And… Today is Your Birthday!

Posted On February 28, 2010

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September, Round 1- mini update – birthdays { featuring Penny (28) and Cyd (29) Roseland, and the Macdonough family }

It was a late summer evening (in fact, one of the last of the season) when Penny Roseland felt a sharp pain in her stomach.

There was no time to get to the hospital, but luckily, Nurse Carver managed to race to Penny’s side as she went into labor.

Pretty soon they had a brand new baby girl!

Cyd gets to meet his baby, his first ever child.

She has brown hair and eyes, and a cute little face.

Welcome to Kayton, Reese Roseland!

* * * *

The MacDonough family has been through all this before. Three times, in fact. So when Blake started getting contractions, she quickly contacted Nurse Carver.

After what seemed like hours, Blake was finally in labor. She actually smiled a little, since she and Mitchell have decided that this will be their last baby.

And then it’s over! Blake greeted her brand new baby boy with a kiss.

Big sister Sydney approved…

Welcome to Kayton, Ace MacDonough!

* * * *

So excited about the new generation! This one will include Stacey Ann Linkletter, Ace and Reese, the unborn Harris baby, and one secret child, the oops preggy ROS I drew!

thanks for reading!


How Precious?

Posted On February 26, 2010

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September, Round 1 – school update (with Candice (59) and Gabe (15) Engebretsen  Hermione (12) and Annabelle (2) Todd, Claire, (12) Syndey, (12) and Charlie (2) MacDonough, and T.J. Linkletter

Candice Engebretsen, President of the Kayton Board of Education, made several trips to the schools to make sure things were running smoothly on the first day of school.

First up was Maple City Memorial High School.

Gabe Engebretsen, Candice’s son, was getting settled into his class. It was his first day of tenth grade, and despite the fact that he was the only student, was excited.

His teacher and he were just beginning to get acquainted when Candice strode in. “Good morning!”

“Hey, mom.” Gabe said, putting his summer reading book down.

“It’s Mrs. E. to you, young man.” Candice laughed, hugging her son. “Only joking. I try to stay professional, but who really cares, anyway.” she told the teacher.

“So how does everything look so far?” Gabe asked.

“Well, let’s just say you’re not going to be the only student for long. Next year brings in four kids, and after that will be a whole mess of them.”

“Oh, good!” said Gabe.

“Oh, no!” gasped the teacher.

Candice accompanied Gabe to the art classroom and looked around.

“Well, everything seems under control here!”

* * * *

The next stop was Kiddie Care Castle, or more importantly, the day care center for toddlers.

Two little tykes have been enrolled for this year, Charlie MacDonough and Annabelle Todd.

“Hello, Miss Bunny!” Candice said, shaking her hand. “How’re the kids treating you?”

“I can’t complain.” she smiled happily. “And they are just so adorable.”

Annabelle and Charlie played nearby, cooing over their blocks and drawings.

“So what do you think of the new renovations, Miss Bunny?” Candice asked.

“They’re fantastic!” she gushed. “The kitchen is going to be a blessing at lunch time! And the really corner is really going to be useful. I especially like the cushy panda chairs.”

“We also purchased a bunch of brand new toys. Aw, and look, they like them!”

Annabelle was closely hugging a small bear while Charlie banged on a small xylophone.

Just look! How precious?

Candice bid Miss Bunny and the two kiddies goodbye before heading off to Kayton Square Elementary.

* * * *

The children were all babbling excitedly in the hallway when Candice showed up.

“Mrs. E! Hi!” Hermione cried, running up to her. “What are you doing here? Are we gonna get t.v.’s in the classrooms?”

“Haha, no, silly. How’s the first day of school going so far?” she asked.

“Great! We’re just about to have recess!” Hermione yelped, and Candice followed them out to the playground.

As they played in the sand and flew high on the swings, Candice’s heart couldn’t help but grow warm. This was the reason she became a teacher, and dedicated her life to helping children.

Soon, however, Candice saw to it that Hermione Todd, Claire and Sydney MacDonough, and T.J. Linkletter were back in their classroom studying.

She walked back to her car with a spring in her step. Who ever said going to school wasn’t fun?

* * * *

 Just for fun, I got all students together (and Candice) for a class photo! This may get harder as the rounds go on, but I think I’m going to make it a yearly thing! It’s so nice seeing them all together. School lots are fun! I love reading about all of yours.

So my students may be small, but I built my schools huge! I don’t want to run out of room later, since everyone seems to be having babies lately!

The Ladies Who Lunch

Posted On February 21, 2010

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August, Round 1 – mini update { featuring Samantha Bradshaw (23) , Lauren Brie Harris (28), Jenna Heggler (30) , Kimberly (25) and Tyler Linkletter (25), and Blake MacDonough (26) }

It was time for the girls’ monthly get together, a time for catching up, showing off, and most of all… gossiping.

“And I just don’t see why it has to be separated from everything else. And I don’t know about you guys, but in my house, nobody even remembers to take the damn thing out anyway.” Blake MacDonough said, patting her baby bump.

Jenna Heggler, Lauren Brie Harris, and she sat around Kimberly Linkletter’s patio table and wondered where their host had run off to.

Across the lawn, Kimberly watched her friends, accompanied by Samantha Bradshaw, who had recently arrived. “Okay, so before you met them, I want to give you a little background information.”

“Sure.” Samantha agreed. She wasn’t at all nervous to meet them (after all, consider all the people she’d encountered on her travels already!) but rather, curious to learn a little about them.

“The pregnant red head on the left, that’s Blake. I love the girl, but man, she and her husband need to spend a little time apart. That girl is perpetually knocked up, I am telling you.” Kimberly said. “And have you ever been inside their house? Oh my word, that place is a mess!”

She continued. “Jenna is the pretty brunette in the middle. Nice girl, really. One of the sweetest people you will ever meet. But she’s been single for months now, and I think something is up.”

“Okay…” Samantha was almost sorry she’d asked.

“And Lauren Brie is the blonde on the end. She’s my best friend, so we’re not going to say anything about her hideous sense of style. Anything.”


“Okay, whew.” Kimberly drew a quick breath and then returned to her usual peppy self. “Good afternoon, girls!” she cried. “This is Samantha Bradshaw, and she’s new in town, so I figured I would invite her to our little get together!”

The ladies welcomed her warmly.

“Oh good, now that we’re all here, I’ve been dying to ask… Lauren Brie, are you pregnant?” Blake asked.

Lauren Brie gasped. “Stop… you can tell?”

“Of course. I’m pregnant more often than not. If I can’t figure it out by now, I’d be in trouble, right?” Blake laughed.

“Remy and I were saving the news until we were sure it would work out… and things are looking just fine.” she beamed.

“Oh, Lauren Brie, that’s wonderful!” the girls congratulated. They all babbled in excitement.

Samantha watched them in a little bit of a trance. There it was. The baby thing again. This idea that had taken control of her mind, and wouldn’t let go, no matter how hard she tried to get rid of it.

She was young. There was plenty of time. She knew that. But Samantha knew that one day, somehow, she was going to be a mother.

When she’d ended it with Jack, she didn’t realize how many things she had assumed.

Jack. She hadn’t thought of him for days. Now that she took a moment to think about it, he really hadn’t entered her mind lately. She’d had other things to worry about. This cheered her up considerably. She felt like the constant weight of loss and regret that she’d been carrying since then had lessened. Perhaps Kayton was doing her some good? Was she healing, however slowly?

Maybe. But Samantha couldn’t deny the sharp pain that had shot through her heart, her whole body, when she thought of Jack.

But then she realized that she was sitting in Kimberly Linkletter’s backyard, in the state of Kayton. Far from Lakeside Heights. And the whole point of that trip was to get away from it all, wasn’t it? So why was she harping on it constantly?

“Samantha? Samantha!” Jenna hollered.

“Wha- what?” Samantha blinked confusedly.

“What happened? You looked like you dozed off or something.”

“I did?”

“Well, whatever. I was asking you if you’ve heard or seen anything strange since you got here? I mean, there is a deranged murderer on the loose.” Jenna asked.

“As a matter of fact-” Samantha was just about to tell the girls about the conversation she’d heard on the night of her arrival, the one between Checo and Fallon, when Kimberly cut across her.

“Oh, hold that thought, Sam. I have to tell you girls what happened last night! It’s why I called everyone here today!” Kimberly said excitedly. “It was very late in the evening when I heard someone talking…”

last night

Kimberly stumbled out of bed and made her way toward the kitchen. She’d heard Tyler come in with someone, and as it was two in the morning, she wanted to make sure nothing fishy was up.

She saw her husband Tyler talking to a sketchy man with long black hair. “I’m in big trouble. Someone wrote an article in the Kayton Chronicle about me!”

“What?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah! They said I was ‘conspiring with a suspected murderer.’ And that I was ‘planning to undermine the law’. They wrote it anonymously, but I’m telling you, it’s that chick that heard me talking to Checo Ramirez! I was telling him not to get arrested again  for killing his family!”

At this point Kimberly broke in. “What is going on in here? Who are you?” she asked Fallon.

Tyler was horrified. “Babe! I didn’t know you were home!”

“I’m outta here.” Fallon grumbled, running out the door.

* * * *

“So anyway, I screamed at Tyler about letting creepy men into our house. He seemed genuinely surprised that his friend was such a skeaze. He promised to never talk to him again.”

“See, crisis averted!” Lauren Brie said. “Oh, so what were you going to tell us, Sam?”

Samantha froze. No way was she about to tell this table full of big mouths her big secret, not after what she had just found out.

Because now, Fallon was on to her.

* * * *

Okay, so the title is completely stolen from the episode of desperate housewives, The Ladies Who Lunch. But it’s one of my favorites!

I wanted to explore how Samantha might be feeling, now that she’s been away from home for five and a half months. I figured she’s still extremely upset and is no way ready to go back, but she’s beginning to remember what it’s like to be happy, especially surrounded by all of her new friends.

Which brings me to the ladies! Jenna’s update is here, Kimberly’s here, and Lauren Brie’s here. Blake MacDonough is the only one you haven’t met yet, and boy, is she a character! Her family is a MESS. So’s her hair, lol.  And she’s always pregnant. 

So now Samantha’s got some great friends, a steady job, a beautiful apartment, and a handsome love interest. Hooray for her!

Unfortunately, I think it’s all about to come crashing down very soon. 😦

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