For What it’s Worth

Posted On January 31, 2010

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Harris Household: June, Round 1 – ( featuring Remy Harris (29) and Lauren Brie Harris (28) )

“I’m really glad they finally finished my dress, Kimberly.” Lauren Brie said, brushing her golden blonde hair out of her face.

“You look gorgeous! I love the pink ribbon.” Kimberly gushed.

“Thanks.” she turned around, beaming. “I’m getting married next week!”

The fact that Lauren Brie was getting married that sunday was no surprise to anyone. She was a little reserved, yes, but she has always been a passionate, fun, and kind hearted woman. When her father died unexpectedly a few years ago, Lauren Brie went into a depression and it looked like nothing could pull her back. But then she met Remy, her rough around the edges maid who whisked her off her feet. And the rest was history.

“Are you sure about your maid of honor gown, though?” Lauren Brie asked, eying Kimberly’s high hem and low cut top. “I was thinking it would be a little more… conservative.”

“Oh, please. You know I feel smothered in all that fabric.”

“Yes, but the guests are going to be sitting down, and you’re going to be standing.”

“So? What’s your point?” Kimberly asked.

Lauren Brie giggled. “I guess the men in the front row are going to be very happy.”

* * * *

The morning of the wedding dawned clear and blue. Bees flew lazily around the small chapel, buzzing from flower to flower. It couldn’t have been a nicer day.

The guests arrived and began to settle into their places in the pews. Some of them included Candice and Clark Engebretsen, as well as the entire Macdonough family, even little Charlie. 

Lauren Brie had intentionally placed only Kimberly’s husband and the roommates Tracey Mamuyac and Jenna Heggler in the front row.

“Hey, Kimmy.” Lauren Brie whispered, right before the ceremony was about to begin. “I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be. You know what to do,  we watch this crap on t.v. all the time!”

Remy grinned at her. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Lauren Brie gulped, and the wedding of her dreams began.

She recounted the day they met, and he told the story of the day he fell in love with her.

She promised to stay by him, in sickness and in health,

and he promised to stay faithful, loving, and dedicated.

“Remember our wedding, Candice?” Clark asked.

“How could I forget?” Candice answered, cuddling up next to him.

“You know, if you hadn’t dumped Malcolm a few months ago, this could have been your wedding, Jenna.” Tracey said.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” she snapped.

Meanwhile, Tyler realized why everyone’s been staring so attentively at his wife.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Remington Harris!

(this one’s going to be their wedding portrait. Remy’s hands a little creepy, but I love the look on Lauren Brie’s face.)

Afterwards, out on the chapel grounds, the reception began.

Claire and Sydney MacDonough entertained their brother Charlie at the kids table.

And a toast is made to the new couple. Congratulations!

* * * *

Lauren Brie moved in with Remy, into a three bedroom ranch house on Engebretsen Alley.

She was still getting used to being married, but it actually suited her quite well.

“Hey, honey.” she said, embracing him. “Thank you.”

“For what?” Remy asked, running his fingers through her hair.

“Everything. You changed my life, and impacted it in so many ways. You made me whole!”

“Aw, Lauren Brie, don’t get all cheesy on me.” Remy laughed.

“Come here.” she lead him into the bedroom.

“But for what it’s worth,” he said, snuggling up to her. “You completed me too.”

* * * *

Oops, ignore Remy’s outfit in the last picture! He was wearing his pajamas and then he suddenly wasn’t. Oh well.

You’ve met them before, they were guests at Tracey Mamuyac’s baby shower and Clark Engebretsen’s birthday party. So there you go, a party of their own!

These two are crazy about each other, which is fantastic, since Lauren Brie took quite a long time finding the right guy! I was afraid for awhile there that she wasn’t going to get to pass on that pretty face!

So speaking of babies, they’re pregnant! OMG! It happened literally ten seconds after that picture of them cuddling was snapped. Baby Harris will join baby Keziah Mamuyac, and Penny Roseland’s baby, plus Blake and Mitchell Macdonough (who were at the wedding, but you haven’t met them yet.) so 4 babies! yay!

Oh, and btw, the dress store that LB and Kimberly were at was Amelia’s closet. I’m obsessed, lol.

(And I’ll admit, reading through this, the whole thing with Kimberly’s dress is inspired by this post from Laura at Lakeside Heights, which I’m sure all of you read already, lol! And her dress can be downloaded here. )