Some People

Posted On January 16, 2010

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March, Round 1 – Gothier Household { featuring Becca (69) and Bruce Gothier (69) }

The Gothier’s had been together for forty years, and were still going strong. As a matter of fact, Becca loved Bruce just as much as the day she met him.

Although they lived in Maple City, they were currently taking a two year tour of Takimizu Village.

“Hurry up, the taxi’s waiting!” Bruce called from the street.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Becca yelled back, taking her time. Darn hotel had way too many steps.

“Is it for another one of those tours?” Becca asked hesitantly. “Because the last one didn’t work out so well.”

“The boat only turned over because of that fly that got in. We’ll be fine.” Bruce answered soothingly. “It’s only a walk through a bamboo forest. Nothing can go wrong.”

“If you say so.” Becca said, climbing into a taxi.

* * * *

An hour later, when the bees had finished attacking them, Becca turned to her husband. “Yeah, we’re doing what I would like to do from now on.”

“Fine by me.”

* * * *

First they went to the market to buy some souvenirs, and that was  where a random man came up to Becca and whispered in her ear, “I can teach you amazing things.”

“And I can kick your ass! Back off, buddy!” Becca replied, quickly running to her husband. “This vacation is becoming very strange.”

“Tell me about it.” Bruce said, shaking his head. “Some people.”

Despite the attacks and harassment, the two of them still managed to have a lovely afternoon.

Next, they went to Immortal Zen Garden, where Bruce prepared tea for them.

“Now that’s more like it.” Becca sighed happily, leaning back on her cushion and sipping her hot cup of tea. “The nature here is breathtaking.”

“You never know how much you need to get out of the city until you actually do.” Bruce commented.

* * * *

They wanted to have one last adventure that evening, and so it was with great excitement that Bruce and Becca took off toward the Pagoda in the Shadows, an ancient landmark known for it’s history and grandeur.

“I can’t believe we’re here! I feel so zen!” Bruce exclaimed.

Being a very spiritual woman, Becca was deeply affected by their surroundings.

“Look at that! How beautiful!” she yelped every five seconds.

“Good evening.” A voice said from their right. “Welcome to the Pagoda in the Shadows.”

“Who’re you?” Bruce asked loudly. Becca kicked him in the shin. “Ow! What the-”

“I am a priest, here to impart wisdom and truth.” the man said.

“Ah!” Becca was delighted. “I’m honored to meet you, sir. Aren’t we, Bruce?” she glared at him.

“Oh, yes, yes it’s great.”

“Would you like to join me for a cup of tea?” he asked.

“Certainly!” Becca replied. The wise old man led them to the table.

“How are you enjoying your stay in Takimizu?”

“It’s the most alluring place I’ve ever been to.” Becca gushed. “And my husband agrees with me!”

“Huh?” Bruce looked up.

“Drink your tea, dear.” Becca patted him on the shoulder. “So, I have to say, I find this place absolutely fascinating!”

“It’s rich in culture and this civilization dates back hundreds of years. In fact, I have a story for you!” the old man stood up. “It’s about the founding of Takimizu. Ahem.” he cleared his throat. “A long time ago…”

He launched into an enthralling tale of adventure, peril, love, and courage.

Becca sat right below the wise old man, gazing up with rapt attention. Bruce fell asleep.

When the old man finished,  Bruce stood up quickly. “Well, we better get going. It’s pretty late.  Could you point us to the gift shop?”

Becca sprang to her feet. “Thank you for your time, sir!” she grabbed her husband by the wrist and forcefully led them out of the pagoda. “Gift shop? Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed. Really classy, you are.”

“What? That guy has got to be the most boring person alive. Honestly, how uninteresting can one man be?”

“Just because someone’s not… lively enough for your taste doesn’t mean you should be rude!”

They walked down the stairs and into the night, squabbling loudly. Much to the amusement of the wise old man.

* * * *

The next day Becca took them to Sky Arc Spire, where they amused themselves playing traditional games with the locals until they were starving.

“What do you say we grab some dinner at the restaurant next door?” Bruce asked, giving the blonde across from him another hundred. “This lady is hanging me out to dry.”

“Sure! I still don’t know why we haven’t tried it out yet.”

So that was how they found themselves at TakiMaki Dining.

“I propose a toast!” Bruce declared. “To us! Happy fortieth anniversary, Becca!”

“Happy anniversary, honey.” They raised their glasses and toasted to their life together.

* * * *

By the time they had returned to Jade’s Exclusive Villa’s, it was dark.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Bruce asked his wife as they approached their suite and passed the hot springs.

“I thought you’d never ask!” she cried, practically sprinting into their room and emerging moments later with her bathing suit. “Let’s go!”

“I’m so glad we did this.” Becca said, laying back in the hot springs.

“Do you mean ‘this’ the hot springs, or ‘this’ the vacation?”

“Both, I guess.” Becca looked back at Bruce. “And you know what?”


She smiled widely, and reached for his hand. “I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else.”

* * * *

And when they climbed into bed, Becca playfully slapped Bruce on the back of the head.

“What did I do now?”

“Nothing.” Becca snuggled close to him under the covers. “I just can’t believe some of the outrageous things that come out of your mouth sometimes.”

This time, Bruce shook his head. “Well, you know what I always say. Some people…”

* * * *

Happy 40th Bruce and Becca! They are the definition of meant to be. Despite what Becca says (or how pissed off she looks in every photo!) they are very happy together, even after all this time.

They both rolled the want to stay in Takimizu, and they keep rolling all these wants to do things here, so I figured  I figured what the heck, they’re elders, (and rich!) so they should stay as long as they want.

Oh, and their daughter, Dawn, lives with her boyfriend in Maple City. You’ll meet her a little later. 😀