Kayton Tours: Porizkova Modeling Agency

Yes, it’s named after Paulina, lol!

The building itself is a large house that comes with the Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff. It’s not really that suitable for living, so I converted it to a community lot…

Then the renovations on the inside began!

This is the entrance, a cozy lobby where the models and clients can wait before being seen by a consultant.

The studio, which has a secretary, and of course, the backdrop, which can be changed to anything anyone desires. All of the main photography is done in this room.

This is the dressing room, which houses hundreds of outfits and costumes used for wardrobe in a scene. This is also where hair and makeup is applied, and where the models spend the majority of their time.

The runway is essential, and, although rarely used for shows, is usually put to good use teaching the models, or during the grueling hiring process.

The office of the owner, the creepy Graham. Several inappropriate deals have gone down in this room.

A shot of the balcony, where artists paint portraits of the models.

An overhead view!

And finally, a couple of buildings down the street, is the Chic Boutique, where Flora Engebretsen’s latest campaign is being displayed.

Here she is modeling some earrings…

A wedding gown…

And a veil. Now if only she could find the right man…

Anyway, that’s a tour of the Porizkova Modeling Agency in Maple City, Kayton. If anyone has any interest in downloading it or something, I’m sure I can find a way to get it to you.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


In A Family Way

Posted On April 24, 2010

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November, Round 1: mini update- Abbley/Karlington household- {featuring Carmen Karlington (28) Gretchen Abbley (27) and Checo Ramirez (43)}

Carmen Karlington laid back in the hospital bed, literally sick to her stomach. “No. Do another test.”

Her roommate, and nurse, Gretchen Abbley bustled around. “We’ve taken eighteen tests. I know it’s horrible to hear, but…” she trailed off, eying Carmen apprehensively.

“Don’t say it.”

“You’re pregnant.” Gretchen said,  flinching as Carmen jumped out of the bed, screaming.

“Dammit! Argh! I told him to leave me alone!” Carmen had no room for sadness. There was only anger.

“Him? You know who the father is?” Gretchen asked, genuinely surprised.

“Of course I do. It’s Checo!” Carmen nearly shouted.

“No! No! You promised to stay away from him!”

“I know!” Carmen wailed, the gravity of her situation beginning to settle in. “But he came to see me one day at the salon.” she sighed. “And I kept seeing him after that. He even lent me more money for the renovations.”

Gretchen shook her head in disgust. “Wow. I knew I could never depend on you.”


“Save it, Carmen. There’s nothing more I can do to help you.” Gretchen said sadly, and marched from the room without so much as a backward glance toward her friend.

* * * *

Gretchen had, of course, no intentions of abandoning Carmen. Secretly, deep down in her heart, she was a little bit happy that Carmen was pregnant.

The possibilities swirled in her mind as she made her way to the hospital chapel, which she knew would be empty.

There was no doubt in Gretchen’s mind that Carmen was going to be a terrible, selfish mother, which would leave Gretchen responsible for the child.

It was a terrifying and exciting thought.

But for now, there was something Gretchen could do to help Carmen. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed quietly.

“Checo? Hey honey, it’s me!” Gretchen spoke in her perfect, spot on Carmen voice. “Come to the house tonight. I want to see you!”

* * * *

Gretchen waited on the porch, shivering. Checo was due to arrive any minute.

She couldn’t pretend she wasn’t frightened. Gretchen still thought that Checo was a murderer.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching. “Carmen is that you?” she heard him whisper.

“Actually, it’s me.” Gretchen stepped out of the shadows. “I need a word with you.”

Checo laughed. “A word? Are you going to scold me or something?”

“No. But I’m going to scare the hell out of you.”

Checo was intrigued. “Oh?”

“I want you to leave Carmen alone. She doesn’t want to see you anymore.”

“You’re wrong.” Checo was getting riled up. “You know nothing! She loves me!”

“Right. Unfortunately for you though, she’s pregnant.” Gretchen smirked as he recoiled in shock.

Checo’s jaw dropped. His eyes bulged. He was nearly panting. “Who is the father?” he finally choked.

“I think you know. Which is why I’m making a deal with you. Leave Carmen alone, or I will go to the police. One little test will be all the proof they need that you were conducting an affair when your wife and daughter were murdered.”

Checo began to inch away from Gretchen, completely cowed.

“Oh, and one more thing. I’m going to be needing a little cash.”

* * * *

Gretchen was still reeling from the previous night while she watched Carmen tear her cherry pie apart.

“Whub?” Carmen asked, a trickle of juice dripping down her chin.

“You’re a mess.” Gretchen giggled.

Carmen shrugged and continued eating. “I’m pregnant, silly. Of course I’m hungry.”

When they were done, and Carmen had left to go take another nap, Gretchen cleared off the table. She would love to have a husband to take care of, but for now, she would settle for Carmen.

* * * *

Carmen woke up retching.

As the week wore on, the pregnancy began to take a toll on Carmen. And nothing, not nobody, slowed down Carmen Karlington.

So she gathered herself up and walked to her salon, which was due to open very soon. Carmen was rarely proud of herself, and as she looked around the store, she was amazed at what she saw.

The counters gleamed, the mirrors glistened. The carpet was new and smelled fresh, as did the paint on the walls.

She laughed at the lip shaped couches she had purchased. They fit in so well.

The only thing wrong was herself, Carmen lamented as she gazed into the mirror at her stomach. She could see a tiny bulge through her dress.

Carmen was not surprised to find herself pregnant, or rather, as her highly conservative father might say, in a family way. She was actually proud of herself for avoiding it for so long.

She wasn’t even sure how to feel about it. Some days she spent the entire day in bed, sobbing. Most of the time she pushed it to the back of her mind and even thought it might be okay.

But now, when she was alone, she was forced to examine her very dire situation.

The facts remained that Carmen had an illegitimate child on the way, a load of debt, and no job.

She wasn’t sure if she would be able to make it through. She didn’t even know what it will take. But she was strong. And hopeful.

And she was Carmen Karlington, for heaven’s sake, and she wasn’t going to let a single thing get in her way.

* * * *

This is the last random event for this round, the oops preggy one, which should be ending very soon!

OMG… Carmen is pregnant with Checo’s baby! I can’t wait for the fallout! This is going to have so many repercussions. Juicy!

And how cute is Gretchen? I know exactly where I am taking her character, so don’t feel too bad right now. She has a lot in store. 🙂

thanks for reading!

The Luckiest Girl

November, Round 1- Engebretsen household- { featuring Flora Engebretsen (21)  and Allen Ng (24) }

Flora Engebretsen was one of the sexiest, gorgeous, professional, and sought after models in Kayton. And at only 21 years old, she’d managed to build up a respectable career.

She’d dropped out of college to pursue modeling, and as she posed for the camera, she sighed with relief. Somehow, somewhere, someone was watching over her, she felt, making her the luckiest girl alive.

“Nice, Flora, one more!” Graham, the photographer and agent, called. “Work!”

Flora raised her head and gazed into the corner, her eyes filled with emotion, her body controlled. Even though she loved the industry, she couldn’t help but feel that it was all an illusion. She didn’t feel emotion. She didn’t feel in control.

She felt the exact opposite.

When the shoot was over, Graham pulled her over. “Hey, Flora, you want to come up to my office? So we can… discuss the shoot?” Graham gazed at her with a burning intensity. “There are a lot of things I need to say to you.”

“Not right now, sorry. I need to… go….” Flora turned, and running as fast as she could, burst through the exit.

* * * *

She ran all twelve blocks to her apartment, and she didn’t stop until she was in the bathroom, the door shut tight.

Flora knew Graham would be concerned. She knew he didn’t mean to frighten her like that. But in that moment, she couldn’t handle all her feelings.

“Pull yourself together. You’ve got a date tonight.” Flora approached the sink counter and began to wash all the makeup off her face. She always loved how cleansing it felt, after a long shoot, to have a cool splash of water literally wipe your problems away.

Just as she was drying her hands on a towel, the doorbell rang.

Flora opened her door to reveal Allen Ng, her date.

“Allen, come in! What are you doing here so early?”

He looked at her quizzically. “It’s six o’clock. That’s when we agreed I’d pick you up.”

Flora gasped. The shoot had gone on longer than see had realized. “Oh my god, I’m not dressed at all! I’m so sorry, Allen! Take a seat on my couch, and I’ll be ready as soon as possible.”

Flora raced to the bathroom once more, giving Allen a quick smile.

They’d met only two weeks earlier. It was a cute story, as a matter of fact. She’d been very lonely, working non stop, and men only used her for her looks.  In a moment of desperation, she called the pet adoption center. And who would arrive but Allen, holding a wriggling kitten in his arms.

They had only been on one date, but as luck would have it, Flora’d picked a winner. Allen wasn’t like other men she’d dated. He was humble, kind hearted, and so unbelievably sweet that Flora’s heart warmed just thinking about him.

And the best part was, they hadn’t even kissed yet.

“I’m ready!” she called out sometime later. “How do I look?”

Allen’s jaw dropped. “Well, the other ladies better go home, because no one’s topping that.”

* * * *

Their date was planned for PV’s Night Spot in Maple City.

“This is my place!” Allen said affectionately, looking around. “I come here all the time.”

“It’s so edgy! I love it!” Flora beamed. She couldn’t believe how quickly her mood turned around. One minute she was depressed, the next exhilarated.

Perhaps she was going crazy?

“So I was with my sister yesterday, she was showing me her wedding dress.” Allen began.

Flora nodded.

“And wouldn’t you know, I look over at the wall of the bridal boutique, and there’s your face staring back at me!”

Flora shrieked. “I forgot about that! The wedding gown campaign I did! Shut up! That was my first job!”

“Yeah, and when I told my sister that I was going on a date with you, she laughed. I can’t wait for you to meet her!”

The waiter came by and dropped off their food.

“Thank god, I’m starving!” Flora grabbed her fried chicken and crammed it savagely into her mouth.

Allen picked at his salad, watching Flora eat maniacally. “Damn. And to think I ordered a salad thinking you weren’t going to eat anything. That poor chicken never had a chance.”

“Please. That whole ‘models don’t eat’ stereotype is completely true. I’m just the exception.”

“You certainly are.” Allen said as she licked the bone clean. “Want to dance?”

“I’ve got a better idea!” Flora giggled, grabbing his arm.

* * * *

“I thought you said you’d never been here?” Allen asked as Flora led them up to the roof.

“I haven’t. But I saw the skating rink from the street and I knew we had to try it out.”

Their breath rose in clouds into the cold November air, and goose bumps erupted all over Flora’s skin.

“Aren’t you cold?” Allen rubbed his hands together.

“I never wear any clothes. I’m used to it! Now shut up and skate!” she jumped onto the rink, sprawling spectacularly.

“Omigosh, are you okay?” Allen leapt to her side. He pulled Flora up gingerly, so that they were holding hands.

Without either of them realizing it, they began to twirl slowly in the center of the rink.

“This is nice.” Flora said after some time.

“Only because I’m with you.” Allen said, rather cheesily, Flora thought. But cheese or no cheese, she liked him a lot, and this was the perfect opportunity for their first kiss.

And it just so happened that they both leaned in, closed their eyes, and…

“Oh god, oh god, oh my word…” they slammed to the floor, falling all over each other.

Allen and Flora were heaving with laughter.

“What a fail!” Allen sighed.

“I guess it wasn’t meant to be. That’s fate for ya!” Flora removed her skates and limped over to a bench.

“Flora, wait.” Allen grabbed her suddenly and passionately. He looked deep into her eyes. “I don’t believe in fate.” And then he was kissing her, and she was kissing him, and thus ended the most perfect date of Flora’s whole life.

* * * *

Flora headed for the modeling agency the next afternoon, her mind buzzing with thoughts from the night before. Allen had kissed her goodnight, of course, and then was on his way. He didn’t make any more moves. Flora had never felt so good.

But then she realized where she was heading… and stopped right before the door into Graham’s office. He had called her that morning, ordering her to come over.

And Flora hung her head in shame, thinking of Allen, and what she was about to do.

But she had made her decision. Years ago, really.

In that deciding between love and modeling, there was only one choice.

And Flora was going to stop at nothing to reach her dreams.


* * * *

Casting couch, anyone? Oh my, Flora is a mess!

So a few notes on the “modeling career”: This is her actual job. The modeling agency is a community lot with some offices, a photography studio, waiting room, runway, and hair / makeup / wardrobe room. It’s really cool, and I’ll give a lot tour sometime.

Anyway, it’s owned by Graham (jerk!) and I just load him up and make him visit his business, then I teleport in Flora, dress her up, take the pictures for the photo shoot, and voila! Then I just buy something expensive worth the amount of the photo shoot ($150 a shot, lol!) and then when I load her I sell it for cash! Instant modeling career!

And also, I use the custom portrait feature to take her photo shoot pictures  and turn them into paintings. I have Graham paint them, buy community lots, then place the pictures, sell the lots back, and what do you know, her ad campaigns actually appear all around town! It’s really awesome, and her pictures are really and truly up in the Maple City bridal shop.

back to the post… I apologize if this was confusing, but I was trying to describe how tortured Flora was feeling, trying to enjoy the date, all while knowing that at some point, she was going to go back to Graham.

Poor girl. She’s constantly in aspirational failure, too, which I can’t explain, since she has one of the best lives of all my sims!

thanks for reading!

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