One Last Try

Posted On June 18, 2011

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hello everyone! (anyone? if you’re still out there!) I’ve decided to give this story one last try. I really love writing it, but lately I’ve just been way to busy to even think about simming – let alone story telling. But Kayton was always in the back of my mind, as was my loyal fellow bloggers. I am excited, and am almost done with a new post (finally!) I am ready to get back to a usual posting schedule, and get this story rolling!

First I’m going to get cracking on reading all of your stories, and expect new posts here within a couple days.

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you all soon. I’m very optimistic that this time I can keep to my word.


4 Responses to “One Last Try”

  1. Monique

    Welcome back. It’s good to take a break. I do it every now and again. It keeps me fresh and interested in the story.

  2. Blackcat

    Yay – glad to see you back, looking forward to your story getting underway again…

  3. BluePlumbob

    Yay! You are going to continue! I haven’t been commenting, but I’ve been reading! I’ve read all of the posts and I am so excited to read more! Thank you for continuing!


    PS- You inspired me to create a neighborhood story-blog like Kayton. It is currently in the works! Thank you!

  4. billybop428

    blackcat, thank you so much!!!! -very sweet of you to comment. I would absolutely love to start on my story again… I hope its not too late!

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