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Good news! The pages at the top under the header are beginning to get filled! Right now I’ve finished…

 the About section

I’m almost finished with the White Pages. (the list of residents.)

Also, I’ve completed making up the state tour, so please take a peek!


I’ve finished! (for now) the header pages are complete, if anyone is interested. And now… to start the first post!


Round 1!

Posted On December 29, 2009

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Welcome to Round 1!

Winter / Spring

Mini – Intro (Florence, Carmen, Checo, Gretchen)

Todd (Shannon)

Heggler/Mamuyac Part 1 (Jenna)

Heggler/Mamuyac Part 2 (Tracey)

Linkletter (Tyler)


Roseland/Ryan (Ben)

Mini (Penny, Checo)

Engebretsen (Emily)


Harris (Remy and Lauren Brie’s wedding)

Bradshaw (Intro)

Bradshaw, Part 1



Mini (Samantha, Kimberly)


Mini (Birthdays! Roseland, MacDonough)


Delarosa (Florence)

Chung (Halloween)

Bradshaw, Part 2

Engebretsen (Flora)

Mini (Carmen, Gretchen)

MacDonough (Blake)

Mini (Christmas)


RANDOM EVENTS FOR ROUND 1: (Random events are scenarios drawn at the beginning of every round. I’m using Lauras ROS file, with a few of my own added. It helps make the story richer and more surprising. I have decided to draw 1 for every 20 residents, so I am picking two this round. I’ll tell you what I drew, but you won’t find out who until their update!)

32. Sibling Rivalry! A fight breaks out! (This one is perfect for the person who drew it!)

17. Oops! Preggy! You just got knocked up with the next Sim you woohoo. If you  are male, you knocked up the next Sim you woohoo. If she is a townie, she must  become playable. (OH. MY. GOSH. This will definately affect the story!)

* * * *

Sibling Rivalry: May- Emily Engebretsen

Oops Preggy: November- Carmen Karlington

Introduction / Author’s Note

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First, I would just like to say that it has always been a goal of mine to start a sims 2 blog, and now here I am! Thank you for joining me. I know it’s very late in the game to be doing so, but I’ve already returned the sims 3 and I have no intention of giving up sims 2 for a long time. I would like to stick with this story for a long time, and hopefully you will too.

This blog will tell the story of my sims living in the state of Kayton, which includes: Maple City, Kayton Square, Charleston, and Harlequin Village.

We will follow there lives through prosperity challenge style gameplay, but the only rules I’m following are my own. Each house will get one update per round, plus any additional ones I would like to stick in there. 🙂 One round equals one year, but the sims will age 3 years within that one year. That way each sim will be around for a long time enough to fully tell their stories, but the aging won’t be too slow. So the average life expectancy for my sims would be 25 rounds, or 75 years old.

The good news is I only have 11 households right now, and, with the exception of one family, we are on the second generation! You will be with them from the beginning.

Hopefully, this story will end up being most similar to a nighttime or daytime soap opera, with love, heartache, family values, mystery, drama, and cliffhangers, lol.  I would think of it as a cross between Desperate Housewives and All My Children, only with sims. At least, those are my inspirations.

Finally, this story would not have been possible without the help and ideas of several blogs and authors, like Laura’s Lakeside Heights, The Lunar Fox’s Tierra de Legado and Ruin, Carla’s Sullivan, Mrs. Stuffy’s Valley View Lake, and meetme2theriver’s Pleasantly Strange. There are many more amazing blogs, too, which I will link to in the sidebar.

So sit back, relax, and welcome to Kayton Times!