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May, Round 2 – mini update {featuring Gretchen Abbley (29), Carmen Karlington (29), Amador Karlington (1 week), Lance Karlington (1 week), as well as Kennedy Cox.}

Gretchen sang a soft lullaby to Lance as she cuddled him in the kitchen. Although the babies had only been home for a few days, Gretchen was already mightily attached.

Carmen burst in with her usual subtly and dragged them into the living room. “Jeez, Gretchen. Keep it down otherwise you’ll wake up Amador. I finally managed to get him down for a nap.”

“It’s not my fault we don’t have a third bedroom and had to stuff both cribs in the bedroom. perhaps if you-” Gretchen began.

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to speak to you about that. I think it’s a bit selfish of you to not give up your bedroom to the boys.” Carmen chided.

Gretchen looked up at her room mate incredulously. “Are you joking?”

Carmen ignored her and made faces at the baby.

“There is something seriously wrong with you.” Gretchen shook her head while placing Lance in his crib. “Anyway, if I could keep your attention for five minutes, there is a favor I’d like to ask you.”

“Ooh, what?”

“I’m going on a date this afternoon, and I was wondering if… well, if…” Gretchen paused in embarrassment. “If you’d help me get ready.”

“Someone wants to date you?” Carmen blurted, and then faltered at the reproachful look on Gretchen’s face. “Sorry. Sorry, it just slipped out – yes, of course I’ll do your make up and hair and pick out an outfit, ’cause god know you don’t know what looks good.”

So that was how they ended up in front of Carmen’s pink wardrobe while Carmen scanned the contents.

“This dress will be perfect, not to formal, airy and light. Perfect for spring. Go ahead, take it!”

As soon as she was dressed, Gretchen looked up at her, grinning sheepishly. As a girl who didn’t normally care for these things, she was having far too much fun to stop now.

“You look great. You’re really beautiful you know.” Carmen said genuinely. “And I know just what to do with that tangled nightmare you call hair.”

As soon as she was finished, she turned her toward the mirror. “See, what did I say? Beautiful. And I kept the glasses on so at least you keep a little bit of yourself.”

Gretchen really couldn’t keep the grin off her face this time.

* * * *

Gretchen met Kennedy outside the Shuhardt Theater in Maple City for the matinée.

They had a somewhat awkward greeting, but Kennedy’s charm managed to steer things in the right direction as he brought her to the lounge for some conversation before the show.

They got to know one another pretty well in the half hour, and since they had already covered all of the basics during Kennedy’s hospitalizations, they spend the time regaling each other with stories from their childhoods.

All too soon it was time to start the show, and as they took their seats, Gretchen grinned at her date. It had been years since her first (and only) disastrous date, and she was thrilled that this one was turning out to be anything but.

The show was wonderful – it had received rave reviews, and the leading actors awards – and the crowd was perfect, gasping, crying, and applauding at all of the right moments. When the couple on stage finally reunited with each other, Gretchen’s face grew solemn.

She wanted that.

Afterward, they milled about the lobby, Kennedy spilling about how much he enjoyed the show, and her company.

And before she knew it he was leaning in…

and finally, giving her the perfect kiss, one she felt like she’d been waiting her whole life for.

It was a magical afternoon for Gretchen Abbley.

* * * *

They returned to her home shortly after, both giggling with glee as Gretchen unlocked the door. As soon as they stepped inside, they heard a loud snore come from the couch.

“Aw, look at them!” Gretchen whispered. “So cute!”

Indeed there was no other word for it. Napping peacefully on the couch was Carmen, joined by her two newborn babies.

“Oh wow, I didn’t realize you were still living with Carmen. Is she looking for a new place or something?” Kennedy asked delicately.

“Huh?  Oh no, they’re going to stay here in my house. Carmen doesn’t know the father, and needs as much help as she can get.”

“But isn’t that an enormous responsibility? And inconvenience?” he eyed the two secondhand cribs, jammed into the small space. “I mean, this place barely fits the two of you.”

Gretchen took a while to answer. “I can’t kick her out. She’s my room mate.”

“You say that as if it means something.” Kennedy whispered angrily. “You’re not related to her, or indebted – you don’t owe Carmen anything.”

“Kennedy, where is this coming from?”

“I’ve known you for about a year now, and I saw you at the hospital. The number of times she came in, begging for money, or help – asking for ridiculous favors – not to mention how she nearly drove you bankrupt, with all the money she spent on the salon. You used to cry right outside my room. Gretchen, I think she’s using you. And I don’t like to see a girl I like very much be taken advantage of.” He crossed his arms in a final sort of way.

She looked at him tenderly. “I’m no fool, Kennedy. I’m a grown woman, and I’m not some nerdy girl desperate to be liked by the popular one. I’m a nurse who has been taking classes so I can hopefully become a surgical intern, and eventually a resident. When I bought this two bedroom house, yes, I assumed that I would rent out a room and have a normal business arrangement. But it’s become so much more than that. She’s my best friend. I know you don’t see it. but she does so much for me – little things, here and there yes, but she’s fiercely loyal and adds a little craziness to my life. Basically, at this point, we need each other.”

Kennedy whistled. “Wow, I knew you were pretty, and smart, and kind, but I had no idea just how lovely of a person you really are.”

Gretchen shrugged. “I try. I really do try. Now come on, you should get settled in while I see what I can whip up in the kitchen.”

* * * *

I know these two girls have been getting an awful lot of story time lately, but I really know where there story is going and it needs to be told. But after this, they should be quiet for a little while.

I’m happy to finally give Gretchen some peace and happiness! Kennedy always liked her, and I couldn’t have picked more of a gentleman for our reserved Gretchen.

And since I can’t think of a logical place to put this, we had a birthday recently here at Kayton Times:

Candice Engebretsen (remember her? No, I’m sure, it’s been ages since her last update, I’m so slow) finally turned sixty, and became an elder.

I downloaded a hot granny outfit for her since she was always a little vixen.

Thanks for reading! And a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


No One Exactly Like This

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April, Round 2 – mini update – births! { featuring Carmen Karlington (29), Gretchen Abbley (29), Remy Harris (30), Lauren Brie Harris (30), as well as Kennedy Cox. }

“Gosh, Carmen! That’s a lot of cake.” Gretchen said to her very pregnant roommate, Carmen.

Carmen sat up, her mouth stuffed. She simply glared at her and continued until she had demolished nearly the entire cake.

“Don’t judge me Gretchen.” she finally said, rising to grad another slice. “Unless you want me to say something about your cottage cheese th-“

“Okay! Okay!” Gretchen hastily jumped in.

“And while I’m at it-” suddenly Carmen faltered mid insult. “Oh wow. Ow!”

Carmen began to jump around in pain.

“It’s here! The baby! No!”

Gretchen clutched her heart, feeling quite faint herself.

* * * *

Similar events were occurring at the Harris household as Remy cleaned up breakfast. Lauren Brie had doubled up in pain, and before they knew it, she was in full on labor.

“Hospital, now!” Remy commanded, leading his frantic wife out the door.

* * * *

Remy and Gretchen had never really known much about each other until that afternoon, when they spent two hours together waiting for news.

Finally, after what had seemed like an eternity, Nurse Carver arrived. “Mr. Harris! It’s a girl! You have a beautiful baby girl!”

Remy sprang to his feet. “I do?” he said, almost in disbelief. “I do!” He quickly followed the nurse down the hallway to the nursery.

“She’s gorgeous! Have you decided on a name?” she said excitedly, bouncing from foot to foot. “Here she is!” she handed Remy his first, precious child.

“Wow.” He held her in his arms, his fingers shaking, emotion rushing through his body. “We decided on Theresa, if it’s a girl.” he told Nurse Carver. “So I guess that makes you Theresa!”

“She’s such a miracle!” Nurse Carver squealed, beaming at father and daughter.

Remy turned to the bubbly young woman. “You know,” he said thoughtfully, “You do this every day. How are you so excited?”

Nurse Carver stopped bouncing. “Well,” she answered just as thoughtfully, “It’s truly a different experience each time.” she pointed to baby Theresa. “I just have to remind myself there’s no one exactly like this.”

* * * *

Gretchen had been sitting by herself for quite a while longer when a familiar voice called out her name.


She looked up to find one of her patients, Kennedy Cox, standing beside her. Gretchen went red.

“Kennedy! What are you doing here?”

He looked at her amusedly. “Well I’ve only been a patient here for the last six months, you know. Recovering from a brain tumor. Nothing too serious.”

Gretchen admired his humor and enthusiasm. Kennedy had been her patient for months now. He came to the hospital complaining of frequent headaches, and after several tests, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Luckily, he managed to receive the very best treatments and was finally in remission. Through the whole thing he retained his charismatic charm and wit.

And Gretchen loved the way his eyes twinkled every time he told a joke.

Or perhaps she just loved him.

“Oh, I er… I mean why are you in the maternity ward of the pediatric floor?” Gretchen said, flustered.

“I came for some tests and saw you arrive. When the tests were done I asked where you might be and a nurse said in the maternity ward! So here I am!”

“Oh… okay.” Gretchen kicked herself inwardly for her awkwardness.

“Anyway, I’m tumor free!”

“Oh my gosh.. that’s wonderful! Wonderful!” Gretchen croaked.

“You’ve been a fantastic nurse, and as a thank you, I was wondering if you’d like to come out with me tomorrow night? I have two tickets to see a show at the Shuhardt Theater!” Kennedy asked.

At that exact moment, Nurse Carver screeched to a halt in front of them, clutching her side. “Miss Abbley! Sorry about the wait, but Carmen had twins! Twin boys! Isn’t that just the greatest?”

Kennedy looked at her quizzically.

“My roommate.” Gretchen said in a faraway voice. She was reeling with shock and horror over Nurse Carver’s news. Carmen had given birth to twins. Carmen, who couldn’t support or take care of herself, had brought not one, but two new lives into the planet.

“Oh. So anyway,what do you say?”

Gretchen shook off her displeasure and absolute terror and managed a weak smile. “I’d love to. I’d absolutely love to.

And even though she’d just been dealt what was possibly the worst news she could have ever heard, Gretchen couldn’t help but grin.

She was going on a date! Yippee.

* * * *

Oh no. No no no no no. This was a terrible shock. They cannot afford this! And you know Carmen, she can’t keep a plant alive. I’m more terrified for Gretchen than anyone else, since I think this is all going to fall on her.

Most of the birth updates won’t be this extensive, but I felt that there was a story here. And then Kennedy came over to talk to Gretchen, and she’s had a crush on him forever, and since I am about to put her through hell, I figured I might give her some happiness.

next update is going to be Gretchen and Kennedy’s date! Do you remember when they met? Way back at the beginning of last round!

thanks for reading, and please welcome Theresa Harris to Kayton!

And Carmen’s boys, Amador and Lance. I gave one of them a spanish name since both Checo and Carmen are hispanic. Amador means “lover” in spanish, lol! And here’s a bunch more picspam!

Three new babies, woohoo!

Sort of a Secret

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February, Round 2 – mini update – Abbley / Karlington household { featuring Gretchen Abbley (28), Carmen Karlington (27), Tyler and Kimberly Linkletter (both 25), and Zack Bennett (30) }

Carmen was finally feeling the trials of pregnancy. Night after night she tossed and turned, and the only thing growing more quickly than her stomach was her tiredness.

That was why she ended up on the computer, surfing the internet for a new pair of earrings at four o’clock in the morning.

Suddenly, coming from what suspiciously sounded like Gretchen’s bedroom, Carmen heard a giggle.

Or, what she thought might be one.

No. It couldn’t be.

Easing herself out of the chair with a groan, she waddled over to Gretchen’s bedroom and thoughtlessly opened the door.

Gretchen was on the phone, her face aglow, wearing the biggest grin. “I thought so too!” she giggled again.

Carmen arched an eyebrow.

“Oh, I have to go! I seem to have woken up my roommate.” Gretchen said into the phone. “What? Oh, goodness, I couldn’t! Okay, goodnight. See you soon.” she hung up.

“Who the heck was that?” Carmen screeched. “If you’d sounded any sappier on that phone…” she trailed off, smiling. “I bet it’s a boy!”

“Hey!” Gretchen’s cheeks flushed. “I know that’s your area of expertise and all, but I like him. He’s from work. Now get to bed, you need your rest. And I hope I didn’t anger you by waking you up.”

“Oh, I’m not mad, silly.” Carmen said. “It’s just…”

“What?” Gretchen leaned in, close to her roommate’s ear.

“I’ve just never heard you laugh like that before. It was nice.”

* * * *

The next day was a huge, monumental one for the girls, namely Carmen. Today was the opening of her salon, which she decided to name Rojo Caliente.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to take off work for this.” Gretchen moaned, taking her place behind the counter. “You need to hire someone eventually.”

“Yes, but for now, I can save money by having you work the register for free! Remember, I’m still thousands of dollars in debt!”

“I hope you’ve been learning how to deal with customers, manage finances, keep a schedule… this isn’t fun and games, you know!” Gretchen warned.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is my first time out in public since I started to show. I need to concentrate. Remember, stick to the story… I got pregnant by a one night stand with a random man!” Carmen hollered. “Ooh, look, a customer!”

Carmen’s first customer turned out to be a tall, balding black man.

“Sorry, buddy. I style hair here.” Carmen said, patting him on the shoulder. “Better luck next time.”

Gretchen cringed in embarrassment. “Have a nice day sir!” she shouted as he marched to the corner, huffing angrily.

“My first real customer!” Carmen gushed, shaking her hand. “Nice to meet you, what can I do for you?”

“I’d just like some minor changes, please.” the girl said timidly.

“Sure, follow me. I’m thinking we give you a little trim, blow it out, and maybe lighten it a few shades.”

“Er… okay.” she shrugged.

Many snips, dyes, and cuts later, Carmen swiveled the girl around to face the mirror.

Both the girl and Gretchen were happily surprised. “Wonderful! I love it!” She thanked Carmen, paid Gretchen, and left, while simultaneously telling them how she was going to recommend Rojo Caliente to every girl she knew.

“You know, Carmen, you’re pretty good at this sort of thing. I’m proud of you!”

“I do have other talents outside the bedroom, you know.” Carmen said, sweeping up the floor. “Don’t judge me!”

There were a lot of visits that day, one of the more notable ones being Zack Bennett. “I’m her on my girlfriend Tracey’s orders. She asked me to check this place out. She wants to know whether or not you do… uh… what was it? Weaves?”

“Er… I…” stammered Gretchen.

“OF COURSE WE DO WEAVES. GET IT TOGETHER, GRETCH.” Carmen shouted above the roar of the hairdryer.

“There you go!” Gretchen laughed. This job was proving to be quite entertaining.

Next to arrive were Kimberly and Tyler Linkletter.

“I simply had to check you out, girl! I’m so proud of you!” Kimberly said, hugging Carmen. “Tyler is taking me out tonight, so I just want a casual up ’do.”

“Does this mean your rough patch is over?” Carmen asked, grabbing the scissors.

“I don’t know.” Kimberly scowled. “He’s still acting all mysterious… what is it with men and all the secrets?”

“I feel ya!” Carmen said, seating her. “This hair is gorgeous…” The two women fell into conversation.

Meanwhile… trouble was brewing, and no one even seemed to realize…

“You two have a beautiful shop here!” Tyler smiled, his even, white smile gleaming.

Gretchen couldn’t help but smile too. It was a well known fact that nearly all the women in Kayton swooned over Tyler They couldn’t help it. He was that irresistible.

“I don’t really work here. I’m actually a nurse, soon to be a surgical intern, at Mercy Hospital. I’m just giving Carmen a hand.”

“Whoa, a girl who saves lives. So anyway, Gretch, can I tell you, I’m simply dumbfounded that Carmen is pregnant! Why haven’t you told us?”

“Somehow I don’t think you’re that surprised, Tyler. Carmen was always a free wheeling girl.”

“Yes, but I prefer them more like you- honest, down to earth, humble.”

Gretchen blushed further.

“And who’s the happy father?” Tyler asked innocently.

“Oh, no one.” Gretchen stammered.

“No one? Since you’re a nurse, I’m sure you can explain how a woman… can just instantly become pregnant, no father.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of immaculate conception?” Gretchen joked.

“Very funny. But for real… come on, you can tell me.” Tyler pried.

“I can’t… well, you see, it’s sort of a secret.” Gretchen looked at the floor.

Now Tyler really wanted to know. “Aw, Gretch, I’m disappointed. I thought you were honest. It was one of the qualities I liked best about you.”

“I really can’t say.”

“It’s a shame. Here I am, thinking you were so perfect…”

“Oh, alright. But you have to swear not to tell a soul. I’m only telling you since Carmen happens to be such a close friend of yours.” Gretchen looked right and left. “It’s Checo Ramirez. It’s over now, but they’d been seeing each other for close to a year. And if this gets out… boy, they’ll be trouble. So keep your mouth shut!”

“Yes.” Tyler was dazed. He was going to have a word with Fallon, he knew, before they decided on anymore action… there was a lot of damage control to get done. And he knew Gretchen was more right than she ever knew: if this got out, they’d all be in trouble.

And just a few feet away stood Carmen, rubbing her pregnant belly and thinking about the future, the girl who would be in the most trouble of all.

* * * *You’ll find out soon who Gretchen’s new crush is. I hope you’ll be happy for her, as I am.

Whew. Gretchen really blew it. She didn’t mean to tell, she SWEARS. But Tyler is so charming… and cute… and complimentary. And he’s double the slime ball for using his moves on poor, sweet, innocent Gretchen.

Mystery post to follow, it’s already written and waiting, guys, woo hoo!

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