Maple City Makeover!

Posted On December 31, 2010

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So I’ve been redoing and editing some of the downtown lots (ahem I mean “Maple City”) the ones that Maxis sloppily threw together  made. I wanted to share with you guys some of the new lots! I’ve been meaning to do this project for quite some time, and I am very excited to finally do it!

So first up is Bernard’s Botanical Dining, which got a new exterior and roof.

I really think this works so much better!

Fresh Rush Grocery didn’t get any changes except I removed that awkward restaurant and put in an Apartment Life instant diner.

Oresha Family Dining was my favorite, and I gave it a complete overhaul. I put a flat roof on it so it’s more urban and put new doors and pavement. I gave the playground some life too.

The little myshuno area got turned into a place for local bands and budding musicians to play.

And this is the new dining room:

I even redid that little waiting area since it was so cheap looking.

And the last mega thing was my brand new project…

Maple City International Airport!

It started out as this lot at MTS2, but the only thing that remains now is some of the furniture and the layout. The rest was made over.

First is the ticket counters, which spans half of the first floor.

The cafe is here too, but I left it alone other then some minor decorations and carpet changes. Still tacky, lol!

Upstairs has a large waiting room…


And my favorite, the luggage return! I built it myself, haha!

The luggage return also has some nice waiting areas too. The actual luggage can be downloaded here.

The back of the building is where plans take off…

And come in.

So now all of my sims have a place to pick up and drop off their loved ones before trips! Yay! I’m planning to have Dawn Gothier pick up her parents Becca and Bruce from their two year stay in Takimizu from the airport.

Happy New Year!!!


5 Responses to “Maple City Makeover!”

  1. starrsim

    Looks great. Your changes are very nice.

  2. Carla

    Looking good! Your lots make a lot more sense than the originals!

  3. maisie

    I like your edits, and the airport line looks pretty spot on! Last time I flew the line went past the poles, and attendants were standing with their arms out in the stead of the poles. Craziness.

    I like the botanical dining looks great and I like the touches you did to Oresha Family Dining, the flat roof really makes a difference.

  4. Blackcat

    I like the edits you’ve made… I like the botanical restaurant but it always looked strange without a proper roof… never thought to put a glasshouse roof over it!

    And, your airport is in exactly the same place on the downtown map as mine! 🙂

  5. billybop428

    starrsim- thanks! I worked hard!

    Carla- I think it’s because they were only made with the base game and nightlife that I think they’re so crappy. With all the cc, expansion, and stuff packs I think they sort of become boring and wasteful.

    maisie- ack! I’m awfully afraid of flying, but if I saw those flight attendants I would have been rolling, that sounds hilarious! I can’t take credit for the glass roof on BBD- that’s meetme2theriver’s oh my god it’s full of sims blog. But I did think of the new roof on Oresha, so thank you!

    Blackcat- thanks, but I did steal that idea from meetme2theriver. Their blog is linked on the bottom of the home page! And haha, great minds think alike I guess? I picked it cause it was so off the normal city path but still had its own little area, if that makes sense.

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