Cheyenne Tower

Posted On January 3, 2011

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So it’s officially been one year since I started this story!!! I’m so excited and happy and it’s been so much fun, thank you all for continuing through the weird posting schedule I’ve found myself in – no more, haha!

So since we’re continuing the celebrations, I have another lot tour, which is a brand new tower I built in Maple City. I really needed a skyscraper for my skyline, and I was itching to try some more decorating and building techniques.

Plus I needed a place for all of the end of round 2 action to take place. :p

Cheyenne Tower dominates Maple City, standing regally between two apartment buildings.

It is a nine story building, with seven floors available to the public.

Here’s the street entrance.

The first floor contains the hotel lobby, a waiting room, billiards, and public restrooms, all in the highest of taste and design.

The second floor is the hotel, with four equal rooms containing the finest oak furniture, private bathrooms, and minibars.

Floor three hosts the five star restaurant Donatienne, known internationally for their meals, atmosphere, and service.

Floor number four is also known as Club Chey, the hottest upcoming spot in town. Nowhere is better for dancing, drinks and fun than Club Chey after hours.

Floor five contains the pub, a nice place to spend a warm, quiet evening with a glass of scotch and friends. Or if you come on the weekends, during Club Chey nights, the pub serves as the second floor of the club and the karaoke is on!

The six floor is the modest Cheyenne Tower auditorium, that can be rented for weddings, recitals, political rallies, and various performances.

Finally, the seventh floor is the piano lounge, where visitors can escape to a candlelit evening of piano solos and relax. Additionally, the observation balcony is open at all times through the french doors for an incredible city view.

Welcome to Cheyenne Tower!

What do you guys think? Happy One Year, Kayton Times! More fluff posts to follow, since this site is getting a lot of much needed additions!


Maple City Makeover!

Posted On December 31, 2010

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So I’ve been redoing and editing some of the downtown lots (ahem I mean “Maple City”) the ones that Maxis sloppily threw together  made. I wanted to share with you guys some of the new lots! I’ve been meaning to do this project for quite some time, and I am very excited to finally do it!

So first up is Bernard’s Botanical Dining, which got a new exterior and roof.

I really think this works so much better!

Fresh Rush Grocery didn’t get any changes except I removed that awkward restaurant and put in an Apartment Life instant diner.

Oresha Family Dining was my favorite, and I gave it a complete overhaul. I put a flat roof on it so it’s more urban and put new doors and pavement. I gave the playground some life too.

The little myshuno area got turned into a place for local bands and budding musicians to play.

And this is the new dining room:

I even redid that little waiting area since it was so cheap looking.

And the last mega thing was my brand new project…

Maple City International Airport!

It started out as this lot at MTS2, but the only thing that remains now is some of the furniture and the layout. The rest was made over.

First is the ticket counters, which spans half of the first floor.

The cafe is here too, but I left it alone other then some minor decorations and carpet changes. Still tacky, lol!

Upstairs has a large waiting room…


And my favorite, the luggage return! I built it myself, haha!

The luggage return also has some nice waiting areas too. The actual luggage can be downloaded here.

The back of the building is where plans take off…

And come in.

So now all of my sims have a place to pick up and drop off their loved ones before trips! Yay! I’m planning to have Dawn Gothier pick up her parents Becca and Bruce from their two year stay in Takimizu from the airport.

Happy New Year!!!

Kayton Tours: Porizkova Modeling Agency

Yes, it’s named after Paulina, lol!

The building itself is a large house that comes with the Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff. It’s not really that suitable for living, so I converted it to a community lot…

Then the renovations on the inside began!

This is the entrance, a cozy lobby where the models and clients can wait before being seen by a consultant.

The studio, which has a secretary, and of course, the backdrop, which can be changed to anything anyone desires. All of the main photography is done in this room.

This is the dressing room, which houses hundreds of outfits and costumes used for wardrobe in a scene. This is also where hair and makeup is applied, and where the models spend the majority of their time.

The runway is essential, and, although rarely used for shows, is usually put to good use teaching the models, or during the grueling hiring process.

The office of the owner, the creepy Graham. Several inappropriate deals have gone down in this room.

A shot of the balcony, where artists paint portraits of the models.

An overhead view!

And finally, a couple of buildings down the street, is the Chic Boutique, where Flora Engebretsen’s latest campaign is being displayed.

Here she is modeling some earrings…

A wedding gown…

And a veil. Now if only she could find the right man…

Anyway, that’s a tour of the Porizkova Modeling Agency in Maple City, Kayton. If anyone has any interest in downloading it or something, I’m sure I can find a way to get it to you.

Thanks for reading. 🙂