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November, Round 1: mini update- Abbley/Karlington household- {featuring Carmen Karlington (28) Gretchen Abbley (27) and Checo Ramirez (43)}

Carmen Karlington laid back in the hospital bed, literally sick to her stomach. “No. Do another test.”

Her roommate, and nurse, Gretchen Abbley bustled around. “We’ve taken eighteen tests. I know it’s horrible to hear, but…” she trailed off, eying Carmen apprehensively.

“Don’t say it.”

“You’re pregnant.” Gretchen said,  flinching as Carmen jumped out of the bed, screaming.

“Dammit! Argh! I told him to leave me alone!” Carmen had no room for sadness. There was only anger.

“Him? You know who the father is?” Gretchen asked, genuinely surprised.

“Of course I do. It’s Checo!” Carmen nearly shouted.

“No! No! You promised to stay away from him!”

“I know!” Carmen wailed, the gravity of her situation beginning to settle in. “But he came to see me one day at the salon.” she sighed. “And I kept seeing him after that. He even lent me more money for the renovations.”

Gretchen shook her head in disgust. “Wow. I knew I could never depend on you.”


“Save it, Carmen. There’s nothing more I can do to help you.” Gretchen said sadly, and marched from the room without so much as a backward glance toward her friend.

* * * *

Gretchen had, of course, no intentions of abandoning Carmen. Secretly, deep down in her heart, she was a little bit happy that Carmen was pregnant.

The possibilities swirled in her mind as she made her way to the hospital chapel, which she knew would be empty.

There was no doubt in Gretchen’s mind that Carmen was going to be a terrible, selfish mother, which would leave Gretchen responsible for the child.

It was a terrifying and exciting thought.

But for now, there was something Gretchen could do to help Carmen. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed quietly.

“Checo? Hey honey, it’s me!” Gretchen spoke in her perfect, spot on Carmen voice. “Come to the house tonight. I want to see you!”

* * * *

Gretchen waited on the porch, shivering. Checo was due to arrive any minute.

She couldn’t pretend she wasn’t frightened. Gretchen still thought that Checo was a murderer.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching. “Carmen is that you?” she heard him whisper.

“Actually, it’s me.” Gretchen stepped out of the shadows. “I need a word with you.”

Checo laughed. “A word? Are you going to scold me or something?”

“No. But I’m going to scare the hell out of you.”

Checo was intrigued. “Oh?”

“I want you to leave Carmen alone. She doesn’t want to see you anymore.”

“You’re wrong.” Checo was getting riled up. “You know nothing! She loves me!”

“Right. Unfortunately for you though, she’s pregnant.” Gretchen smirked as he recoiled in shock.

Checo’s jaw dropped. His eyes bulged. He was nearly panting. “Who is the father?” he finally choked.

“I think you know. Which is why I’m making a deal with you. Leave Carmen alone, or I will go to the police. One little test will be all the proof they need that you were conducting an affair when your wife and daughter were murdered.”

Checo began to inch away from Gretchen, completely cowed.

“Oh, and one more thing. I’m going to be needing a little cash.”

* * * *

Gretchen was still reeling from the previous night while she watched Carmen tear her cherry pie apart.

“Whub?” Carmen asked, a trickle of juice dripping down her chin.

“You’re a mess.” Gretchen giggled.

Carmen shrugged and continued eating. “I’m pregnant, silly. Of course I’m hungry.”

When they were done, and Carmen had left to go take another nap, Gretchen cleared off the table. She would love to have a husband to take care of, but for now, she would settle for Carmen.

* * * *

Carmen woke up retching.

As the week wore on, the pregnancy began to take a toll on Carmen. And nothing, not nobody, slowed down Carmen Karlington.

So she gathered herself up and walked to her salon, which was due to open very soon. Carmen was rarely proud of herself, and as she looked around the store, she was amazed at what she saw.

The counters gleamed, the mirrors glistened. The carpet was new and smelled fresh, as did the paint on the walls.

She laughed at the lip shaped couches she had purchased. They fit in so well.

The only thing wrong was herself, Carmen lamented as she gazed into the mirror at her stomach. She could see a tiny bulge through her dress.

Carmen was not surprised to find herself pregnant, or rather, as her highly conservative father might say, in a family way. She was actually proud of herself for avoiding it for so long.

She wasn’t even sure how to feel about it. Some days she spent the entire day in bed, sobbing. Most of the time she pushed it to the back of her mind and even thought it might be okay.

But now, when she was alone, she was forced to examine her very dire situation.

The facts remained that Carmen had an illegitimate child on the way, a load of debt, and no job.

She wasn’t sure if she would be able to make it through. She didn’t even know what it will take. But she was strong. And hopeful.

And she was Carmen Karlington, for heaven’s sake, and she wasn’t going to let a single thing get in her way.

* * * *

This is the last random event for this round, the oops preggy one, which should be ending very soon!

OMG… Carmen is pregnant with Checo’s baby! I can’t wait for the fallout! This is going to have so many repercussions. Juicy!

And how cute is Gretchen? I know exactly where I am taking her character, so don’t feel too bad right now. She has a lot in store. 🙂

thanks for reading!


On to the Next One

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July, Round 1- Abbley / Karlington household- (featuring Carmen Karlington (27) Gretchen Abbley (26) and Checo Ramirez (42) )

Carmen Karlington sat at her kitchen table contemplating her life. Normally a carefree, fun loving party girl, recent events had forced her to think about her life and the disastrous consequences some decisions may have.

It had been a year since she’d met Checo Ramirez at a club in down town Kayton Square. He was handsome, rich, and eager to please. He bought her dinner, and they danced and drank until the sun rose.

Of course she had to give it up after that.

But the thing was, she never expected to see him again. Which is why she was shocked when he called her, asking Carmen on a second date.

They saw each other very frequently after that, and before long she found out he was married, and worse, a father.

But they didn’t stop. They were having too much fun.

And then that fateful night in January occurred, when Checo showed up at her front door begging for help. He’d asked to stay with her for a while, and Carmen had assumed Lisa found out about the affair and kicked him out.

But merely two months later the horrible truth was revealed: Checo’s wife and daughter were murdered. Horrified, Carmen turned Checo into the police. And she hadn’t heard from him since.

And yet… she was having a very hard time letting go. She knew what she needed to do now. She needed to take control.

Carmen had other dreams to fulfill. She got up off the chair and made a phone call.

* * * *

Carmen’s roommate, and polar opposite, was Gretchen Abbley. Besides the fact that she was one of the most promising medical students at Mercy Hospital, Gretchen was a fabulous cook, talented pianist, and an aspiring scientist to boot.

She returned to her house that afternoon to find Carmen running down the stairs to greet her.

“Well, this is unexpected.” Gretchen said, crossing her arms. “What’s up?”

“I’ve got a surprise for you! A good one!” Carmen cried, taking Gretchen by the arm and leading her down the street. “And I think you’re going to like it.”

“Where are we going?” Gretchen asked nervously.

“You’ll see.”

* * * *

Carmen led them to a modest building in the center of Kayton Square.

“C’mon, let’s go inside!” Carmen cried, nudging her roommate up the walkway. “Don’t be shy!”

“Is this a salon?” Gretchen sighed. “We’ve been over this. I’m not letting you take me to get a make over.”

“Relax. No one’s making you do anything.” Carmen held the handle of the door and pushed it open. “After you.”

They stepped into a large, empty room.

“I don’t get it.”

“So you know how you’re saying I should get a real job? Well, guess what? I did!”

Gretchen was shocked. “Carmen, you can’t work as a stripper. I told you, I won’t allow it! I refuse to live with-”

“No, no, silly. Not that.” Carmen giggled. “I bought this place! I’m going to fix it up and make it a salon! You know that’s always been my dream.”

All of the color drained from Gretchen’s face. “What? How did you get the money?”

“It was easy.” Carmen said. “I just threw on something slutty and went to Kayton Hall, where they approved me for a 25,000 dollar loan! Yay!” she clapped enthusiastically.

Gretchen was floored. She couldn’t think of a single word to say. “Um, can I use the bathroom?”

“Yeah, sure, it’s gotta be around here somewhere.”

She excused herself and made her way to the restroom. The second the door was closed, she began to hiccup. And before she knew it, Gretchen was hysterical, sobbing her heart out.

Carmen never would be able to handle something this big, she knew. Not that she would even be interested in it long enough. The second Carmen was bored by something, she threw it aside. It was always on to the next one. She did it with careers, friends, and most of all, men.

They were going to be broke. Gretchen’s income barely covered their living expenses, and even the little bit of money Carmen made here and there wasn’t enough.

They were done for.

* * * *

Gretchen returned to her job as a nurse at Mercy Hospital the next morning.

She was having a hard time focusing on work, however. She just had this terrible feeling that everything was going to go wrong.

She walked into one of her patient’s rooms. “Good morning, everyone!” Gretchen said, grabbing a chart from the wall. “Let’s see… Mrs. Walker, you have an appointment with your physical therapist right now!”

“Oh, him again.” Mrs. Walker mumbled as she was helped out of bed and into her wheelchair.

“Why the long face, dear?” she asked as Gretchen wheeled her into the hallway. “You look awfully upset.”

“Oh, it’s just a lot of things. Right now I’m just having some financial difficulties, not to mention my other problems.”

“Well I’m sure it’ll all work out.” Mrs. Walker said kindly as they arrived at their destination. “Thank you, Miss Abbley.”

Working in the hospital had morphed Gretchen into a morbid and hopeless person. She had come to realize that no matter what anyone accomplished in life, and no matter what they did to stop it, every single person ended up the same way.


It made her anxious. She saw people every day, people her own age and younger, die. Just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or they didn’t look both ways.

Gretchen was most afraid of ending up alone. And that was why she wouldn’t let go of Carmen, no matter how badly she screwed up. Gretchen knew she’d always have Carmen to fall back on.

Whereas Carmen could fall back on anyone. She was with different man constantly.

Whether it was a random tryst at a club…

Or a lonely married man…

Carmen never wanted for male attention.

She reached the room that contained her next patient. A man complaining of frequent headaches.

“Oh, fantastic. Another hypochondriac.” Gretchen groaned as she thrust the door open.

A well groomed man her own age greeted her on the other side.

“Great to meet you! I’m Kennedy Cox.”

“Hello! I’m Nurse Abbley. Well, Gretchen Abbley. But you can call me Gretchen.”

He laughed at her nervousness, but not unkindly. “I’m hoping you can help me with a little problem I’m having.” he said.

“Well take a seat, please.” Gretchen gushed, pulling it out for him, “And I’ll try to find out what’s wrong.”

But as Gretchen continued to fuss over Kennedy, she couldn’t help but feel that she had already found something right.

* * * *

A week after she had purchased her salon, Carmen had finally finished painting a base coat on it’s bare walls.

She’d never worked harder at something in her life, and it felt good.

The door creaked open.

“I’m sorry, but we’re clearly not open yet-” she began, turning around. “Oh.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” It was Checo.

“What the hell are you doing here, creep? Get out.”

“You won’t take my calls. You won’t talk to me. I had to do something!”

“Your wife and kid are dead! Don’t you feel any remorse at all? Any disgust?” she spat. “If anyone finds out about us… My God, I’ll be a suspect! They never found their killer, Checo!”

“I loved my wife. You have to believe me. And I’d give anything to have her back. But she’s gone. And you’re still here. So why throw away something amazing?”

“Because it’s wrong. I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.”

“But I love you, Carmen!” Checo shouted.


“I love you.” They were dangerously close. He took one step closer, and then…

He kissed her suddenly and passionately.

“Back off, buddy.” Carmen tried to push him off, but she melted in his arms. They embraced again.

And this time, she kissed him back.

* * * *

Nooooooooo Carmen, why???? This is not what I wanted to happen. But while she was playing the lot Checo was there, and they kissed and woohooed!!!!

I love playing these two, they’re SO DIFFERENT. And I love both of them equally but for different things. Carmen’s is very… generous toward men, while Gretchen is extremely reserved. And they are so much fun together!

The name of this update is taken from the song On to the Next One by Jay-Z. I don’t plan to ever name entries after song lyrics, but I like the name, and it fits the story, so yay! I’ll make an exception for this one. Another idea shamelessly stolen, lol! (this time from Carla’s Sullivan Sims)

So in this who killed Lisa and Tessa? mystery we have many suspects: Checo, Tyler, Fallon, Penny, and now Carmen, Checo’s mistress.

And Gretchen and Kennedy are a high two bolts, and if they begin to see each other… I may tweak their attractions to be higher. She’s dying for love, that one.

Natural Curiosity

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mini update (intro) – June, Round 1 ( featuring Samantha Bradshaw (23) as well as Checo Ramirez. (42) )

Samantha Bradshaw watched the train pull out of the station and wondered what the heck she had gotten herself into.

She’d gotten off here because she had liked the name. Kayton Square. It sounded so neat and pleasant. That, and she’d been on that train for over five hours.

And now, as Samantha looked around, she had to admit, her guess hadn’t been that far off. The station was clean and decorated, and the platform smelled of fresh paint. Better yet, it was a late june evening, and the flowers and trees were in full bloom.

It gave her hope, something she’d recently lost.

It seemed like mere seconds ago she had said goodbye to Sam. She hadn’t wanted to leave Tierra de Legado, exactly. But she just couldn’t  bring herself to stay there one more minute, not with all her sadness and regret weighing her down.

Stiffening her resolve, Samantha wheeled her suitcase out onto the sidewalk and hailed a taxi.

* * * *

The driver ended up dropping her off at the Flamingo Eden hotel, in the heart of the large town.

She looked at the building in horror. When Samantha had asked him to take her to someplace cheap, she knew it wasn’t going to be a party. But this place… Everything was mismatched. Lurid flamigos danced off the peeling exterior walls. It was so tacky. So grimy. So… pink.

It actually wasn’t that bad on the inside, Samantha noticed as she checked in. But she could live without the cheetah curtains.

Pretty soon she was all settled in her room.

As she laid back, she actually felt pretty please with herself. While in the taxi, she had gotten a pretty good tour of Kayton Square, and Samantha couldn’t wait see everything in daylight. Tomorrow she had plans to look for a job, and a tangible place to live.

Everything would be just perfect.

* * * *

She woke up a couple of hours later, still fully dressed.

“I must have dozed off.” she muttered to herself, getting out of bed. It had been an exhausting day.

 Her stomach growled angrily. Now that she thought about it, she realized it had been nearly twenty four hours since she had eaten.

Samantha remembered the small kitchen area she noticed earlier; there was sure to be some snacks down there.

She made her way across the hotel, and into the lobby. The front desk was completely empty, and the lights so dim she could barely see in front of her.

“That’s odd.” She was beginning to get creeped out.

A loud yell in the next room brought her back to her senses.

“Well well well.” she heard a muffled voice say. “Look who’s out of prison.” Her interest aroused, Samantha began to slowly tip toe toward the cafeteria, where she realized the voices were coming from.

“They were only holding me for questioning, Fallon.” the other man retorted.

“Guilty or not, Checo, be more careful next time. The last thing I need is for you to get caught.” Fallon warned.

Samantha peeked out from behind the hideous staircase. Both men were arguing quiet loudly.

“Do you think I could have prevented this? My wife is dead, Fallon! She was murdered! I could never hurt her!”

“Of course I know you’re innocent. That’s not the problem. The problem is that you were having an affair! Do you know how quickly you would have been sentanced had the cops found out about that? There’s your motive! And you certainly had ample opportunity…”

Samantha recoiled. These guys were obviously pretty dangerous. And they probably wouldn’t have taken kindly to a stranger listening in on their private conversations. She wanted to walk away. But she stayed rooted to the spot. Perhaps it was her journalist background, or her natural curiosity. Whatever the case may be, she continued to listen. However reckless it may have appeared.

Checo’s lip curled. “How did you know about that?”

“You don’t even deny it! You were never any good at hiding things.” Fallon laughed coldly. “So tell me, who’s the lucky lady?”

“None of your business.” Checo snapped.

“Whatever.” Fallon said carelessly. “I’ll find out eventually.”

Checo tried to respond nastily, but instead he just crumpled. “I’m so screwed.”

“No, you’re not. I’ll take care of everything.”

They continued to talk, but this time in whispers. She struggled to make out what they were saying.


“Everything.” Fallon finished ominously.

As they shook hands, Samantha turned to go. She had heard enough.

Just as she was walking away, Fallon let out a cry. “What do you think you’re doing, missy?”

Samantha froze. They had seen her.

But despite her faults, she wasn’t one to crumple under pressure, and she was quick to think on her feet. “I was just using the bathroom, and now I’m heading back. Good night.”

“Yeah, well, keep walkin’.”

Not even pausing for a breath, Samantha raced across the lobby, bounded up the stairs, and burst into her room. Only when the door was locked and bolted did she dare to exhale.

“What in the world?…”

In one day, she managed to leave one town, arrive at a new one, find an inexpensive place to stay, and listen in on the possibly illegal conversations of two criminals.

If nothing else, her stay in Kayton Square was sure to be quite interesting.

* * * *

I’m 99.9% sure anyone reading this knows this already, but Kayton Square is the next stop in Samantha Bradshaw’s trip around the world.

I figured that Sam used to be in the journalist career, and she’s a bright and independent woman, so she can handle a good mystery! I tried to make it as simple as possible, and so that anyone who wasn’t reading my blog would still understand the storyline. 5 second synopsis: Lisa and Tessa Ramirez were found in this post, and Checo was arrested in this one. It’s not gruesome or anything, so don’t worry, lol.  

So I hope I’ve stayed true to her character! If you have any suggestions, requests, or constructive critisicm, please feel free to let me know. I won’t be offended, I promise.

This is the previous post about Sam, if you want a little refresher. I even coordinated with the lunar fox so that she would be wearing the same outfit she left in!

The hotel can be downloaded here.

Thanks for reading!

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