One Last Try

Posted On June 18, 2011

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hello everyone! (anyone? if you’re still out there!) I’ve decided to give this story one last try. I really love writing it, but lately I’ve just been way to busy to even think about simming – let alone story telling. But Kayton was always in the back of my mind, as was my loyal fellow bloggers. I am excited, and am almost done with a new post (finally!) I am ready to get back to a usual posting schedule, and get this story rolling!

First I’m going to get cracking on reading all of your stories, and expect new posts here within a couple days.

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you all soon. I’m very optimistic that this time I can keep to my word.


Changes, changes

Posted On January 14, 2011

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Just one little post to tell anyone reading that Kayton Times has undergone some changes and additions!

First, there are two new pages at the top of the site, called Histories and Lots. Histories tells of how the current residents who weren’t born in story got to Kayton. So far there is Carmen, Jeff, Gretchen, Penny, and Ben, and there will be more in the future. I’m trying to do some of the more central characters first.

The other pages, lots, is very self explanitory and is basically a picture of all the community lots, broken down by town. Most of them have already been seen in blog, and there are some links to lot tours.

The other change is that the new Govenor has been added to the Public Pages.

Another one is that I’ve finally updated the White Pages!

 Every resident now has their age, life stage, aspiration, life time want, zodiac sign, and job listed under their family picture, which have nearly all been updated for round 2.

thanks for reading!

Legal Matters…

Posted On January 5, 2011

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Continuing the one year celebrations…

I’ve always wanted Kayton to have an elite, if you know what I mean. The high class, rich, influential citizens that everyone knew. But my neighborhood was so new that no one reached that level besides the Engebretsen family. I had resigned myself to wait until the neighborhood aged and I had some people to pick from.

But… after reading this post at New Buckington, I’ve decided I just have to have them!

And so… introducing the Brandsetter family!

The man in the middle is Kayton’s new governor Bradley Edward Brandsetter. He’s forty seven years old, popularity/fortune, and his lifetime want was (obviously) to become mayor, and now Bradley’s tackling the governor position. He’s a people pleaser, first and foremost, and is very friendly and personable. He’s cheesey, but genuine.

His wife Genevieve is who I’m most intrigued about. She’s forty and  fortune/knowledge. But what intrigues me most is her lifetime want is also to reach the top of the political career. Couple that with ambitious aspirations and one nice point and I think we have a conniving, scheming wife on our hands! I’ve already got some ideas.

The two of them together are pretty unusual too. Yeah, she likes him alright, but she’s not one to get sidetracked. She was his second wife, married for his reputation, and she knows it.

Their son Jean is ten and studying at Kayton Elementary in Kayton Square. He’s his mother’s son, and parrots her beliefs and behaviors. He’s quite a stuck up little brat.

At least, these are the characters I’m thinking of them to be! So we’ll see what happens. They’re going to get their own little intro post and then they’ll be added to the lineup sometime in this round.

Here’s the mayoral mansion, in Maple City next to Kayton Hall. I downloaded it ages ago from MTS2.

One little fluff post left, and then it’s back to real story updates!!!

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