Spooked – Behind the Scenes!

Posted On March 22, 2010

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So this update is a behind the scenes look at the halloween update I just put up, called Spooked. I had a lot of fun making it and there seemed to be a couple of other people who might enjoy it, so I wanted to give you guys a little more info! Although it is time consuming and sims rarely cooperate, the end result was worth it.

Here is a group shot of all the sims that I dressed up. You can pretty much tell that I just changed their outfit and hairstyle, and for some of the girls, gave them makeup.

The first step was move a random townie into their own lot and use the motherload cheat to give them lots of money. Then I had them buy the Crypt O’Night Club. (If you are having your costume party on a residential lot, obviously this step is not needed.)

Next, I had the owner visit the lot, and from there I teleported in the sims that I wanted to use as guests. I decided 11 was managable enough, and made those sims selectable. From there it was just plain fun! The only downloaded costumes were Flora’s underwear and bunny ears, and Dawn’s corset and kitty ears. Everything else was in game! (Much thanks goes to the creators of Free Time, who really put in some wacky outfits!)

Then just snap your pictures, and even if you quit the lot without saving, since the outfits weren’t changed on the sims home lots, you don’t have to worry about loading up all their houses and changing their clothes back! Voila!

And so… just for fun… Here are some close up pics of my sims in their costumes… (hooray for pose boxes, lol!)

Here’s Dawn Gothier and Don Chung showing off. Dawn’s whole outfit was downloaded from MTS2. Don’s comes from OFB. They’re the absolute most fun sims I ever had.

Tyler Linkletter just always seemed like a clown to me, although lately the people he’s been seen with are anything but funny.  So I dressed him up in this totally random outfit from Free Time. Seriously, what were the creators thinking? Kimberly is dressed in a pretty base game dress I found all the back in the little catalog. I’ve never used those poor forgotten clothes, so I figured why not? Her hair is from the Sims 2 Store.

Next are my two favorites! And they can’t be any more different! Flora is wearing a teeny underwear set from MTS2. Her bunny ears can be found here.  I didn’t save most of the links otherwise I’d be giving them to you guys, sorry! Samantha Bradshaw is, of course, wearing the classic vampiress gown and hairstyle from Nightlife. Doesn’t it fit her perfectly?

You haven’t heard from Shannon and Sandy Todd for awhile, but I couldn’t resist putting them in the flamenco dancer costumes from Free Time. I think these ones are pretty cool, actually. And they both love dancing!

Finally I have these three goofballs. Tracey Mamuyac on the left is wearing a base game coconut bikini (I think its the same one Death’s hula girls wear. Morbid, I know.) And Ben Ryan has the sailor suit from Free Time. Sheesh. Jenna Heggler is wearing one of my favorites, the ridiculous fur coat from Glamour Life and the base game tiara.

Hope this helps, and Happy Halloween! (In March, lol!)



Posted On March 19, 2010

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October, Round 1 – Chung Household – { featuring Dawn Gothier (25) and Don Chung (26) }

Dawn Gothier lived with her boyfriend Don Chung on the fifth floor of the Martin Tower Lofts in Maple City.

She was the daughter of the wealthy and well liked Becca and Bruce Gothier, who were still away traveling in Takimizu.

“Does it look okay?” Dawn groaned, stepping out of her bedroom and into the hallway. She was dressed head to toe in knee high boots, fishnet stockings, tight short shorts, and a rather revealing corset. Perched upon her blonde hair was a set of kitty ears.

“You look hot, babe.” Don laughed. “And anyway, I’m not one to talk, seeing as I’m going to the party dressed as a knight.”

“I look like a whore.” Dawn rolled her eyes. “The owner of the club was always a pervy kind of guy.”

Just look at that face!

Dawn was a DJ, and she had been hired to work the Crypt O’Night Club’s annual halloween party, and the owner had provided her costume.

“I’m sure you won’t be the only one. I heard Flora Engebretsen is attending.” Don said.

“Oh good lord. My cousin doesn’t even know what the word ‘conservative’ is.” Dawn was related to Flora through her mother Becca, who’s brother was Clark Engebretsen, Flora’s father.

As the day turned to evening Don gave Dawn a quick kiss of encouragement, and the two headed out the door to catch a cab.

* * * *

Crypt O’Night Club was a vital part of any Maple City experience. Delightfully creepy and sinfully decorated, it was always popular with the downtown crowd.

Tonight was no different. Halloween was only one week away, and many clubbers jumped at the opportunity to dress as wild and wacky as possible.

There was Shannon and Sandy Todd, who had both showed up as flamenco dancers. Best friends Tracey Mamuyac and Jenna Heggler were dressed as a hula girl and aristocratic lady, respectively. The Linkletters had donned a clown and asian costume, and Ben Ryan danced around as a sailor. Best of all was Samantha Bradshaw, who wore a vampiress’ billowing gown and tiara.

But nobody stood out more than Flora Engebretsen, who, true to form, sported microscopic lingerie and bunny ears. (lol at Crumplebottom cameo! Poor Flora!)

Dawn took her spot at the DJ booth and blasted tunes across the dance floor. When Dawn was working, she was transported to another place. This was the life she had been dreaming of. Nothing compared to the pure fun and sheer joy of following ones heart.

The night wore on, and in addition to several hours of heavy dancing, several drinks had been consumed by the guests, who were beginning to raise the roof.

And there was nothing Dawn loved more than a good party, so she cranked up the volume and watched her friends (and one family member) make utter fools of themselves.

“Do you see what that Flora girl is wearing?” Sandy giggled to her husband. “She might as well go naked!”

“Oh yes, I see her. Honey.” Shannon added quickly, shrinking under his wife’s reproachful glare.

Flora could feel all eyes on her, and normally basked in all the attention. But she was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

“Do you think everyone is talking about me?” Flora asked the closest person, who happened to be Samantha.

“Oh, I don’t think so. I mean, who has any business judging anyone here? It’s not like you’re dressed that crazily.”

Flora thought of her face, drenched in bronzer, blush, glitter, and lipstick. And her chest, ready and willing to burst out of her top at any moment. Or maybe it was the six inch heels?

In any case, Flora quickly fled to the bathroom to throw some clothes on.

As the night began to wind down, Don finally caught up to Don, standing by the bar.

He crept up behind her and tickled her back. “BOO!”

Dawn lept several feet off the floor and let out a scream.

“Wow, I really spooked you there, huh?”

“You jerk!” she joked, slapping his armour.

“Happy Halloween, Dawn!” he smiled, giving her a big hug.

“Happy Halloween, Don.”

* * * *

So here’s a short fun update! I swear, the next week is going to be FULL of updates! I promise! Anywho, this has been in my head awhile and I am really excited to share it with you. I’ve always wanted to use the crazy outfits that came with freetime but never had the opportunity – until now!

Halloween came to mind because I’ve always wanted to incorporate holidays into my sims lives. One because I like the feeling of the passage of time, and two, they’re just plain fun!

thanks for reading.

Autumn Breezes

Posted On March 9, 2010

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September, Round 1 – Delarosa household { featuring Florence Delarosa, (31) Ben Ryan, (30) and Samantha Bradshaw (23) }

Things were going great for Florence Delarosa.

She lived in a neat little house in the charming town of Charleston…

She was finally mastering new recipes…

She had adopted an adorable golden puppy named Elijah…

and each day only brought she and her boyfriend Ben closer.

Best of all, her modest flower shop she had started in her garage was finally taking off. As Florence stocked shelves and greeted customers, her thoughts traveled to the romantic evening she and Ben had spent the night before, and she smiled happily.

Little did Florence know, something altogether different was about to hit her.

And that something was Samantha Bradshaw, who calmly strode into Flo’s Flowers that early autumn afternoon. Samantha was not there to buy some poppies, you see, but rather, to do some investigative reporting. She had learned through her research that Florence had been the one to discover the bodies of Tessa and Lisa, and she was hoping for some more information on Checo and his mysterious accomplice, Fallon.

Samantha’s presence in Florence’s shop was so strange that she actually took a moment to study this new arrival.

“Excuse me, Miss.” Florence tapped Samantha on the shoulder. “I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Florence Delarosa, owner of this shop.”

“Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Samantha Bradshaw!”

“Well, Samantha, how can I help you?” Florence asked.

“I’m looking for some azaleas.” Sam lied promptly, ready with her story. “I’m thinking of throwing a dinner party and thought they would make a nice decoration.”

“Oh, certainly!” Florence cried enthusiastically, leading Samantha toward the shelves. “I don’t think you’re local; I haven’t seen you around Charleston before.”

“I live out in Kayton Square.” said Samantha.

“How was the drive?” Florence asked innocently, grabbing a vase full of azaleas.

“The what?”

“It’s quite a long drive from Kayton to Charleston, as I’m sure you know. I’m just honored that you took the time to come to me, out of all the places in Kayton and Maple City!”

“The drive was fine.” Samantha brushed this off. “I took a taxi cab.”

Florence paused. “Oh? Then how are you going to bring all of the flowers I just pulled for you home?”

Samantha realized her mistake a moment too late. “Er…”

Florence put her hands on her hips. “You haven’t looked at a single flower I’ve picked in the past five minutes. You’re not here to buy azaleas, are you?”

The jig was up. Samantha silently cursed her poor detective skills and quickly explained the real reason she was there.

Florence looked at her skeptically. “So what are you hoping to get from me? An interview? You’re not even a cop, you’re just a reporter.”

Samantha looked over both her shoulders. The shop was nearly empty. “Okay. I’m about to tell you something no one knows.”


“I was the anonymous reporter that wrote the article about Checo Ramirez’s secret meeting with a known felon.”

Florence gasped. “That was you? I had no idea!”

“Please help me.” Samantha asked earnestly. “I know you two were good friends. I just want to solve this case for good, and get Lisa and Tessa the justice they deserve.”

“Alright. What do you want?” Florence gave in.

“Did Lisa ever give you the key to her house? Perhaps to water the plants while the family was on vacation or something?”

“Yes, she did- you don’t mean…?” Florence was dumbfounded.

“Yes. I want to break into the Ramirez house.”

* * * *

The large house loomed before them while they approached cautiously.

“We should have waited ’til dark.  What if a neighbor sees?” Florence worried.

“Relax. The closest house is yours. And besides, it should be dark within the hour.”

“Here goes. Time to see if the police changed the locks or something.” Florence whispered, sliding the key in.

Both women held their breath. The lock clicked, and suddenly, the door creaked open.

They stepped into the foyer staring into the vacant house. Save for the yellow police tape streched across the entrace to the dining room (where the bodies were found) the house seemed perfectly ordinary, dutifully hiding the terrible crime that took place within it’s walls.

“C’mon, let’s get cracking. I’m looking for any dirt on Checo that the police wouldn’t have found – or might not have thought important.”

They entered the kitchen. “Didn’t they die of poisoning?” Florence asked, gazing into the depths of the green bottles on the counter.

“Yep. Crazy stuff.” Samantha said, opening the refrigerator. A putrid smell greeted their nostrils. “Ugh. The police didn’t even clean out the fridge.”

“Let’s see if anything’s in the bedroom.” Florence said. “You never know.” She lead them up a flight of stairs and into Lisa and Checo’s bedroom. “Whoa. This is weird.” she gasped as they entered.

“Spread out. We shouldn’t stay here much longer.”

Florence began opening drawers while Samantha crawled around on the floor.

“Nope. The cops cleaned all these out.” Florence groaned.

“Hold on. I think there’s something here.” Samantha cried, half her body buried under the bed.

“Oh, please. Hiding things under the bed? That’s so cliche. No one would be that stupid.”

“Well, the cops seemed to think the same thing.” Samantha grinned, pulling a small stack of letters out from under a hidden fold in the mattress. “Look at this!”

“Omigosh, open them!” Florence yelped. The two women quickly ripped off the rubber band and began to read the letters.

“It’s addressed from Fallon!” Samantha was astounded by her discoveries. “Let’s see what he had to say to Checo!”

Both girls scanned the page, and before long, had reached the bottom.

“What the-” Florence lowered the letter, her mouth hanging open.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Samantha nearly screamed.

“This letter to Fallon wasn’t written to Checo. It was written to… Lisa.”

* * * *

The next day, Florence’s head was still reeling from all the thing she had found. And when Ben came home from work and informed her that he was taking her to a picnic in the park, she had no energy left to argue.

They selected a comfy spot on the grass and laid down their blanket and basket. Ben produced some flowers out of no where, and Florence had brought along the puppy, Elijah.

It was a perfect day to enjoy the last day of summer, and feel the warm autumn breezes as they arrived.

“What are you smiling at, silly?” she asked, smiling herself.

“At you. At Elijah. At this picnic. At those strange people over there. At everything.” he laughed.

“You’re too much.” Florence gave Elijah a little pat and reached into the picnic basket. “I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I am hopelessly in love with you, Ben Ryan.”

“I think I noticed.” Ben teased. “Come here, you!” he reached forward and pulled her toward him, and they fell onto the grass, kissing and cuddling.

“I can’t remember feeling this happy.” Ben said, wrapping his arm around her.

Florence snuggled closer to him. “Neither can I.”

* * * *

Sorry for the puppy spam. I love my stupid Sims 2 Pets Pack that no one really likes, lol.

OMG sorry about the wait on this one! My life has been really hectic lately.

BUT… I only have two more Samantha Bradshaw posts planned, and then she’s heading for blackcat’s Richmond Sims. It should be very soon.

Hope you’re not confused! If you need some help, I recommend clicking the ‘mystery’ category. I know it’s been awhile since I first started this blog, and the storyline began.

Anyway, thanks for reading! How awesome are Sam’s facial expressions? ha!