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February, Round 2 – Heggler Household { featuring Jenna Heggler, (30) and Tracey Mamuyac, (28) }


It was on a cool, clear February morning in Maple City that Jenna bid farewell to her closest friend. 

A year after the birth of his child, Zack had finally stepped up to the plate and asked Tracey and their daughter Keziah to move in with him. Tracey had long been struggling with single motherhood. 

That was how Jenna found herself outside of Maple City Apartments telling Tracey not to worry. 

“Everything’s going to work out from now on. I mean, this is what you’ve been hoping for, right?” 

“Of course.” Tracey answered. “I just hate to leave you.” She pulled her into a hug. 

“Please. I’ll be fine.” 

“I don’t like the idea of you all alone in that big house.” 

“It’s fine.” Jenna repeated quickly, pulling out of the hug. 

“I’ll see you soon. Please stay in touch.” Tracey said, and with a nod to her boyfriend and child, went into their new apartment. 

Jenna began to walk home, and was flooded with the feelings she had been pushing away all day. As happy as she was for Tracey, Jenna was jealous, and angry. How could she have so little when Tracey had so much? It wasn’t fair. 

“Everything is perfectly fine.” she said once more, desperately trying to believe what which was clearly a lie. 

* * * * 

Jenna’s wandering brought her to the door of the Catwalk Cafe. 

Mindlessly, she entered and looked around, her eyes falling upon the shelf of magazines. She selected one, grabbed a coffee, took a seat, and began to contemplate. 

She was trying to pinpoint the exact moment her life began to fall out of her hands. Now, it seemed, everything was rushing forward, and she was powerless to stop it. 

Her boyfriend, Derek, had quickly dumped her without a word. A couple of days later, she was fired from her job as a lounge singer. And now Tracey was moving out, and without her, Jenna couldn’t keep up with the rent on her house. It was clearly time for a change. 

“Can I have another coffee, please?” she asked. 

At the same time, she noticed the help wanted sign behind the counter. 

Jenna knew it was time to suck up her pride. “And can I please have a job application?” she squeaked. 

And pretty soon it was finished. She was hired. 

* * * * 

The next morning Jenna sadly surveyed her kitchen. So many things happened here. Parties, kisses, late night snacks… so many memories. 

She managed to pack up everything and discard the rest. 

The previous afternoon, right after her shift at the coffee shop, she had spoken to the landlord of an apartment in Maple City, who had quickly jumped on her offer. And Jenna had given in literally all of her savings. She was ready for her new beginning. 

* * * * 

Her new building was a beautiful structure, brand new and seven stories high. 

Tracey had come over and helped her unpack, and after several hours of labor, the two women stood back to admire their work. 

“Not bad for two girls… not bad at all.” Jenna said, a smile spreading over her face. “It could be a little pinker, but…”

“You know, I think you’re back in business!” Tracey exclaimed happily. 

Jenna was filled with a mixture of emotions. Somehow, some way, her best friend, the train wreck, had gotten her life together. Now it was her time. 

“Thank you so much, Trace. I couldn’t have done it without you.” 

“No problem! What are best friends for?” Tracey said, hugging her tight. “And now, I’ve got a special surprise for you. Follow me.” 

“Uh oh.” Jenna arched an eyebrow, and let her best friend lead the way. 

* * * * 

They got out of the taxi in front of a tiny, heavily decorated shop way of the beaten track. It was at the very edge of the city. 

“Where are we?” Jenna asked hesitantly. Much as she loved Tracey, the girl didn’t have much in the way of common sense. 

“I know you’ve been struggling.” Tracey said excitedly. “So I set you up a surprise appointment with a psychic!”

Jenna let the absurdity of Tracey’s exclamation ring out in the quiet street. She brought her hand to her heart. “I’m touched really, Trace… but… doesn’t that seem kind of silly? I don’t think…” 

“Oh, shut up.” Tracey ushered them both inside. “This’ll be good for you.” 

They entered a perfumed waiting room covered in drapes, painting, flowers, and tapestries. 

“Ooh, look at this carving!” Tracey gushed over their couch. “So fancy!” 

Jenna was just about to voice her concerns one more time when Tracey nudged her. “Look who’s coming out!” 

They both turned their attention to the back of the room, where Checo Ramirez revealed himself out of the curtains. He was distracted and anxious, and stopped for only a moment to brush something off his suit, give them a cold once over, and exit. 

“Weird. I can’t believe they still haven’t figured out who killed his wife and kid yet.” 

Jenna nodded solemnly. “I read about him in the paper, actually. It seems that-” Another nudge silenced Jenna. 

Across the room, the psychic had entered. She was an older woman, with the look of a person who had been around the block. She regarded Jenna carefully. 

“Good evening. I am Madame Lulu.” she paused, perhaps for dramatic effect. “And I believe you are the one who seeks me?” She pointed to Jenna. 

“Uh… yes.” 

“Alright, follow me.” She beckoned into the room behind her. 

Jenna struggled through the heavy drapes and entered a magnificent room. 

Shelves lined the walls, filled with incredible bric-a-brac, like candles, pottery, and sculptures. Dark curtains framed the doorway, and in the middle of the room sat a clear, crystal ball. 

“Please take a seat.” Madame Lulu croned, smiling comfortingly. “And… tell me… what is it that you seek?” 

Jenna began to answer, and then stopped herself, realization spreading through her like fire. “I don’t know.” She said honestly, surprising even herself. 

“Well, we better find out then.” Madame Lulu said. “Gaze deep into the crystal ball, please.” 

Jenna waited for several long minutes. “I can’t see anything.” 

“I can tell.” Madame Lulu told her. “Jenna, I am going to tell you something very important.” 


“I believe that what you’re doing now is what you do every day of your life. You are waiting for something to come to you. You sit and wait to be told what to do. You’re alright when things are going okay, but when it gets tough you break down. Am I correct?” 

Jenna nodded. 

“You’re like the woman on my wall. She sits there, painting, because she’s sketching the idea of what she wants, but she’ll never actually go after it.” 

Madame Lulu took Jenna’s hand. “Go for it.” 

“It’s just…” 

“You’re not helpless. And you’re very compotent. I have faith in you.” 

* * * * 

Afterward, Jenna returned to the waiting room. 

“Girl, tell me how it went!” Tracey exclaimed. 

“She hit the nail right on the head, and totally read me like a book.” 

“I told you she was good. Come on, I need to get home to my baby. And my man!”


Jenna sighed as they walked out the door. “At least you have one! I have a feeling, that sometime, soon, I’m going meet someone worth meeting.” 

“Of course you will. Jenna, big things could be happening at this very moment, and you wouldn’t know it.” 

“Yeah, maybe.” Jenna agreed, starting down the path with her friend. “Maybe.” 

* * * * 

Her and Jeff have three bolts, everyone! Perhaps it’s fate? 

I apologize for the VERY long wait. It’s been a busy summer. I will return in the fall with a normal posting / blog reading schedule, but in the mean time, I’ll get some posts up in August. I’ll begin catching up with everyone’s blogs tomorrow, and hopefully post my “Mystery So Far” plot review, since it’s been so long. Can’t wait! Thank you all!



Silent Night

December, Round 1 – mini update (holiday) { featuring Samantha Bradshaw, (23) Jeff Weiss, (24) Blake Macdonough, (31) Kimberly Linkletter, (25) Tyler Linkletter, (25) Lauren Brie Harris, (28) Remy Harris, (29) and Jenna Heggler, (30) }

“Merry Christmas!” Jeff exclaimed, kissing Samantha on the cheek.

“You too.” she answered. “I’m so excited for the party!”

Samantha was taking Jeff as her date to Lauren Brie Harris’ annual Christmas party. All of her friends were coming, and naturally, Jeff was freaking out.

“Relax. I’m sure they’ll all love you. Well, at least some of them.” Samantha teased.

Jeff gulped and walked her to the door. “Nice place.” he remarked.

“I know! Look at these lights! It’s beautiful.”

“Merry Christmas!” Kimberly gushed, pulling open the door. “Come on in guys, my sister is in the kitchen!”

“Samantha!” cried Lauren Brie from across the room, waddling over to her friend.

“Stay put! You’re five months pregnant!” Samantha said sternly, hugging Lauren Brie. “Brie, this is Jeff.”

Jeff took her coat and brought it into the bedroom.

“Thanks for inviting me!” Samantha said. 

“No, thank you for coming!” Lauren Brie answered.

Samantha left her to check out the party.

She found Jenna Heggler on the couch with a mystery man. “Derek, meet Sam.” Jenna said. “This is our second date.” she whispered to Sam. “Keep an eye on us.”

Samantha agreed as she ran over to the bar, which she had just spotted across the room.

While she helped herself to some wine, Blake MacDonough and Tyler Linkletter were catching up.

“Wow! I haven’t seen you out in ages!” Tyler said.

“Trust me, I know.” Blake grumbled, taking a swig of eggnog. “I’ve been really busy with the kids. But I made him stay home tonight and watch them while I got my hair done and came here.”

“Huh.” Tyler nodded, unsure of what to say.

* * * *

The party started taking off as more and more eggnog was consumed, and before long the guests began to get a little frisky.

“Oooh, look at my sister.” Lauren Brie muttered to Samantha, shaking her head. “She was never the prim and proper one, I’ll tell you that.”

Samantha giggled, her spirits raised by the wine and excitement. She never thought she would like a blonde (much less a blonde who loved pink!) but Kimberly had definitely grown on Sam ever since she met her that day in the market.

And before you could say the word “hypocrite” Samantha looked over to find Lauren Brie under the mistletoe, furiously kissing her husband.

She watched them enviously. It wasn’t that Samantha wasn’t interested in kissing Jeff, she was just taking things slowly. Very slowly.

And it was clearly about so much more than kissing.

“People who live in glass houses…” Blake giggled, stumbling over to Samantha. “I overheard your conversation before, and Lauren Brie should learn to keep it in her pants before she starts criticizing others.”

Samantha was about to answer when the teetering Blake cut her off. “And there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.”


Blake leaned in close, so that her mouth was nearly touching Samantha’s ear. “I think you should go talk to Jeff. He’s been sitting in the corner talking to Jenna and her weirdo boyfriend for the past two hours. Go get him!”

“I will! I’ve been busy!”  Samantha retorted.

“I know you love him. Just look at your face. Now scoot!”

Samantha hid her face in embarrassment and went back to the bar.

As she poured herself yet another glass, she saw, through a slight fog, Blake wobble over to Jeff and point to Samantha.

Samantha rolled her eyes and took another swig.

“Hey, Sam.” Jeff appeared behind her.


“I got you a little something… it’s not much, but I thought you would like it.” He pulled out a small present. “Merry Christmas.”

Samantha was touched. “What is it?” she asked, untying the bow.

“Open it!” he laughed.

It was a small necklace, in the shape of a silver swallow. Samantha felt tears sting her eyes. “It’s beautiful.”

Jeff looked at the ground. “Just like you.”

And at that moment, Samantha gave up holding it all in. She leaned forward, kissing him lightly on the lips. “Sorry that took so long.” she said.

“It’s okay.” Jeff straightened his glasses. “It was worth it.”

Elsewhere, Jenna was slowly realizing that she was going to regret something in the morning.

And no one could tell where Remy and Lauren Brie had gone off too… hey, they’re newlyweds, people! Don’t judge!

Samantha was bursting with emotion, and she badly needed a breath of fresh air. “See you in a minute.” she told Jeff, touching his hand, and she headed for the door.

“Hey, is everything alright?” Blake slurred, stopping Samantha.

“I should be asking you that question.” she said. “But yes, I’m feeling good. Exceptionally great, as a matter of fact.”

Samantha didn’t even bother with her coat as she slowly descended the steps and marched down the pathway to the  side walk. The cool night air felt wonderful on her face.

She closed her eyes, letting the night wash over her.

Somewhere, a group of carolers were singing, and Samantha could hear bits and snatches of their song. The church bells were ringing, and the muffled laughter of the guests inside Lauren Brie’s party floated outside.

Samantha was just making a mental note to remember this feeling of warmth and happiness when a dilapidated car pulled up in front of the house.

Thinking it was one of the guests, Samantha walked into the street to greet them.

But she realized a minute too late who it really was.

“Happy Holidays.” Fallon said in his low, cold voice. “It’s nice to finally meet you – Samantha Bradshaw.”

Shock had momentarily taken over her body.

“I’d like to have a little word with you, if you wouldn’t mind.” Fallon snarled.

Samantha gawked.

“I know you’ve been researching me, digging into my background… meddling, some might call it. Don’t ask how I know, just listen.” he raised his hand. “So I did a little digging of my own – and found out quite a lot about you.”

Samantha had finally regained the ability to speak. “Get to the point.” she snapped.

“I am.” he said cooly. “Keep your mouth shut, Miss Bradshaw.”

Samantha smirked. “You said you know me, Fallon.” she said, her voice slowly raising. “But if you did, you would know I don’t just roll over like that.”

“You’re messing with something that’s none of your business. I simply asking you to forget what you know, abandon your investigation, and move on.”

“I’m just trying to do my job! You’re covering something up – something awful. I know it! And you expect me to just sit back and watch you? No, I’m sorry. I could never do that.”

“Ah, you are mistaking me, I’m afraid. I don’t think you realize that I’m not requesting – I’m ordering.”

“Or what? What are you gonna do to me?” Samantha scoffed.

Fallon narrowed his eyes. “Fine. I’ll play you’re game, missy. If you utter so much as one word…” he examined his fingernails. “Your parents are nice people, I presume?”

“I.. I guess.” Samantha faltered. “I havent’s spoken to them in a while.”

“And your little sister… what’s her name? Oh, yes. Bella.”

Samantha gasped. “Where are you going with this?”

Fallon narrowed his eyes. “If you say one word – one little peep – I will pay your family a little visit. All three of them: Autumn, Cody, and Bella. Trust me, you don’t want to know what I’m capable of.”

Samantha heard all this as if in a trance. She felt something; a terrible, bone crushingly heavy weight of terror wash over her.

And then she panicked. Without even a glance back, Samantha ran off into the night.

* * * *

She arrived back at her apartment, sweaty and out of breath. She burst into the bathroom, ran to the sink, and frantically, almost maniacal, began to scrub the makeup off her face. “No… no… no… no…” she whispered to herself, tracks of mascara sliding down her face.

She nearly scalped herself as she brushed her curls out, frantic to erase this illusion of comfort and happiness that came with her beautiful appearance.

Only when she was back in her leather jacket, her face clean and her hair hung limp and wet, did Samantha finally look around her bedroom.

It was a mess. The dresser drawers were hanging open, their contents jumbled, as if someone had haphazardly thrown them back in.

Horrified, Samantha raced to the kitchen, where she discovered the couch leaning on its side, the table knocked astray, and every cabinet door open.

“No…” she repeated. “Not my money!” Samantha flew to the last cabinet, where she had hidden all of her money, everything she had earned during her stay in Kayton and brought with her.

It was all gone.

“NO!” she screamed, kicking a chair. The rage and terror building up inside her exploded, and Samantha began ripping her apartment apart. She picked up a vase and smashed it to the ground. She overturned the coffee table, which in turn hit the television, cracking the screen.

She reached her hand into her pocket and fingered a crisp train ticket and a folded ten dollar bill.

Samantha knew.

She entered her bedroom, and pulled her suitcase out from under it. Fallon had ruined everything.

She began to throw anything she could find into her suitcase, clothes, books, and toiletries; anything she could lay her hands on. Only when it was bulging at the seams did she finally zip it closed and haul it out to the front door.

Feeling as though she was forgetting something, Samantha ran back to her bedroom and looked around.

It was then that she spotted the pictures of Samantha and she, smiling and waving happily from the photos. She remembered exactly how content she felt that night – and how quickly that feeling had evaporated.

It was eerily similar to how she was feeling now.

“I’ll do better next time, Sam.” she promised, ripping the two photos from the wall. “I’ll do better.”

With a heavy heart, Samantha left her apartment. There was no need to lock the door – Fallon’s break in had proved that.

Samantha edged toward the railing, looking out into the dark christmas night, straining her ears for the laughter, for the singing, for the joy. She was desperately wanting for some part of that small feeling she’d had mere hours before.

But there was nothing… the night was silent.

And Samantha finally let the tears fall as she descended the stairs of her apartment for the last time.

* * * *

Farewell Sam – Kayton Square will miss you!

I knew it was coming. But I can’t believe how sad I am to see her go! Her life here was only beginning, and it was cut so short… so soon.

It sounds like she died, lol! But it was her time to leave. She meddled too much, too soon, in a deep secret. so even though Samantha will not be here when it is solved, maybe ill ask whoever has her to publish it in the paper or something 🙂

So Samantha is headed for blackcat’s Richmond Sims  (Finally, I might add! Totally got carried away here!)

I have decided to continue the trend that The Lunar Fox so brilliantly started, which was having Samantha take with her a souvenir from each place she visits. She has the photos from Tierro De Legado, and now…

Samantha has the silver swallow necklace given to her from Jeff!  I don’t know how to make my own cc, but I found this wonderful download from MTS2. I think it fits her perfectly, since she always “flies” away, just like a bird.

download the necklace here

and the mesh here

You’ll find out who spilled the beans to Fallon soon. And it’s not who you think. (maybe  – lol!)

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful journey with me! I can’t wait to read all of your adventures with her!

The Ladies Who Lunch

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August, Round 1 – mini update { featuring Samantha Bradshaw (23) , Lauren Brie Harris (28), Jenna Heggler (30) , Kimberly (25) and Tyler Linkletter (25), and Blake MacDonough (26) }

It was time for the girls’ monthly get together, a time for catching up, showing off, and most of all… gossiping.

“And I just don’t see why it has to be separated from everything else. And I don’t know about you guys, but in my house, nobody even remembers to take the damn thing out anyway.” Blake MacDonough said, patting her baby bump.

Jenna Heggler, Lauren Brie Harris, and she sat around Kimberly Linkletter’s patio table and wondered where their host had run off to.

Across the lawn, Kimberly watched her friends, accompanied by Samantha Bradshaw, who had recently arrived. “Okay, so before you met them, I want to give you a little background information.”

“Sure.” Samantha agreed. She wasn’t at all nervous to meet them (after all, consider all the people she’d encountered on her travels already!) but rather, curious to learn a little about them.

“The pregnant red head on the left, that’s Blake. I love the girl, but man, she and her husband need to spend a little time apart. That girl is perpetually knocked up, I am telling you.” Kimberly said. “And have you ever been inside their house? Oh my word, that place is a mess!”

She continued. “Jenna is the pretty brunette in the middle. Nice girl, really. One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. But she’s been single for months now, and I think something is up.”

“Okay…” Samantha was almost sorry she’d asked.

“And Lauren Brie is the blonde on the end. She’s my best friend, so we’re not going to say anything about her hideous sense of style. Anything.”


“Okay, whew.” Kimberly drew a quick breath and then returned to her usual peppy self. “Good afternoon, girls!” she cried. “This is Samantha Bradshaw, and she’s new in town, so I figured I would invite her to our little get together!”

The ladies welcomed her warmly.

“Oh good, now that we’re all here, I’ve been dying to ask… Lauren Brie, are you pregnant?” Blake asked.

Lauren Brie gasped. “Stop… you can tell?”

“Of course. I’m pregnant more often than not. If I can’t figure it out by now, I’d be in trouble, right?” Blake laughed.

“Remy and I were saving the news until we were sure it would work out… and things are looking just fine.” she beamed.

“Oh, Lauren Brie, that’s wonderful!” the girls congratulated. They all babbled in excitement.

Samantha watched them in a little bit of a trance. There it was. The baby thing again. This idea that had taken control of her mind, and wouldn’t let go, no matter how hard she tried to get rid of it.

She was young. There was plenty of time. She knew that. But Samantha knew that one day, somehow, she was going to be a mother.

When she’d ended it with Jack, she didn’t realize how many things she had assumed.

Jack. She hadn’t thought of him for days. Now that she took a moment to think about it, he really hadn’t entered her mind lately. She’d had other things to worry about. This cheered her up considerably. She felt like the constant weight of loss and regret that she’d been carrying since then had lessened. Perhaps Kayton was doing her some good? Was she healing, however slowly?

Maybe. But Samantha couldn’t deny the sharp pain that had shot through her heart, her whole body, when she thought of Jack.

But then she realized that she was sitting in Kimberly Linkletter’s backyard, in the state of Kayton. Far from Lakeside Heights. And the whole point of that trip was to get away from it all, wasn’t it? So why was she harping on it constantly?

“Samantha? Samantha!” Jenna hollered.

“Wha- what?” Samantha blinked confusedly.

“What happened? You looked like you dozed off or something.”

“I did?”

“Well, whatever. I was asking you if you’ve heard or seen anything strange since you got here? I mean, there is a deranged murderer on the loose.” Jenna asked.

“As a matter of fact-” Samantha was just about to tell the girls about the conversation she’d heard on the night of her arrival, the one between Checo and Fallon, when Kimberly cut across her.

“Oh, hold that thought, Sam. I have to tell you girls what happened last night! It’s why I called everyone here today!” Kimberly said excitedly. “It was very late in the evening when I heard someone talking…”

last night

Kimberly stumbled out of bed and made her way toward the kitchen. She’d heard Tyler come in with someone, and as it was two in the morning, she wanted to make sure nothing fishy was up.

She saw her husband Tyler talking to a sketchy man with long black hair. “I’m in big trouble. Someone wrote an article in the Kayton Chronicle about me!”

“What?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah! They said I was ‘conspiring with a suspected murderer.’ And that I was ‘planning to undermine the law’. They wrote it anonymously, but I’m telling you, it’s that chick that heard me talking to Checo Ramirez! I was telling him not to get arrested again  for killing his family!”

At this point Kimberly broke in. “What is going on in here? Who are you?” she asked Fallon.

Tyler was horrified. “Babe! I didn’t know you were home!”

“I’m outta here.” Fallon grumbled, running out the door.

* * * *

“So anyway, I screamed at Tyler about letting creepy men into our house. He seemed genuinely surprised that his friend was such a skeaze. He promised to never talk to him again.”

“See, crisis averted!” Lauren Brie said. “Oh, so what were you going to tell us, Sam?”

Samantha froze. No way was she about to tell this table full of big mouths her big secret, not after what she had just found out.

Because now, Fallon was on to her.

* * * *

Okay, so the title is completely stolen from the episode of desperate housewives, The Ladies Who Lunch. But it’s one of my favorites!

I wanted to explore how Samantha might be feeling, now that she’s been away from home for five and a half months. I figured she’s still extremely upset and is no way ready to go back, but she’s beginning to remember what it’s like to be happy, especially surrounded by all of her new friends.

Which brings me to the ladies! Jenna’s update is here, Kimberly’s here, and Lauren Brie’s here. Blake MacDonough is the only one you haven’t met yet, and boy, is she a character! Her family is a MESS. So’s her hair, lol.  And she’s always pregnant. 

So now Samantha’s got some great friends, a steady job, a beautiful apartment, and a handsome love interest. Hooray for her!

Unfortunately, I think it’s all about to come crashing down very soon. 😦

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