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Posted On May 28, 2010

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 January, Round 2 – Roseland household { featuring Penny Roseland, (29) Cyd Roseland, (30) Reese Roseland, (5 months) and Ben Ryan, (31) }
It’s a dangerous word.
Especially when it’s in the hands of Penny Roseland.
For as she held her darling baby girl, that was all she could think of. Her potential, and how it was being wasted. Penny was all set to return to work – to another promotion, this time to state assembly woman. She and Cyd planned for him to stay home with the baby until they had earned back enough money to hire a nanny.
But it all fell through. Cyd was denied a leave of absence, and Penny, who had an unlimited maternity leave, was forced to take care of Reese.
That’s not to say she didn’t love Reese. She truly did. She delighted in this little miracle, a whole person that she and her husband created from their love.
But she was bored. Dissatisfied. And becoming seriously resentful of her poor husband, Cyd.
Taking care of Reese was enjoyable, but predictable. And Penny loved the fast paced, do or die, world of politics.
Hoping to break the routine, (and knowing that he was always sure to bring trouble with him!) Penny invited her brother Ben over that afternoon.
“It’s so strange being back in this house.” Ben remarked as they seated themselves on the couch. “I miss it a little.”
“Please. I’m dying to get out of here.”
Ben, never the brightest bulb on the tree, didn’t pick up on his sister’s malcontent. “So… uh… there’s something I need to talk to you about.”
“Sure, what’s up?” Penny asked, her mood brightening already. Her brother always knew how to cheer her up.
“I might have gotten into a little… fight… with Florence.” Ben said. “She’s real pissed this time.”
“What did you do now?”
“She keeps bringing up the topic of engagement, and frankly sis, I’m just not ready.” Ben scratched his head. “Imagine being with only one person forever!”
“Well, that’s the general concept, you see.” Penny snapped. “Don’t mess this one up, Ben. You’re never going to find another one like Florence – trust me.”
Penny and Ben talked for a while until Ben stalked out angrily. He was offended, apparently, but as far as Penny could tell, she’d only told him to not be such an idiot this time.
She watched him go sadly.
But then Reese started screaming, and Penny had no time for dwelling.
* * * *
“Nice! Pork chops!” Cyd grinned as he helped himself to dinner. Reese was snoozing soundly in her crib, and so they finally had a moment together.
“How was your day, dear?” Penny asked, ever the exemplary wife.
“Fine. I really just sat at my desk and typed up memos all day. What did you do?”
Penny rolled her eyes. “Cleaned the kitchen. Saw Ben. Threw in an extra load of whites. I even spent some time with the kid.”
“Very funny.”
“It sucked, Cyd. I’m over this. I’m over everything!” Penny threw down her fork. “Why can’t I go back to work?”
“Because I will have to quit my job! We need the money! Why are you making me say it again? What’s changed?”
I’ve changed!” Penny hollered, her voice dangerously low. She jumped to her feet.
“C’mon, let’s talk about this!”
No. I need some space. Get away from me.”
Penny threw on a jacket and marched out the door.
* * * *
She was hurt. She was angry. And she felt so misunderstood.
They didn’t know everything she’d given up to get this far. And to think that she might lose it all… it made Penny feel hollow.
She arrived at the gulf boardwalk. A couple was cuddling on one of the benches.
Penny wandered, finally finding herself standing still, gazing onto the water.
She walked down to the beach and sat down on the sand.
It wasn’t really a beach, Penny knew. It was a little section of the gulf – an inlet, per say. But the slow rolling rhythm of the waves, however small, calmed her.
She spent quite a while staring at it, and when Penny was finally ready to go home, she’d made her decision.
* * * *
Penny entered her house to find Cyd hovered over the computer, playing games.
“Stop.” Cyd said quietly, switching off the monitor. “While you were out, I called my boss.”
“I just needed a minute.” Penny said apologetically. “I’m so sorry.”
“No, I’m the sorry one.” Cyd insisted. “I quit my job.”
Penny brought her gloved hand to her husbands face. “Thank you.” she said simply.
“I think I realized how much you were hurting.” Cyd whispered. “I could see it in your eyes.”
“I was so far from myself – from what I loved. I adore Reese, and you, but I’ve dedicated my whole life to my career. And I just can’t stop. I can’t.” she repeated.
“You don’t have to.” Cyd said, hugging her tight. “I’ll take care of everything.”
* * * *
And so Cyd began taking care of his daughter.
It was a job he valued far more than his previous one.
And the first thing he found himself to be naturally good at. After all, its easy to dislike something. It’s the loving that’s hard.
And how he loved his new role! He read to the baby frequently, remembering something a former colleague told him one time.
Cyd didn’t even mind taking care of the diapers. In fact, he prefered it this way. He would get to help his little girl grow up, and be there for every step of the way.
He even found time for interests he never knew he had.
Cyd realized that he would have done this sooner, had it not been for his pride. He never imagined that his wife would have to take care of him.
It made him feel inferior, even worthless on a few sad occasions. But he pushed his feelings to the back of his mind, knowing that with routine would come comfort.

* * * *

And he still got to spend every afternoon with his wife, who would return home radiant and calm.
Just like the water they looked at together each day.
But as adjusted as he’d become to their new lives, Cyd realized that nothing would ever be the same.
It drives people to do the craziest things.
* * * *
Most of their play session was just gameplay, but I realized there was a story there to tell. Penny loves her husband and daughter – she just LOVES work a little more. (She is a fortune / popularity sim.) And Cyd is knowledge / family, which made this decision easy.
I’m happy they’re happy, lol!
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

You Never Really Know

Posted On May 20, 2010

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January, Round 2 – mini update { featuring Jeff Weiss (25) and Myrtle Fargate (59) }

It had been two weeks.

Two very long weeks, during which New Years came and went, and everyone returned to their normal lives.

Everyone except… Jeff. As soon as the holiday season had ended, he went back to work.

But Samantha failed to show. And she wasn’t taking his phone calls. He didn’t mean to be so desperate – he really didn’t. This visit to her apartment was his last attempt, his final effort at reaching out, when he had (presumably) been so coldly snubbed.

He knocked loudly, calling her name. “Samantha! Where are you?”

And then, to his utter amazement, the door swung open.

“At last! I was beginning to get worried-” Jeff broke off when he looked up and saw, not Samantha, but an older red haired woman.

“Hello, sir. Come on, come in, I don’t want you waiting out there in the cold.” she ushered him over the doorway, and closed it carefully behind her. “I assume you’re looking for Samantha Bradshaw?”

“Yes! Thank goodness. My name is Jeff Weiss.” he stammered.

“Ah, yes. Samantha spoke very highly of you. I’m Myrtle Fargate. I own this building. And as to your previous question…” she threw up her hands. “Unfortunately, I was about to ask you the same thing. Samantha disappeared a couple of weeks ago. I woke up one morning to find her door wide open, and this whole place trashed. I… was shaken, to say the least.”

“What? Why haven’t you contacted anyone?” Jeff demanded.

“You have to understand, Mr. Weiss, that when Samantha first moved in here, she requested that her life remain private… and I didn’t think it would be right to cause a big fuss over nothing.”

“Over nothing? My god, she might have been abducted!”

“Hardly. When I went into the bedroom to inspect for further damage, I found that all of her belongings, as well as her luggage, and clothing, were gone. I’m fairly positive that Samantha has left town – for good.”

Jeff cut his hand across the air. “No. That’s not good enough for me. Sam can’t be gone… she didn’t say a single word to anyone!”

“Perhaps that was her decision, Mr. Weiss.” Myrtle said quietly. “Now look, I’ll show you the bedroom.” she led him across the hall. “See? Empty.”

Jeff let this visual was over him. A dull sense of dread was beginning to form in him. “It’s just that… I thought… I thought… she wouldn’t do something like this.”

“Well, you’d be surprised at what some people are willing to do, Mr. Weiss.” Myrtle said. “There are all sorts of people who are capable of strange things – things you would never expect they would ever do.”

“But I know Samantha. I know her! I’m gonna find out what happened!”

Myrtle narrowed her eyes. “With all due respect, there’s a lot about Samantha that you didn’t know. Why she left her hometown. Her family, for example. She told me her whole history… and it’s not something you want to get involved in.”

She paused, noticing how crestfallen Jeff looked. “I’m sorry. There’s nothing else any of us can do. But if she does contact you… be sure to let me know.”

“Okay.” Jeff thanked her, and then slowly made his way out of the apartment and home.

He thought he knew Samantha. He truly did. But as he took himself home, Jeff was forced to realize he never really knew her at all.

* * * *

That same evening, Myrtle received another knock on the door.

“Oh. It’s you.” she said dully.

“Yes, it’s me.” Fallon snapped, marching into her house. She flinched. “No need to hide your disdain. We have matters to discuss.”

“You promised you’d leave me alone! I did everything you asked! I talked to Samantha and found out her whole family history, which I told you! I warned her to stop meddling in the Ramirez murders! And I told you where she would be on Christmas day! And I’ve been covering you ever since she disappeared!”

“Yes, you held up your end of the bargain, Myrtle. And I will hold up mine. Your daughter and her family will not be touched.”

“Good! So help me…”

“Now that Samantha’s out of the way, I’m free to carry out my plans as soon as they’re ready. I just stopped by to make you’d never tell a soul about our little secret.”

“You’re not going to… hurt… someone, are you?” Myrtle asked fearfully.

Fallon smiled wickedly, the wheels in his crooked brain turning. “With some people, you never really know.”

* * * *

Now you weren’t expecting that one, did you? Sweet Myrtle in cahoots with Fallon? Never!

Well, it’s been like this for awhile. Samantha told Myrtle everything in Dead Wrong, Part 2. And Myrtle told Fallon that Samantha would be at the christmas party, and helped him break into the apartment. She’s been aiding him all along! That’s how he was able to follow Sam.

But Myrtle isn’t doing it to help him  – she’s not evil. She’s doing it to protect her family – her family who will be revealed very soon!

Thanks for reading! And if anything needs explaining, feel free to tell me! I would love to answer.

Get One Every Year

January, Round 2 – mini update (birthdays!) { featuring Claire MacDonough, (13) Sydney MacDonough, (13) T.J. Linkletter, (13) Hermione Todd, (13) Stacey Ann Linkletter, (2) and Keziah Mamuyac, (2) }

Tyler cuddled adorable little Stacey Ann as they prepared for her second birthday.

There was the cake, and the cheering.

And then she was a toddler! Wow, she really is her mother’s daughter! Kimberly made sure her baby was decked out in pink.

That same evening, T.J. went from a child…

to a cute teenager! Check out that jacket!

* * * *

Meanwhile, in the Heggler household, Jenna and Tracey celebrated Keziah’s second birthday as well!

Even though Jenna was just an “aunt” to Keziah, she had grown to love the baby, and it was with great pride and affection that she handed her to her mother, Tracey.

And pretty soon they had an adorable toddler on their hands!

(In case you were wondering, big changes for these three next round – their update is coming up soon!)

* * * *

Over at the MacDonough house, Blake and Mitchell were too busy to notice their little girls…

…were not so little anymore.

Wow! Look at these two! Claire especially grew into her looks; and I’ve always pictured her as a little clutzy and artsy – I love her makeover, if I do say so myself!

And Sydney is one of those girls who is naturally very beautiful, but doesn’t play it up at all – maybe she’ll come out of her shell soon.

* * * *

Finally, at the Todd home, silly Hermione had some growing up to do.

As a funny child…

And now a funny teen, still hamming it up!

Here’s a picture of the two sisters, Hermione and Annabelle. This is framed and hanging in their living room now!

Everyone here in Kayton would like to wish these kids a happy birthday!

* * * *


My god, what happened in this shot? She looks awful! Buck toothed, eyes bulging… oh my goodness, poor girl!

And Tracey, perhaps it is not safe to throw your child into the ceiling…. look at her hands! She really went for that one, damn!

thanks for reading… and check out the new header!

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