It was all gone.

“NO!” she screamed, kicking a chair. The rage and terror building up inside her exploded, and Samantha began ripping her apartment apart. She picked up a vase and smashed it to the ground. She overturned the coffee table, which in turn hit the television, cracking the screen.

She reached her hand into her pocket and fingered a crisp train ticket and a folded ten dollar bill.

Samantha knew.

She entered her bedroom, and pulled her suitcase out from under it. Fallon had ruined everything.

She began to throw anything she could find into her suitcase, clothes, books, and toiletries; anything she could lay her hands on. Only when it was bulging at the seams did she finally zip it closed and haul it out to the front door.

Feeling as though she was forgetting something, Samantha ran back to her bedroom and looked around.

It was then that she spotted the pictures of Samantha and she, smiling and waving happily from the photos. She remembered exactly how content she felt that night – and how quickly that feeling had evaporated.

It was eerily similar to how she was feeling now.

“I’ll do better next time, Sam.” she promised, ripping the two photos from the wall. “I’ll do better.”

With a heavy heart, Samantha left her apartment. There was no need to lock the door – Fallon’s break in had proved that.

Samantha edged toward the railing, looking out into the dark christmas night, straining her ears for the laughter, for the singing, for the joy. She was desperately wanting for some part of that small feeling she’d had mere hours before.

But there was nothing… the night was silent.

And Samantha finally let the tears fall as she descended the stairs of her apartment for the last time.

* * * *

Farewell Sam – Kayton Square will miss you!

I knew it was coming. But I can’t believe how sad I am to see her go! Her life here was only beginning, and it was cut so short… so soon.

It sounds like she died, lol! But it was her time to leave. She meddled too much, too soon, in a deep secret. so even though Samantha will not be here when it is solved, maybe ill ask whoever has her to publish it in the paper or something 🙂

So Samantha is headed for blackcat’s Richmond Sims  (Finally, I might add! Totally got carried away here!)

I have decided to continue the trend that The Lunar Fox so brilliantly started, which was having Samantha take with her a souvenir from each place she visits. She has the photos from Tierro De Legado, and now…

Samantha has the silver swallow necklace given to her from Jeff!  I don’t know how to make my own cc, but I found this wonderful download from MTS2. I think it fits her perfectly, since she always “flies” away, just like a bird.

download the necklace here

and the mesh here

You’ll find out who spilled the beans to Fallon soon. And it’s not who you think. (maybe  – lol!)

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful journey with me! I can’t wait to read all of your adventures with her!

Dead Wrong, Part 2

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October, Round 1: Bradshaw Household – { featuring Samantha Bradshaw, (23) and Jeff Weiss (23) }

* Sorry about the wait on this one! I’ve finally settled down, so expect me to be posting and reading your blogs regularly.

“Don’t stay too late tonight, Samantha. You’re working too hard.” Catlina warned, waving her finger. “You look exhausted.”

“I’ll be fine. Thanks for the concern, though.” Samantha said quickly, turning away. “See you Monday.”

Catlina looked at her questioningly but didn’t pry. “Well, g’night.” she said, and left the office.

Samantha returned to her computer, now completely alone. Ever since discovering the letters written between Fallon and Lisa, she had been a woman possessed. Now more than ever, Samantha wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery that the police were having such a hard time solving.

She’d read all of the letters, and was dissapointed to find nothing too suspicious. There was no evidence of a romantic relationship between the two, but rather a friendship – an unusual one.

The only thing of any value was that Lisa had discovered that Checo had been cheating, and what was more, with Carmen Karlington. Lisa had vented to Fallon in the letters how shocked and angry she had been – but was that enough to convict Checo?

Samantha typed on, her head buzzing with questions.

* * * *

The following afternoon she met with Kimberly Linkletter for lunch.

“I think you should hand the letters to the police. That’s all they need to put Checo away for life.” she explained.

“I know. But if I give them it I’ll have to tell the cops how I found the letters – and I’m sure breaking and entering won’t sit too well with them. And I’ll be incriminating Florence too – no one will believe I searched the Ramirez home on my own.”

“Well, either way, things have gotten a heck of a lot more interesting since you’ve arrived here, Samantha.” Kimberly chirped.

“Thanks!” Samantha grinned.

“Not to mention all the juicy gossip you bring! Speaking of which – have you talked to Jeff lately?”

“No. He hasn’t been avoiding me or anything, but there’s certainly an awkward air between us. I think he likes me… but he’s too afraid to say anything. I’m ready to start dating again, too.”

“Aw… bad breakup?” Kimberly asked.

“Yeah. It’s actually why I left my hometown. And sort of why I ran from the last place  I traveled to as well.” she fell silent, staring at the table.

“I didn’t mean to be so nosy. I’ve just never heard you talk about home before.”

“Oh yeah – home. I don’t even know where that is anymore. But I’m starting to think it’s Kayton.”

“Aw, Sam! I knew you’d love it here!”

“I do.” Samantha said. “I’m enjoying everything – including this whole Ramirez mystery. It’s getting so complicated, too. I feel so close to a major breakthrough.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I have this nagging feeling that I’m missing something. All the evidence points to Checo… but I have this feeling he’s innocent.” Samantha paused. “I think Fallon has something to do with it. I don’t know yet… but mark my words… I’m not stopping until I get to the bottom of this.”

Kimberly and Samantha chatted away, blissfully clueless to their surroundings. But if they had, they would have noticing something terrible in their midst.

* * * *

Samantha was startled in her apartment that evening with a knock on the door.

“Hey!” Myrtel, the landlord said. “How are you doing, honey?”

“Fine.” Samantha yawned. “Well, the apartment’s fine at least. Want to come in?”

“Sure.” Myrtel said kindly, stepping in. “Anything you want to talk about?” They took seats on the couch and struck up a conversation.

“I want Jeff to do something – anything – so badly, Myrtel!” Samantha groaned, shrugging. “but he’s just so damn shy!”

“Well it doesn’t always have to be the man to make the first move. I always pegged you as a tough cookie. If he doesn’t talk to you within the next week – well, there are other men out there.”

Samantha agreed. “There’s one more thing.” she explained the murder mystery she’d been trying to solve.

Myrtel closed her eyes when Samantha was done. “I was afraid of this.”

Samantha was surprised. “What?”

“Listen good, and listen hard. You’re messing with things you shouldn’t be.”


“No. I want you to go to work tomorrow and ask to be switched to a different assignment. This is too heavy. Nothing good can come from a double murder.”

Samantha hardly agreed, but she wasn’t one to argue. But as she drifted off to bed that night, a little inkling of doubt began to grow.

* * * *

A few days later Samantha returned to work, where she decided, once and for all, to talk to Jeff.

“Hey.” she said, leaning across him.

“Oh, hi Sam.” he averted his gaze and turned away.

“Jeff wait. There’s something I want to ask you.”

“Me too.” he said.

“Will you go out with me?” they asked together, and from that point on they knew it was going to be alright.

* * * *

Samantha and Jeff met in Whithers Park that afternoon.

“Did I mention how lovely you look today, Sam?” Jeff asked.

“Maybe… once or twice. A minute.” she laughed. It was a chilly fall day, and the last bit of sunlight was trying to creep past the clouds. The leaves crunched beneath their feet as they made their way toward the playground.

“Wanna try?” she asked, gesturing to the dancer perched on the cardboard box.

“Uh… it’s not really my thing.” Jeff answered, shrugging.

“Oh, come on!” Samantha began to jump around. “It’s easy, see?”

Jeff raised his left eyebrow.

“Okay. I look like an idiot.”

As the date continued, and Samantha felt light and happy. Jeff was a gentleman, attractive and kind.

“I love days like this.” Samantha looked toward the sky, grinning. “Don’t you?”

“As a matter of fact, I do!” Jeff gushed as she joined him on the bench. While he launched into a story, Samantha’s thoughts drifted. She hadn’t remembered feeling this happy, this content, in a long time. She was finally getting the feeling that everything was good.

But sadly, she was wrong.

Dead wrong.

* * * *

Whoa, I promise to never leave you guys again. Thank you so much for sticking with me and my random posting schedule! I had the opportunity to go to France for eleven days last minute, and I couldn’t pass it up.

One more Samantha post left! 🙂 Oh, the creepy man is Fallon, btw. It figured it might be confusing, but I didn’t think he would stalk someone without a little disguise. 🙂

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