Every Little Piece

Posted On December 4, 2010

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April, Round 2 – Delarosa household {featuring Florence Delarosa (32), and Ben Ryan (31), as well as Herbert Goodie.} {optional soundtrack is Breathe by Michelle Branch.}

Florence could not remember a time in her life when she’d ever felt this way.

As she snuggled into Ben, felt his soft skin against her body, and smelled his wonderful smell she knew she was head over heels in love.

She just wasn’t sure how he felt in return – or that if she made on little mistake, he wouldn’t simply throw her away like all of his other girlfriends in the past. Because that was what she was, she realized. After a year of dating, and six months of living together, she was still just a girlfriend.

Once they were finally up, though, Ben took hold over her hands. “Hear that, babe?” he asked with a smile that made Florence simply melt inside. “It’s spring!”

Indeed, a bird chirped at that precise moment, and you had to be blind not to notice the fully green trees and luscious arrangements of flowers bursting from every corner.

A squeak of a sneeze brought the two of them out of their reverie.

“Oh, Elijah.” Florence chuckled.

* * * *

Ben settled into the kitchen as Florence prepared some cereal for breakfast.

“Hey, where did all of these letters come from?” he asked innocently.

Florence gasped, flinging rice crispies all across the floor. Sitting on top of her table were the letters to Lisa from Fallon that she and Samantha had stolen from the Ramirez house in September. They hadn’t planned to give the letters to the police, despite the fact that they contained some pretty interesting details. Details that gave an awful lot of insight into the Ramirez murder case that still hadn’t been solved.

But then Samantha had disappeared without a trace, and now Florence was scared. What if Fallon had found out about what she knew? So Florence hid the letters and tried to forget all about them. But last night her conscious had been bothering her, and she had taken them out, in the cover of darkness, to look over one more time.

And apparently, left them out for all the world to see. And she realized a moment too late that Lisa’s name was clearly labeled on the envelopes.

“What are you doing with these?” he asked confusedly.

Florence snatched them into a pile and threw them into a nearby cabinet. “They’re.. they’re… oh shit, I stole them from the Ramirez house, and now I’m dead.” she crumpled into the stool beside Ben. “I should have told you awhile ago, but I was scared.”

He still looked confused. Florence thanked the heavens her boyfriend wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box.

“Shouldn’t you give these to the police? After all, they haven’t found the murderer yet.”

“I know, Ben. But I’m scared.” She finally confessed about the anxiety that had plagued her for months.

“Alright Florence. Here’s the plan. I have to go to work. But while I’m gone you need to go to the police and hand these in. This could be very dangerous.”

“I know…”

“And I would never be able to get over losing you.” There was a moment of silence, and the Ben sprung up. “I really better get moving. And get rid of those letters!”

Once he had gone, Florence got dressed and showered, taking as long as possible. She was dreading delivering the letters to the police.

But they had to go.

“What have I gotten myself into, Elijah?” she asked, bending down to pet the puppy.

He responded with a shrill ruff.

“Oh that’s great. You judge me too.” Florence stiffened her resolve and headed for the police station.

* * * *

“Miss Delarosa! It’s great to see you again!” Sergent Goodie exclaimed, shaking her hand vigorously. “What can I do for you today?”

“Oh boy do I have something to tell you.” she said as they took seats at his desk.

She explained the entire story, including the break in, to the police chief.

“And I’ll take whatever punishment you’ll give me, even if it means arrest.” Florence said glumly, depositing the letters on the desk. “I just want these gone for good.”

Sergent Goodie leaned forward and grabbed a letter. “Listen, Florence. I understand your fear. But you should have brought these letters to me a lot sooner.”

“Am I… uh… a criminal?” she asked fearfully.

“No.” Sergent Goodie had a twinkle in his eye. “Finding something my team of officers missed is certainly not a crime. The only people who will receive a talking to are them. However, I have to ask you to please leave the detective work to the professionals from now on.”

“Of course. Thank you!”

“And as for Ms. Bradshaw’s disappearance, I’m afraid no one has filed a missing persons report. And it’s not uncommon for people to simply relocate, you know. So there’s nothing I can do there.”

“I understand.” said Florence.

“But the letters… I wonder what’s in them…” he picked one off the top at random, and Florence recognized it as that first one she and Samantha had read together.

He skimmed it, muttering thoughtfully to himself. He finally paused in the middle.

“My god. You know what this means, don’t you?” he asked Florence.

“Er… not really, no.”

He looked at her gravely. “It means we have finally found a motive for the murders. I can arrest the perpetrator.”

Florence took a moment to be shocked, and then was promptly sick into the garbage can.

* * * *

What had come over her? It wasn’t like the concept of murder was new to her. In fact, she hadn’t even thrown up when she discovered the bodies.

Then what happened to make her grow all frail? She shook it off as she returned home, trembling slightly.

She had only taken a few steps inside when she felt more sickness coming on.

What was happening?

* * * *

It took only five minutes in Charleston Market and another five locket in its filthy public bathroom for Florence to discover that she was carrying Ben’s baby.

“Oh shit.” she cursed once she was back home. “Oh my god. I need to calm down.”

Florence took to the front yard, for gardening had always been her favorite thing to do, and had led to the opening of her florist shop.

She she watered the tomato plants, her mind reeling with the news.

Florence knew, was absolutely sure, that Ben did not want this baby. Ben had commitment issues. Ben was irresponsible. Ben was a hopeless cad.

Ben was, Ben was, Ben was, Ben was.

“Just breathe. Calm down.” she told herself while raking some stray leaves. “Even though Ben might not want the baby, he’s still moved in with you. He wouldn’t dump you without at least thinking it over, right?” she spoke aloud.

“Oh gosh, I’m speaking to myself!”

The flowers were giving off their wonderful perfume, and Florence drank it in, looking for any way to relieve the stress. And it had been a stressful day.

She even caught a few butterflies and stored them in a jar.

“There. Now you know how I feel.” She cackled, placing it on a nearby table. “Trapped.”

She was just returning to tackle the garden’s weeds when she heard footsteps on the grass.

“Good afternoon, sexy.” Ben had arrived, still wearing his hard hat from the day’s construction.

Florence straightened up, her arms behind her back, ready to retell the days events, and most of all, spill the beans about her pregnancy. It had been a confessional sort of day, anyway.

“I have something to tell you.”

“Sure… what’s up?”

“It may or may not end this relationship.”

“Now you got me scared… what is it?” he asked uncertainly.

“Ben, I’m pregnant.” she sputtered, shocked at how blunt she sounded. “Well, sort of.”

“Sort of? How can you be sort of pregnant?”

“You’d be surprised… Oh, what am I saying? I’m pregnant, and it’s yours.” She hung her head. She had prepared herself for the worst. “You can break up with me now, if you want.”

Ben’s face had frozen in shock, but to Florence’s utter amazement and delight, a huge smile stretched wide across his handsome face.

“I’m not breaking up with you. I’m not even upset. Overjoyed, actually. This just gives me a reason to finally ask you something.”

And he dropped to one knee.

“Florence, I want you, baby. I want every little piece of you, forever. So whattya say?”

Florence was feeling a bit faint. “How… how eloquent.”

He held out a ring. “Will you marry me?”

Florence was having trouble finding the right words. Or more importantly, the right word. All in all, she was terribly flustered.

“Florence?” Ben asked uncertainly, slowing lowering the box.

“Oh hell, I have no idea what’s come over me today. Yes! Yes! Yes!” she shouted. “Yes, Benjamin Ryan, I want to marry you!”

And just to get her to stop shouting, he lifted her into a huge hug.

“Let’s go in and celebrate, if you know what I mean, eh?” Ben nudged her with his elbow.

Florence rolled her eyes and tried to make a face at Ben’s silliness, but she had tears of joy streaming down. She was a mess, really, but she didn’t care, not one bit. 

“I’ll meet you there, Ben. I have one last thing to do.” She made her way over to the table where she placed the butterflies earlier.

Sure enough, she found them there, struggling and fighting to escape from their small red jar of captivity. Florence unscrewed the lid and held it high, watching as they flew off into the sky, one by one.

“So now you know how I feel.” she said, tucking the jar under her arm. “Free.”

* * * *

And while someone was having her wildest dreams come true, others were finally having their nightmare’s come to life…

Sergent Goodie sat down his latest suspect. After reading every single letter, he felt confident that he had made an accurate arrest.

“Mr. Ramirez, can you please tell me why I have called you in again.”

“Because I bet you still think I killed my wife and daughter, which I will swear until my dying breath that I didn’t.” Checo replied. “I don’t have a motive.”

Sergent Goodie had been dealing with criminals for years, but he was far from hardened. He looked at Checo with great sadness and pity.

“I’m afraid, that unfortunately, we now do.”

“What?” Checo sat up. Surely they hadn’t found out about his affair with Carmen.

“We discovered a secret correspondence, preserved in letters, between your wife Lisa and a man named Fallon. Ring any bells?”

“Yes, of course. He is a close- er, business associate of mine.”

“Well it just so happens that Lisa and Fallon were conducting a lengthy affair. And that, my friend, gives you ample motive. Now please place your hands in the air. You are under arrest.”

* * * *

Not expecting Florence to be such a potty mouth, right? Me either! LOL, but man, I put her through some serious stress this update, and I figured she would have a few choice words!

So I hope I explained the mystery properly. After she and Samantha found the letters, they were hesitant to turn them in because they never expected to actually find anything. And then Samantha went and left town for good, so Florence was all on her own.

Expect baby Ryan/Delarosa just in time for christmas. I can’t decided whether or not to wed them before or after.

So there you have it. Lisa was having an affair with Checo’s “business associate” Fallon! Did he kill her in a jealous rage? But then how did Tessa die?

stay tuned!

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