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February, Round 2 – Heggler Household { featuring Jenna Heggler, (30) and Tracey Mamuyac, (28) }


It was on a cool, clear February morning in Maple City that Jenna bid farewell to her closest friend. 

A year after the birth of his child, Zack had finally stepped up to the plate and asked Tracey and their daughter Keziah to move in with him. Tracey had long been struggling with single motherhood. 

That was how Jenna found herself outside of Maple City Apartments telling Tracey not to worry. 

“Everything’s going to work out from now on. I mean, this is what you’ve been hoping for, right?” 

“Of course.” Tracey answered. “I just hate to leave you.” She pulled her into a hug. 

“Please. I’ll be fine.” 

“I don’t like the idea of you all alone in that big house.” 

“It’s fine.” Jenna repeated quickly, pulling out of the hug. 

“I’ll see you soon. Please stay in touch.” Tracey said, and with a nod to her boyfriend and child, went into their new apartment. 

Jenna began to walk home, and was flooded with the feelings she had been pushing away all day. As happy as she was for Tracey, Jenna was jealous, and angry. How could she have so little when Tracey had so much? It wasn’t fair. 

“Everything is perfectly fine.” she said once more, desperately trying to believe what which was clearly a lie. 

* * * * 

Jenna’s wandering brought her to the door of the Catwalk Cafe. 

Mindlessly, she entered and looked around, her eyes falling upon the shelf of magazines. She selected one, grabbed a coffee, took a seat, and began to contemplate. 

She was trying to pinpoint the exact moment her life began to fall out of her hands. Now, it seemed, everything was rushing forward, and she was powerless to stop it. 

Her boyfriend, Derek, had quickly dumped her without a word. A couple of days later, she was fired from her job as a lounge singer. And now Tracey was moving out, and without her, Jenna couldn’t keep up with the rent on her house. It was clearly time for a change. 

“Can I have another coffee, please?” she asked. 

At the same time, she noticed the help wanted sign behind the counter. 

Jenna knew it was time to suck up her pride. “And can I please have a job application?” she squeaked. 

And pretty soon it was finished. She was hired. 

* * * * 

The next morning Jenna sadly surveyed her kitchen. So many things happened here. Parties, kisses, late night snacks… so many memories. 

She managed to pack up everything and discard the rest. 

The previous afternoon, right after her shift at the coffee shop, she had spoken to the landlord of an apartment in Maple City, who had quickly jumped on her offer. And Jenna had given in literally all of her savings. She was ready for her new beginning. 

* * * * 

Her new building was a beautiful structure, brand new and seven stories high. 

Tracey had come over and helped her unpack, and after several hours of labor, the two women stood back to admire their work. 

“Not bad for two girls… not bad at all.” Jenna said, a smile spreading over her face. “It could be a little pinker, but…”

“You know, I think you’re back in business!” Tracey exclaimed happily. 

Jenna was filled with a mixture of emotions. Somehow, some way, her best friend, the train wreck, had gotten her life together. Now it was her time. 

“Thank you so much, Trace. I couldn’t have done it without you.” 

“No problem! What are best friends for?” Tracey said, hugging her tight. “And now, I’ve got a special surprise for you. Follow me.” 

“Uh oh.” Jenna arched an eyebrow, and let her best friend lead the way. 

* * * * 

They got out of the taxi in front of a tiny, heavily decorated shop way of the beaten track. It was at the very edge of the city. 

“Where are we?” Jenna asked hesitantly. Much as she loved Tracey, the girl didn’t have much in the way of common sense. 

“I know you’ve been struggling.” Tracey said excitedly. “So I set you up a surprise appointment with a psychic!”

Jenna let the absurdity of Tracey’s exclamation ring out in the quiet street. She brought her hand to her heart. “I’m touched really, Trace… but… doesn’t that seem kind of silly? I don’t think…” 

“Oh, shut up.” Tracey ushered them both inside. “This’ll be good for you.” 

They entered a perfumed waiting room covered in drapes, painting, flowers, and tapestries. 

“Ooh, look at this carving!” Tracey gushed over their couch. “So fancy!” 

Jenna was just about to voice her concerns one more time when Tracey nudged her. “Look who’s coming out!” 

They both turned their attention to the back of the room, where Checo Ramirez revealed himself out of the curtains. He was distracted and anxious, and stopped for only a moment to brush something off his suit, give them a cold once over, and exit. 

“Weird. I can’t believe they still haven’t figured out who killed his wife and kid yet.” 

Jenna nodded solemnly. “I read about him in the paper, actually. It seems that-” Another nudge silenced Jenna. 

Across the room, the psychic had entered. She was an older woman, with the look of a person who had been around the block. She regarded Jenna carefully. 

“Good evening. I am Madame Lulu.” she paused, perhaps for dramatic effect. “And I believe you are the one who seeks me?” She pointed to Jenna. 

“Uh… yes.” 

“Alright, follow me.” She beckoned into the room behind her. 

Jenna struggled through the heavy drapes and entered a magnificent room. 

Shelves lined the walls, filled with incredible bric-a-brac, like candles, pottery, and sculptures. Dark curtains framed the doorway, and in the middle of the room sat a clear, crystal ball. 

“Please take a seat.” Madame Lulu croned, smiling comfortingly. “And… tell me… what is it that you seek?” 

Jenna began to answer, and then stopped herself, realization spreading through her like fire. “I don’t know.” She said honestly, surprising even herself. 

“Well, we better find out then.” Madame Lulu said. “Gaze deep into the crystal ball, please.” 

Jenna waited for several long minutes. “I can’t see anything.” 

“I can tell.” Madame Lulu told her. “Jenna, I am going to tell you something very important.” 


“I believe that what you’re doing now is what you do every day of your life. You are waiting for something to come to you. You sit and wait to be told what to do. You’re alright when things are going okay, but when it gets tough you break down. Am I correct?” 

Jenna nodded. 

“You’re like the woman on my wall. She sits there, painting, because she’s sketching the idea of what she wants, but she’ll never actually go after it.” 

Madame Lulu took Jenna’s hand. “Go for it.” 

“It’s just…” 

“You’re not helpless. And you’re very compotent. I have faith in you.” 

* * * * 

Afterward, Jenna returned to the waiting room. 

“Girl, tell me how it went!” Tracey exclaimed. 

“She hit the nail right on the head, and totally read me like a book.” 

“I told you she was good. Come on, I need to get home to my baby. And my man!”


Jenna sighed as they walked out the door. “At least you have one! I have a feeling, that sometime, soon, I’m going meet someone worth meeting.” 

“Of course you will. Jenna, big things could be happening at this very moment, and you wouldn’t know it.” 

“Yeah, maybe.” Jenna agreed, starting down the path with her friend. “Maybe.” 

* * * * 

Her and Jeff have three bolts, everyone! Perhaps it’s fate? 

I apologize for the VERY long wait. It’s been a busy summer. I will return in the fall with a normal posting / blog reading schedule, but in the mean time, I’ll get some posts up in August. I’ll begin catching up with everyone’s blogs tomorrow, and hopefully post my “Mystery So Far” plot review, since it’s been so long. Can’t wait! Thank you all!



Get One Every Year

January, Round 2 – mini update (birthdays!) { featuring Claire MacDonough, (13) Sydney MacDonough, (13) T.J. Linkletter, (13) Hermione Todd, (13) Stacey Ann Linkletter, (2) and Keziah Mamuyac, (2) }

Tyler cuddled adorable little Stacey Ann as they prepared for her second birthday.

There was the cake, and the cheering.

And then she was a toddler! Wow, she really is her mother’s daughter! Kimberly made sure her baby was decked out in pink.

That same evening, T.J. went from a child…

to a cute teenager! Check out that jacket!

* * * *

Meanwhile, in the Heggler household, Jenna and Tracey celebrated Keziah’s second birthday as well!

Even though Jenna was just an “aunt” to Keziah, she had grown to love the baby, and it was with great pride and affection that she handed her to her mother, Tracey.

And pretty soon they had an adorable toddler on their hands!

(In case you were wondering, big changes for these three next round – their update is coming up soon!)

* * * *

Over at the MacDonough house, Blake and Mitchell were too busy to notice their little girls…

…were not so little anymore.

Wow! Look at these two! Claire especially grew into her looks; and I’ve always pictured her as a little clutzy and artsy – I love her makeover, if I do say so myself!

And Sydney is one of those girls who is naturally very beautiful, but doesn’t play it up at all – maybe she’ll come out of her shell soon.

* * * *

Finally, at the Todd home, silly Hermione had some growing up to do.

As a funny child…

And now a funny teen, still hamming it up!

Here’s a picture of the two sisters, Hermione and Annabelle. This is framed and hanging in their living room now!

Everyone here in Kayton would like to wish these kids a happy birthday!

* * * *


My god, what happened in this shot? She looks awful! Buck toothed, eyes bulging… oh my goodness, poor girl!

And Tracey, perhaps it is not safe to throw your child into the ceiling…. look at her hands! She really went for that one, damn!

thanks for reading… and check out the new header!

Independent Woman, Part II

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February, Round 1 (Featuring Tracey Mamuyac (25) and Jenna Heggler (28), as well as Zack Bendett, Malcolm Landgraab IV, and many other residents.)

A week later, Tracey pulled out the mail and eyed it cautiously. She knew that the bills were supposed to come today.

And that she probably didn’t have enough money to pay them.

Jenna was inside, calling up several of their close friends, making sure everyone was ready for the party, that was scheduled to happen that evening. It was supposed to be a baby shower for Tracey, who was due in two weeks.

“Okay, see you tonight Kimberly. Alright, bye!” Jenna cheerily hung up the phone and bounced over to her roommate. “Come help me pick out an outfit! I want to look good, but not too classy.”

“Mostly hot.” Tracey joked. “You want to impress Malcolm, you know.”

“That fool?” Jenna grimaced while she shuffled through her vast array of clothing. “Please. He should be impressing me. I’m not very happy with him right now.”

Tracey pointed at the shirt Jenna had chosen and laughed. “If you want him to break up with you, wear that shirt.”

“Oh, you’re so funny.” Jenna hung it back up.

“If you’re not that into him you should just end it, before he gets too attached.“

“We are so not having this conversation. Look at your own boyfriend problems before you judge mine.“

Tracey scoffed and looked away. After several more minutes of careful deliberation, Jenna chose a pretty cocktail dress.

“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tracey said, and walked out of the room.

* * * *

Soon all of the guests had arrived, and some brought gifts for the mom to be.

“It’s just a bib and some cute outfits. I got the in green and yellow, you know, since Trace didn’t tell me what gender it will be.” Lauren Brie said, placing a box on the table.

“Zack is convinced it’s going to be a girl.” Jenna answered. “But he’s usually wrong about everything.”

They collapsed into giggles.

“Lauren Brie! How are you? I haven’t seen you for the longest time!” Emily Engebretsen cried, hugging her. “I just finished up my senior year of college a few months ago!”

“That’s wonderful!” she replied. Jenna left them and headed over to the cheap fold out table she had set up, (pink, of course) and joined Mitchell and Blake MacDonough.

“Hey Mitch!” Jenna said. “I’m so glad you were able to make it!”

“We had to get a sitter, but Blake wanted to do something fun before our baby comes in the summer.” Mitchell answered, gesturing toward his wife.

“This is my fourth pregnancy.” Blake said, rubbing her stomach. “When we found out, I told Mitch… never again!”

Meanwhile, Zack had failed to show, and Tracey was calling him frantically.

“Hey babe, it’s me again, calling… again. Just wondering when you’ll be able to make it.” She slammed the phone down and made her way toward the couch in a daze. Tracey couldn’t do it alone anymore, something she had tried to make very clear to Zack. But he was never going to change his ways, she realized. Even if she begged him, nothing would help. The thought of this made her dissolve into tears.

“Hey, don’t cry!” Remy Harris bent down and helped Tracey to her feet. “It’s a party.”

Tracey sniffled. “You’re right. And thanks for trying to make me feel better, Remy. I’m just going through a rough time right now.”

“Tracey!” Jenna called from across the room, and within seconds she was at her side, hugging her best friend. “Everything will work out.”

“I know. I’m just being silly.” Tracey laughed, wiping a tear.

“And besides, look who’s here!” Jenna said. “Zack made it after all!”

A look of shock flitted across Tracey’s face, immediately replaced by anger.

“Oh, he doesn’t know what’s coming to him!” Tracey roared, and marched over to Zack. “What the hell is your problem?”

“Hello to you, too!” Zack laughed. “Calm down, Trace.”

“Calm down? Calm down?” Tracey screamed. “You’re an hour late! I am so sick of it! I’m so sick of you!”

The excited chatter of the guests was quickly extinguished.

“Whoa! Tracey, this is ridiculous!” Zack shouted back.

“Oh!” Tracey whipped around. “Do you even know how much of a jerk you really are? You don’t, do you! Why are you so clueless?”

“Tracey, stop it! Let me explain before you go flying off the handle!”

“Why should I let you explain anything? Even if you have a good reason, it doesn’t matter, because you always have to explain yourself, one way or another!”

“Tracey, I understand you are upset, but this isn’t good for the baby.”

“I’ll be fine. But you…” she pointed at Zack. “You…” her eyes grew wide, and suddenly Tracey doubled over in pain.

“What?” Zack snapped, crossing his arms.

“Oh, ouch. My stomach.” Tracey gasped. “My water just broke!”

Jenna’s hand flew to her mouth.

And the guests couldn’t hide their surprise at this unusual turn of events.

Tracey screamed. “What are you waiting for! I’m in labor!”

* * * *

They ended up at Mercy Hospital, located in Maple City. It was the only hospital in the state of Kayton, but was so large and so well equipped that the citizens didn’t need anything else.

About three hours had passed since Tracey had went into labor, and Jenna found herself worrying about her best friend as she sat in the waiting room of the Pediatric and Obstetric floor of the hospital.

As she sat thinking, the elevator softly chimed, and out stepped Zack.

“Is she okay?” he said slowly, sinking into the chair beside her.

“I think so. Well, I haven’t really heard anything.” Jenna said.

“Oh.” Zack said, his face falling. “I can’t believe she’s so angry at me.”

Jenna could, and so she didn’t really know what to say to him. They sat in silence for several painfully awkward minutes.

“I quit my job.” Jenna said after a while.

“Oh, wow!” Zack answered.

“Yeah, I’m hoping to get a job as a lawyer.” Jenna replied. “It’s always been my dream. You’re actually the first person I told.”

“You didn’t even ask Malcolm what he thought?”

“Ask me what?” Malcolm swung around the corner. “Hey, Jenna.”

“Malcolm! You’re here!” she jumped up and threw her arms around him. “Can we talk?”

“Sure. There’s something I’ve wanted to talk to you about too.” he said. Jenna led him behind the elevator and away from Zack.

“I’m so happy you came, really, I am.” she began.

“Of course! I would do anything for you, Jenna. I thought you knew that.”

Jenna looked at her feet. “I do know that, Malcolm.” she paused. “And I feel like it’s too much, too soon.”

“What do you mean?” Malcolm answered quickly.

Jenna sighed. “I feel so smothered by you. We’ve been on four dates. Four. That’s it. We’ve only even kissed! And you’re doing things like pledging your love to me at the café or coming here unannounced and telling me you’d do anything for me? I’m just not ready for this, Malcolm! I think it would be better if you left.”

He shook his head, calmly listening to every word. When he finally spoke, his voice was full of emotion.

“I didn’t know you felt that way. I.. I really care about you, Jenna, and I just wanted to show you that. But I’m not apologizing. You blew this completely out of proportion.”


“You overestimated the extent of my affection, Jenna.” Malcolm said simply.

“Ugh!” Jenna spun around and angrily headed back to the waiting area.

“Congratulations!” a doctor had emerged from Tracey’s room and shook Zack’s hand. “You’re a father!”

“I… am?” Zack was dumbfounded.

“Go in and see your girlfriend.” the doctor said, clapping him on the back. “And your baby, too.”

Zack pushed the door open and entered with trepedation.

“Zack!” Tracey cried. “Come here and kiss me.”

“Guess what?”

“What?” Zack couldn’t handle more surprises.

“It’s a girl!” Tracey exclaimed.

“Omigosh, that’s even better than a boy!” Zack cried, and with such sencerity that Tracey couldn’t helpy but kiss him.

Jenna watched this scene amusedly. The irony of the situation was not lost on her. The second she lets go of a man who cared for her deeply, her best friend reunites with her own boyfriend and has a baby at the same moment.

Jenna had begun to walk, and her feet carried her over to, of all places, the hospital nursery. She peered into the window, gazing at all the little babies sleeping softly.

“Wow.” Jenna couldn’t take her eyes off the scene, the newborns quietly snoozing just beyond the glass.

“Cute, right?” a perky blonde girl emerged from the nursery. “Hi, I’m Nurse Carver.”

“Oh, hello.” Jenna was still staring fascinatingly at the babies.

“Got any of your own?” Nurse Carver asked politely.

Jenna tore her eyes away. “No. No, I don’t.” she admitted, and Jenna never realized she wanted to say ‘yes’ to that question until then.

* * * *

So yay, the first baby born in Kayton in this blog! Please welcome Keziah Bendett-Mamuyac!

The extremely impressive, truely amazing hospital is Mercy Hospital, by sunni9676 at MTS2. And sorry this is so long, Jenna and Tracey had a lot going on! So I think I’ve decided that Tracey and Zack are meant to be… they are three bolts, (120 ACR) and roll wants for each other. However, they are both romance sims who have a lot of wants to date other people, so we’ll see what happens.

I decided to break up Malcolm and Jenna because she was clearly telling me she wasn’t interested in him. They were one bolt (34 ACR I think) and she never wanted to talk to him, ever! and she would also groan and get mad every time I directed her to kiss him, LOL.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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