Round 1, Extras!

Posted On May 9, 2010

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A lot of forgotten, excluded, or silly extra shots from round 1!

February: At Tracey Mamuyac’s baby shower, everyone decides they think the Macdonough family is hot!

March: In the Roseland home, just hanging out.

March: Ben Ryan and Florence talk in the police station – this was right before she was interrogated by the cops!

March: Ben throws up is hands or something. I don’t really remember what was happening here, LOL!

March: Becca and Bruce Gothier squabble about something while on vacation in Takimizu. Well, they have been together for decades!

April: Florence watches Blake MacDonough kiss her man… I forgot she and Ben used to date! I don’t really know why she’s not reacting!

April: I was going to use thisĀ one, since it’s such a sweet shot of Flo and Ben, until I noticed how creepy Blake was in the back, hahaha!

May: Everyone gathered around the table for Clark Engebretsen’s birthday.

May: Sisters Flora and Emily Engebretsen point fingers at eachother. Very crooked fingers, I might add!

May: Candice takes a break from her busy life (not!) to rock out.

May: Gabe throws a football. Thanks Captain Obvious!

May: Emily does that strange pirate dance in the bathtub that sims always want to do.

May: Kimberly Linkletter grumbles with the bride – wedding jitters.

July: Samantha Bradshaw arrives, and I guess she’s not feeling the pictures she just hung up! Maybe they’re crooked?

August: Gretchen Abbley meets some random guy. I really don’t know why I took thought this was important.

August: Samantha meets Tracey Mamuyac. They didn’t really like each other.

August: The old ladies love Samantha!

September: Kimberly fights with Tyler. If only she knew the real story!

September: The girls talking. This one got cut because I couldn’t find a place to stick it in.

September: Florence Delarosa and Ben Ryan, still going strong.

September: And a shot from their little picnic, one of my favorite scenes from this round.

October: At Crypt O’Night Club on Halloween, the guest have someone on their minds…

November: I kept trying to find a way to get this into the post, but Flora’s the kind of girl who would never laugh this off! How funny!

November: Gretchen Abbley stands up to Checo Ramirez. You go girl!

November: And here he is creeping around. No idea why though.

November: Carmen Karlington , oblivious as always, shimmies in her living room.

December: Just an extra from Blake and Mitchell’s chat on the baby’s room floor.

December: And one of the sisters Claire and Sydney playing patty cake.

December: Aw, Sydney MacDonough watches the snow fall.

December: And June and Rachel, two of the dogs, snooze. So cute!

December: See, Blake really isn’t that bad of a mother! Here she is tucking in little Charlie.

December: And Remy Harris seals it with a kiss to his expecting wife Lauren Brie on Christmas Day.

thanks for reading!