Away From Me

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 January, Round 2 – Roseland household { featuring Penny Roseland, (29) Cyd Roseland, (30) Reese Roseland, (5 months) and Ben Ryan, (31) }
It’s a dangerous word.
Especially when it’s in the hands of Penny Roseland.
For as she held her darling baby girl, that was all she could think of. Her potential, and how it was being wasted. Penny was all set to return to work – to another promotion, this time to state assembly woman. She and Cyd planned for him to stay home with the baby until they had earned back enough money to hire a nanny.
But it all fell through. Cyd was denied a leave of absence, and Penny, who had an unlimited maternity leave, was forced to take care of Reese.
That’s not to say she didn’t love Reese. She truly did. She delighted in this little miracle, a whole person that she and her husband created from their love.
But she was bored. Dissatisfied. And becoming seriously resentful of her poor husband, Cyd.
Taking care of Reese was enjoyable, but predictable. And Penny loved the fast paced, do or die, world of politics.
Hoping to break the routine, (and knowing that he was always sure to bring trouble with him!) Penny invited her brother Ben over that afternoon.
“It’s so strange being back in this house.” Ben remarked as they seated themselves on the couch. “I miss it a little.”
“Please. I’m dying to get out of here.”
Ben, never the brightest bulb on the tree, didn’t pick up on his sister’s malcontent. “So… uh… there’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“Sure, what’s up?” Penny asked, her mood brightening already. Her brother always knew how to cheer her up.
“I might have gotten into a little… fight… with Florence.” Ben said. “She’s real pissed this time.”
“What did you do now?”
“She keeps bringing up the topic of engagement, and frankly sis, I’m just not ready.” Ben scratched his head. “Imagine being with only one person forever!”
“Well, that’s the general concept, you see.” Penny snapped. “Don’t mess this one up, Ben. You’re never going to find another one like Florence – trust me.”
Penny and Ben talked for a while until Ben stalked out angrily. He was offended, apparently, but as far as Penny could tell, she’d only told him to not be such an idiot this time.
She watched him go sadly.
But then Reese started screaming, and Penny had no time for dwelling.
* * * *
“Nice! Pork chops!” Cyd grinned as he helped himself to dinner. Reese was snoozing soundly in her crib, and so they finally had a moment together.
“How was your day, dear?” Penny asked, ever the exemplary wife.
“Fine. I really just sat at my desk and typed up memos all day. What did you do?”
Penny rolled her eyes. “Cleaned the kitchen. Saw Ben. Threw in an extra load of whites. I even spent some time with the kid.”
“Very funny.”
“It sucked, Cyd. I’m over this. I’m over everything!” Penny threw down her fork. “Why can’t I go back to work?”
“Because I will have to quit my job! We need the money! Why are you making me say it again? What’s changed?”
I’ve changed!” Penny hollered, her voice dangerously low. She jumped to her feet.
“C’mon, let’s talk about this!”
No. I need some space. Get away from me.”
Penny threw on a jacket and marched out the door.
* * * *
She was hurt. She was angry. And she felt so misunderstood.
They didn’t know everything she’d given up to get this far. And to think that she might lose it all… it made Penny feel hollow.
She arrived at the gulf boardwalk. A couple was cuddling on one of the benches.
Penny wandered, finally finding herself standing still, gazing onto the water.
She walked down to the beach and sat down on the sand.
It wasn’t really a beach, Penny knew. It was a little section of the gulf – an inlet, per say. But the slow rolling rhythm of the waves, however small, calmed her.
She spent quite a while staring at it, and when Penny was finally ready to go home, she’d made her decision.
* * * *
Penny entered her house to find Cyd hovered over the computer, playing games.
“Stop.” Cyd said quietly, switching off the monitor. “While you were out, I called my boss.”
“I just needed a minute.” Penny said apologetically. “I’m so sorry.”
“No, I’m the sorry one.” Cyd insisted. “I quit my job.”
Penny brought her gloved hand to her husbands face. “Thank you.” she said simply.
“I think I realized how much you were hurting.” Cyd whispered. “I could see it in your eyes.”
“I was so far from myself – from what I loved. I adore Reese, and you, but I’ve dedicated my whole life to my career. And I just can’t stop. I can’t.” she repeated.
“You don’t have to.” Cyd said, hugging her tight. “I’ll take care of everything.”
* * * *
And so Cyd began taking care of his daughter.
It was a job he valued far more than his previous one.
And the first thing he found himself to be naturally good at. After all, its easy to dislike something. It’s the loving that’s hard.
And how he loved his new role! He read to the baby frequently, remembering something a former colleague told him one time.
Cyd didn’t even mind taking care of the diapers. In fact, he prefered it this way. He would get to help his little girl grow up, and be there for every step of the way.
He even found time for interests he never knew he had.
Cyd realized that he would have done this sooner, had it not been for his pride. He never imagined that his wife would have to take care of him.
It made him feel inferior, even worthless on a few sad occasions. But he pushed his feelings to the back of his mind, knowing that with routine would come comfort.

* * * *

And he still got to spend every afternoon with his wife, who would return home radiant and calm.
Just like the water they looked at together each day.
But as adjusted as he’d become to their new lives, Cyd realized that nothing would ever be the same.
It drives people to do the craziest things.
* * * *
Most of their play session was just gameplay, but I realized there was a story there to tell. Penny loves her husband and daughter – she just LOVES work a little more. (She is a fortune / popularity sim.) And Cyd is knowledge / family, which made this decision easy.
I’m happy they’re happy, lol!
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

Autumn Breezes

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September, Round 1 – Delarosa household { featuring Florence Delarosa, (31) Ben Ryan, (30) and Samantha Bradshaw (23) }

Things were going great for Florence Delarosa.

She lived in a neat little house in the charming town of Charleston…

She was finally mastering new recipes…

She had adopted an adorable golden puppy named Elijah…

and each day only brought she and her boyfriend Ben closer.

Best of all, her modest flower shop she had started in her garage was finally taking off. As Florence stocked shelves and greeted customers, her thoughts traveled to the romantic evening she and Ben had spent the night before, and she smiled happily.

Little did Florence know, something altogether different was about to hit her.

And that something was Samantha Bradshaw, who calmly strode into Flo’s Flowers that early autumn afternoon. Samantha was not there to buy some poppies, you see, but rather, to do some investigative reporting. She had learned through her research that Florence had been the one to discover the bodies of Tessa and Lisa, and she was hoping for some more information on Checo and his mysterious accomplice, Fallon.

Samantha’s presence in Florence’s shop was so strange that she actually took a moment to study this new arrival.

“Excuse me, Miss.” Florence tapped Samantha on the shoulder. “I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Florence Delarosa, owner of this shop.”

“Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Samantha Bradshaw!”

“Well, Samantha, how can I help you?” Florence asked.

“I’m looking for some azaleas.” Sam lied promptly, ready with her story. “I’m thinking of throwing a dinner party and thought they would make a nice decoration.”

“Oh, certainly!” Florence cried enthusiastically, leading Samantha toward the shelves. “I don’t think you’re local; I haven’t seen you around Charleston before.”

“I live out in Kayton Square.” said Samantha.

“How was the drive?” Florence asked innocently, grabbing a vase full of azaleas.

“The what?”

“It’s quite a long drive from Kayton to Charleston, as I’m sure you know. I’m just honored that you took the time to come to me, out of all the places in Kayton and Maple City!”

“The drive was fine.” Samantha brushed this off. “I took a taxi cab.”

Florence paused. “Oh? Then how are you going to bring all of the flowers I just pulled for you home?”

Samantha realized her mistake a moment too late. “Er…”

Florence put her hands on her hips. “You haven’t looked at a single flower I’ve picked in the past five minutes. You’re not here to buy azaleas, are you?”

The jig was up. Samantha silently cursed her poor detective skills and quickly explained the real reason she was there.

Florence looked at her skeptically. “So what are you hoping to get from me? An interview? You’re not even a cop, you’re just a reporter.”

Samantha looked over both her shoulders. The shop was nearly empty. “Okay. I’m about to tell you something no one knows.”


“I was the anonymous reporter that wrote the article about Checo Ramirez’s secret meeting with a known felon.”

Florence gasped. “That was you? I had no idea!”

“Please help me.” Samantha asked earnestly. “I know you two were good friends. I just want to solve this case for good, and get Lisa and Tessa the justice they deserve.”

“Alright. What do you want?” Florence gave in.

“Did Lisa ever give you the key to her house? Perhaps to water the plants while the family was on vacation or something?”

“Yes, she did- you don’t mean…?” Florence was dumbfounded.

“Yes. I want to break into the Ramirez house.”

* * * *

The large house loomed before them while they approached cautiously.

“We should have waited ’til dark.  What if a neighbor sees?” Florence worried.

“Relax. The closest house is yours. And besides, it should be dark within the hour.”

“Here goes. Time to see if the police changed the locks or something.” Florence whispered, sliding the key in.

Both women held their breath. The lock clicked, and suddenly, the door creaked open.

They stepped into the foyer staring into the vacant house. Save for the yellow police tape streched across the entrace to the dining room (where the bodies were found) the house seemed perfectly ordinary, dutifully hiding the terrible crime that took place within it’s walls.

“C’mon, let’s get cracking. I’m looking for any dirt on Checo that the police wouldn’t have found – or might not have thought important.”

They entered the kitchen. “Didn’t they die of poisoning?” Florence asked, gazing into the depths of the green bottles on the counter.

“Yep. Crazy stuff.” Samantha said, opening the refrigerator. A putrid smell greeted their nostrils. “Ugh. The police didn’t even clean out the fridge.”

“Let’s see if anything’s in the bedroom.” Florence said. “You never know.” She lead them up a flight of stairs and into Lisa and Checo’s bedroom. “Whoa. This is weird.” she gasped as they entered.

“Spread out. We shouldn’t stay here much longer.”

Florence began opening drawers while Samantha crawled around on the floor.

“Nope. The cops cleaned all these out.” Florence groaned.

“Hold on. I think there’s something here.” Samantha cried, half her body buried under the bed.

“Oh, please. Hiding things under the bed? That’s so cliche. No one would be that stupid.”

“Well, the cops seemed to think the same thing.” Samantha grinned, pulling a small stack of letters out from under a hidden fold in the mattress. “Look at this!”

“Omigosh, open them!” Florence yelped. The two women quickly ripped off the rubber band and began to read the letters.

“It’s addressed from Fallon!” Samantha was astounded by her discoveries. “Let’s see what he had to say to Checo!”

Both girls scanned the page, and before long, had reached the bottom.

“What the-” Florence lowered the letter, her mouth hanging open.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Samantha nearly screamed.

“This letter to Fallon wasn’t written to Checo. It was written to… Lisa.”

* * * *

The next day, Florence’s head was still reeling from all the thing she had found. And when Ben came home from work and informed her that he was taking her to a picnic in the park, she had no energy left to argue.

They selected a comfy spot on the grass and laid down their blanket and basket. Ben produced some flowers out of no where, and Florence had brought along the puppy, Elijah.

It was a perfect day to enjoy the last day of summer, and feel the warm autumn breezes as they arrived.

“What are you smiling at, silly?” she asked, smiling herself.

“At you. At Elijah. At this picnic. At those strange people over there. At everything.” he laughed.

“You’re too much.” Florence gave Elijah a little pat and reached into the picnic basket. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I am hopelessly in love with you, Ben Ryan.”

“I think I noticed.” Ben teased. “Come here, you!” he reached forward and pulled her toward him, and they fell onto the grass, kissing and cuddling.

“I can’t remember feeling this happy.” Ben said, wrapping his arm around her.

Florence snuggled closer to him. “Neither can I.”

* * * *

Sorry for the puppy spam. I love my stupid Sims 2 Pets Pack that no one really likes, lol.

OMG sorry about the wait on this one! My life has been really hectic lately.

BUT… I only have two more Samantha Bradshaw posts planned, and then she’s heading for blackcat’s Richmond Sims. It should be very soon.

Hope you’re not confused! If you need some help, I recommend clicking the ‘mystery’ category. I know it’s been awhile since I first started this blog, and the storyline began.

Anyway, thanks for reading! How awesome are Sam’s facial expressions? ha!

All That Really Matters

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Roseland / Ryan household: April, Round 1 { featuring Ben Ryan (28) , Penny (26) and Cyd (27) Roseland, and Florence Delarosa (29) }

The beautiful early morning sun’s rays made their way through the kitchen window as Penny Roseland ate her breakfast.

As she ate, her mind wandered, to her career, her brother, and her brand new husband.

She got up, rinsed her plate in the sink, and faced the enormous windows, gazing down toward the gulf below.

Something was coming. Something big. Penny could feel it in the air.

* * * *

Cyd let the warm water wash over him, drowning out the world. He too, had a lot on his mind.  But you would never know, because he was so quiet and unassuming.

He slowly turned the faucet off, grabbed a towel, and gradually got ready for work.

Cyd was just heading out the door when his wife stopped him.

“Hey.” she said softly.

“Good morning.” Cyd hugged her tightly. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Better, especially since I’ve stopped throwing up!” Penny pulled away, revealing a noticable baby bump. “Everything is just happening so fast.”

“You’re right. Just think, in six months, we’ll be parents!”

“Don’t even talk like that yet. I’m barely getting used to living with you!”

“Anyway, I’ve gotta go. If you need anything, call me, or you’re brother. I’m sure one of us can come home and help you.”

“That’s completely unneccessary.” she kissed him. “Now go to work, the carpool won’t stop honking.”

* * * *

As soon as Cyd left, Penny made her way out to the backyard. It was here that someone could truly appreciate the nature around them.

Penny and her brother Ben had, with the recent arrival of spring, planted a garden. It was tiny, and only filled with tomatoe plants, but Penny loved it more than anything, and every morning, without fail, could be seen working on her little patch of land, tending to every last detail.

She supposed it was good practice, after all, for raising a baby. Penny would be lying if she wasn’t terrified. She was barely keeping up with all her other responsibilites in her life.

But working on the garden gave her hope that she would be a good mother. What was a child, compared to a bunch of tomatoes?

* * * *

Later on in the day, when Cyd and Ben had returned from work, the three of them sat down for a nice dinner.

“So when do you find out about that promotion, Penny?” Cyd asked.

“Well it’s between me and one other woman, my boss said. So I’ll just have to hope he doesn’t mind me taking a month or two off to have the baby.”

“A month or two? Don’t you think that’s a little ridiculous? Most women need like, half a year.” her brother, Ben broke in.

“Well I’m not most women. You know how I feel about my work.” Penny retorted.  “And anyway-”

She was interrupted by the arrival of Florence Delarosa, the girlfriend of Ben.

“Ben!” she wailed, flinging the front door open and dashing into the kitchen. “Oh, Ben, I just can’t keep this in anymore!” she began to sob.

“Whoa. Florence, what’s the matter? What happened?” Ben asked from his seat.

“It’s… oh, where do I begin?” Florence hung her head. “I have some very serious news.”

“What is it?”

Florence took a moment to gather her thoughts. “It’s about Checo Ramirez. He’s been arrested.”

“Arrested? For what?” Penny blurted.

“For the murder of Tessa and Lisa Ramirez.” Florence said, and then returned to sobbing.

“Oh my gosh, that’s horrible. When did this happen?” Penny always had an ear for gossip.

“About two and a half months ago.” Florence choked. “I was the one that found them. But the police begged me to keep it to myself.”

Ben got up out of his chair and put his arm around his girlfriend. “I’m so sorry, Flo. We had no idea.”

“It’s been eating me up. You see, the police finally found Checo this morning, and brought him in for questioning.  He was hiding with Carmen Karlington, just a few blocks from here. But she finally figured out what had happend, and turned him in. On top of it all, the police didn’t want to spread panic and make people think that there was a psycho on the loose, but now that they’ve got Checo locked up, they told me I could tell you guys. Apparently, it’s confidential information.”

“So you think he did it?” Penny asked.

Florence wiped a tear. “They asked me to come in tomorrow, to speak with the chief of police. Can you please come with me?”

“Of course. I’m going to be there with you the whole time.” Ben kept his arm around Florence and led her into the living room, where they continued to talk, speaking in hushed tones.

“Wow. Lisa’s dead.” Penny was shocked. “I don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it.”

* * * *

The following day, Florence and Ben headed over to Kayton Square Police Precinct. (Built by me, and also stolen from my other story, the mystery of katherine mackenzie, LOL.)

As they entered, Florence grabbed Ben’s arm for support. “I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be. What have you got to worry about? It’s not like you are a suspect or anything.”

“Right. I just… don’t like it here. And I enjoy feeling like a criminal even less.”

“Listen to me.” Ben said. “No one could ever actually think you had anything to do with this. I mean, look at you, you’re as harmless as a rabbit.

Florence laughed. “Thanks for cheering me up.”

“Well hello there!” a police man said, shaking Florence’s hand enthusiastically. “How are you two doing today?”

“Fine thank you, I-”

“You must be Florence Delarosa. I’m Officer Sherman!”

“Nice to meet you, I was-”

“Follow me! Sergeant Goodie is waiting for you in his office.” Officer Sherman led them into the other half of the precinct, where the steel desks and linoleum floors were replaced with wood paneling and rich carpeting.

“Wow, I feel much better already.”

“Here you go!” Officer Sherman gestured to the small waiting room. “Good luck, Ms. Delarosa.” he said, and left.

“Hello, I’m Florence Delarosa, and I have a meeting with Sergeant Goodie today.” she said to the cop behind the desk.

“Okay. Just take a seat and he’ll be with you in a moment.” the woman said, snapping her gum and thumbing through her magazine.

“Well Officer Sherman was awkwardly friendly.” Ben said as they sat down, trying to lift the mood.

“Yeah…” Florence nodded, her eyes drifting off. “I wonder what he’ll ask me about. You don’t think… you don’t think he’ll ask me about an alibi or something?”

“Relax, Florence. I don’t think this meeting is that serious. He’s interviewing you in his office, and not one of the holding rooms. You’re freaking out over nothing.”

At that moment, the office door swung open, and Sergeant Goodie stood there, looking more imposing than ever.

“Come in, Ms. Delarosa.” he said, smiling. “And for heaven’s sake, stop shaking.”

Florence gave her boyfriend one last glance and then followed Sergeant Goodie inside.

Ben exhaled and leaned back. “I hope she’ll be okay. We’ve been dating for about a year now.”

“Uh huh.” the woman behind the desk blew a bubble.

“I have such strong feelings for her, but’s it’s pretty complicated. She wants me to make a commitment, but I’m not sure if I’m ready. And then there are these moments, like right now, when all I want to do is hold her and be with her forever. So why can’t I take the plundge? What’s wrong with me?”


“It just worries me, constantly, that she’s going to realize one day that she’s way too good for me, and leave. And I can’t lose her.” Ben said. “I just don’t want to miss out on my life if I get married. I’m only thirty three. I haven’t dated enough! And what if she’s not the one? Boy, you should see us fight… I just… I need more time.”

Ben paused. “Sorry. I don’t know why I’m unloading all of this on you. ”

The female officer glanced over at Ben. “Look, man. I’m just trying to read my magazine here. If you wanna know how she feels, ask her, not me.” she got up and headed out the door. “One of these days…”

Just as Ben was trying to make sense of what had happened, Florence emerged from Sergeant Goodie’s office.

“Ben! Oh, you were one hundred percent right. I was worried about nothing! He just wanted to thank me for my continued help and support in this investigation, and if we need anything, to contact him!

“See I told you everything was going to be fine. You know, I’m taking you out tonight to celebrate. Anywhere you want to go, my treat.”

Beaming, she gave him a hug, and then they started to walk to the exit.

Suddenly… the precinct door opened, and in walked Checo Ramirez, flanked by two police escorts. He was sobbing into his hands.

“Oh my word.” Florence gasped. “Quick, run before he sees me.”

Checo looked up at the sound of her voice. “Florence? Florence, please, help me!” he yelled, fear evident in every syllable he spoke. “Florence, you know I’m innocent. I would never hurt them! Please!”

“Be quiet!” one of the officers shouted, and a second later, they were gone.

* * * *

Ben was a fun guy. Not the brightest bulb on the tree, but he always got by. He was always the life of the party, going from one fling to the next, never getting too attached. He was even living in his sister’s house, as she reminded him, not the other way around.

But then he met Florence, and she turned his world around, and unintentionally shaped him into a better man. Which was great, except for one thing.

Ben didn’t know what to do. Should he propose, or not?

“So what should I do, sis?” Ben paced back and forth, looking very handsome in his crisp suit and tie.

“Listen to me.” Penny waved her finger at him. “You shouldn’t assume that Florence has placed such high expectations on you.”

Ben continued to pace. “I didn’t understand a word of that sentance. Whatever. I need to call her. Tell her I’m staying home tonight.”

“No!” Penny halted her brother in his tracks. “Don’t worry.” she smiled knowingly. “She loves you. That’s all that really matters.”

Ben nodded, as if coming to some sort of resolve. “You’re right. Oh, thank you so much. I think I know what to do.”

* * * *

Ben took her out to “Vue Sur la Mer”, a new french restaurant out in Maple City. (download it here)

Ben wasted no time showing Florence just how much he loved her.

“Ben, we haven’t even made it to the restaurant yet!” she giggled, slapping him playfully.

Once they got inside and were seated at their table, Florence realized that tonight could be the night. The scene was set, after all. It was a four star, fancy restaurant, complete with fresh roses on the table and mood lighting. They were both dressed up, and Ben couldn’t stop touching her.

She blew him a kiss. “Tonight is perfect. This is just what I needed.”

Ben winked at her. “Don’t worry. I’ve got a surprise for you later, anyway. The night is just beginning.”

“Really?” Florence was pretty sure she knew what the surprise was. “You know, there’s only one thing that could make this night even better.” She slid her hand up to her face and nonchalantly touched her ring finger. “Something… promising.”

“Okay…” Ben said confusedly.

And so, the night went on, and Ben made no mention of a proposal, and there was no ring in sight. Florence was just giving up hope when-

“Florence, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you all night.” Ben said, holding her hand.

This was it. The moment she’d been waiting for her whole life.

“Wanna go makeout?” Ben asked, grinning sheepishly.

Florence threw down her napkin. “Oh, honey, you are a complete moron.” she gathered herself up and stalked off upstairs.

“What did I do?” Ben quickly followed her, and finally caught her right outside the bathrooms. “What did I do?” he repeated.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Florence snapped. “That’s exactly what happened. Not a single thing.”

“Well, if you’d just let me finish, you would have heard what I was going to ask you.”

“What? Spit it out!”

“Somewhere along the line I fell in love with you, and I know you feel the same way too. So tonight, I was wondering if you’d like to move in together.”

Florence’s eyes grew wide. “Wait, really? You mean it? That’s what you want?”

“Yes. That’s what I want. It’s what I’ve always wanted.”

“Of course! Oh, Ben, that’s exactly what I wanted too.”

It wasn’t much, but it was a start.

* * * *

Whoa, sorry about the wait on this! I had a very hectic week, but hopefully things will calm down soon.

So this is the Roseland family, and they are a lot of fun, too. Ben is really funny, and his sister is too! They’ve had some wild times. Cyd is pretty calm, so he’s a perfect balance for them.

I think that next round (maybe even Florence’s update) Ben will move into her house. She has the business, after all, and Penny and Cyd’s house isn’t that big, and they’re having a baby in six months! So that’s where he’ll go.