Hello, Stranger

Posted On March 26, 2011

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May, Round 2: MacDonough family – mini update { featuring Blake (32), Mitchell (33), Claire (13), Sydney (13), Charlie (3), and Ace MacDonough (8 months) }

“No doggy go. Doggy stay.” Charlie clung tightly around Kris, one of the MacDonough family dogs. He dug his small face into the fur, feeling the comfort only a family pet can bring for one last time.

Claire bent down and pet June. “It’s only for a little while.” She was telling the dog, but really only trying to reassure herself.

And Sydney cried. She couldn’t stop the hot tears flowing down her face.

Blake watched all of this from the steps of her house feeling like a horrible, horrible mother. She felt terrible about giving up two of the dogs, and even worse about what it was doing to the kids. But, deep inside, Blake was pleased. For the first time in ages, she was putting her needs first. No longer was she sacrificing her happiness for others. She was finally able to get herself together, and found time to go shopping, and do her hair and makeup. She was happier than she’d been in a long time, and once the dogs were taken care of, the house would be less chaotic.

Blake was recovering.

She retreated inside once animal services arrived though. Even she, as self-centered as people assumed she was, couldn’t bear to watch them take two dogs away.

The weather was fitting, a dark, depressing grey sky blocked the sun, and a gentle drizzle was beginning to form puddles on the sidewalk.

Sydney and Mitchell, the lone remaining members of the MacDonough family, watched the animal services woman round up the two dogs and cart them into the car. “Don’t worry. We always manage to find good homes for the animals placed in our care.” she said, and with a wave, pulled away.

Sydney let the tears fall harder. “How… could… she… do… this…?” she sobbed into Mitchells shoulder.

“It’s for the best.” Mitch said in a hollow voice. “Don’t you want mom to get better? Be happy?”

“Yes.” Sydney hiccupped. “Yes, of course.” she paused. “But I want to be happy too.”

* * * *

 Later that evening the phone rang.

“Hello?” Blake answered, hoping to hear a friend on the other line.

A few seconds of static greeted her, and then an older womans voice faintly floated to her. “… this damn cell phone. I don’t have a clue how to use it.”

Blake stayed on the line for a few more seconds, and then it went dead. She thought nothing of it, and slumped back to the living room.

But then she started to realize there was something she’d forgotten. Wasn’t something else important supposed to happen today?

Just as a curt knocked ripped through the foyer, Blake remembered.

Her mother was due to arrive that very evening.

And she was standing outside, hollering to be let in. “Come on, I’m standing in the rain! You’re gonna let me catch pnemonia and die!”

Blake opened the door, flinching.

“Hello, stranger.” Said her mother, otherwise known as Myrtle Fargate. “I haven’t seen you in a while. Miss me?”

* * * *

So Myrtle Fargate is Blake’s mom! If you don’t remember her, she’s the landlady of Tayton Triplex Apartments, and she is also the woman who Fallon threatened to get information about Samantha Bradshaw! The family of Myrtle’s he threatened to hurt was none other than the MacDonough family.

Since Mitchell and Blake are finally getting it together (or something) I took the liberty of giving them makeovers!

I trimmed and shaved Mitch, and gave them both something more suitable than sweats. Thanks for reading!